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My Before/After and a Much Better Tempo Run

Last week I was pretty miserable after my tempo run. I spend the whole time checking my Garmin, and was slowing down and speeding up the whole time. I know tempo runs aren't supposed to be easy, but this was really draining for me mentally. This week, I followed Cait's advice a little and even though I still wore my Garmin (me? addicted?) I only checked it after I heard the beep for each mile split.

Planned: 2 miles easy, 3 miles at 8:44, 1 mile easy
Actual:  2 miles easy (9:56, 9:44) and then tempo at: 8:43, 8:31, and 8:42, easy 1 mile at 9:55

Hooray! So excited that I came in under, even without staring down at my Garmin the entire time. And because I knew I needed to hurry up and enter Kari's Click Giveaway, I took my before and after shots:

Apparently I got significantly darker skin after that one hour run. Or I don't know how to use my camera and forgot flash/included flash/don't know how to use flash. One of those. 

Motivational comment of the year goes to Britt after I asked for advice about lake swimming....

Awesome. Because parasites eating my brain will definitely motivate to get some lake swimming in. (I kid Britt, I know you're just looking out for me!!!)

Don't forget about my Chocolate #9 giveaway--you still have a few days left to don't miss out! 2 Winners this time around, so your odds are pretty good....

Because brain eating parasites aren't pleasant, tell me one AWESOME thing about your Tuesday:
Well, the great tempo run tops the list for me. A close second would be the plan to have a little evening boat trip with our neighbors tonight--I'm excited!

I kind of forgot about Labor Day since it's an American thing I haven't celebrated in many years. What is a typical thing to do, cook, or eat? Any plans?
Obviously nothing major here. Is there something special or typical people usually do? Mope around because summer is over?


  1. Hahaha Britt makes me die.

    My birthday is on the 1st so we usually celebrate on labour day weekend! Then it's back to work after having the whole summer off. Grrr.

  2. one awesome thing about my tuesday was that my college classes were supposed to start, but both my classes today were labs, and they are not starting until next week. hello, unexpected free day!

    most people just cook out for labor day, so far as I know. oh, and you're not supposed to wear white after labor day. or something.

  3. Yay! thanks for entering and for the tag!

    For labor day I'm running a 20k, but no other 'traditional' plans other than maybe a party.

  4. For Labor Day we are spending the 5-day weekend with our closest friends hanging out at the lake and going to the first Auburn football game!

    Fingers crossed you don't have any parasites in your lake but this will make me think twice before putting my face in the water at the lake Labor Day weekend...

  5. Labor day means.....race then eat lots with family!! We always are able to find a 5k to run!

  6. that comment was hilarious...I have no idea what I am doing for labor day! I forgot it is so soon and I think Tripp is actually going to be in

  7. I heard about those parasites too, sick.

    The most awesome thing about my Tuesday is it was my first day at school after a year and a half of no school. Big deal for me.

  8. I think I would like a nose plug too! I had an awesome run today too, congrats on yours, always feels so good!

    Have to go to a wedding I don't want to go to next weekend.

  9. Brain eating parasites? That is something I never want to think about - ever again...

    I don't plan to do any celebrating. My dogs go in for surgery on Thursday and I plan on doing the 'lounge' thing the rest of the weekend while they recover.

    Grats on the awesome temp run!!

  10. My pics always turn out to dark or too light or too... something!

    Awesome job on your tempo run - it's hard not to stare at the Garmin but usually the legs know what to do!

  11. Labor Day means cabin for Craig and I, grilling out and just relaxing! I hope you enjoy yours!

  12. LOL! The brain amoeba is pretty freaky, no lake swimming for me!

  13. I'll be running a half over labor day weekend. Usually I just try to get outside and enjoy the extra long weekend! :)

    Glad you had a much better tempo run. I find it amazing how much better I can run when I just let go and don't look at the time every 5 seconds.

  14. Labor Day is another BBQ day where I'm from! This year though I think I shall celebrate by simply sleeping in ;-)

  15. I need to use this plan, I do the exact same thing on my tempo runs, and it makes me miserable as well. I ran into a parent in our school's office and she had just found out her son would be in my class and she was SO happy about it, that was what made my Tuesday great! Seems like I am always traveling for labor day - I'll be spending the actual day in the car, after having a great time at my friend's wedding the night before! Nice job on hitting your paces... you must be developing that internal pacing or something.

  16. Yay nice work on your tempo run!

    I may go to the beach house on Labor day weekend, not sure yet. Just excited I won't be working :)

  17. Labor day is sort of a "cookout" holiday, that's what my friends and I would always do.

  18. It's really no doubt - EVERY time they have the story of the brain eating ameoba on the news - I literally have thought of you. The other day when you posted about floating on the noodle I wanted to mention it - aren't some of the victims from GA? Nose plug-sexy nose plug - that's your solution!
    Great job on your pacing even without starring at the Garmin!

  19. hi! I heard about the lake eating thing.... gross and slightly scary. For Labor day I usually cook up some kind of american food somewhere scenic like the mountains.

    Today I did a speed workout 12x400's and I nailed it! I know it isn't 20, but at least my I did it. although I want to get faster, speed makes me soo nervous.

    Great job on your tempo.


  20. FYI, the previous post was me. I forgot to log in to always training trio.



  21. Awesome, awesome job on your tempo run! Brain eating parasites = another reason I have no interest in doing a tri.

  22. I had an awesome (fast!) run too... run twins again, you and me.

  23. awww shucks, thanks for the shout out and i'm glad to see that u had a much better tempo effort this time out!!! :) u're doing great girl!!

    wow, so now i have brain eating parasites to add to reasons i hate the water/swimming. :P

  24. Sounds like an awesome run, sometimes you just need to forget the time and go!
    By the way, I've nominated you for the Butterfly Award! Check out my latest post for the details :)

  25. omg, girl, head over to Auburn Alabama because Labor Day weekend always seems to fall on the first home game to kick off college football... about 20 of us get together, rent a lake house and it's a weekend of complete debauchery!! absolutely obscene. You should definitely come;)

  26. Too funny about the parasites! Another reason I do not swim in the lake for training. haha For labor day we usually grill and either go to my brothers and hang out or we go to the lake (depending on if the hubs is working or not).

  27. I saw those parasites on the news, eww!!!

    Wow, you rocked your run!!! I need a garmin, but am worried I will become addicted to it!


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