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New Orleans: The Sights and the Workouts!

New Orleans was seriously a beautiful place--I'm so glad we went. If you missed the recap of all my eats and drinks in New Orleans, check it out! I had some great pictures of the city (well, ok--my hubby took some great photos) and I wanted to share. I hung out with some pretty cool guys at the "Moonwalk" along the Mississippi:

I know. I need real-life friends badly. Moving on....
I did manage to get in a good workout or two while I was there. Aside from lots of walking around, I also fit in a tempo run (6 miles) and a quick elliptical workout the next day (5 miles, 45 minutes). Both mornings the gym was EMPTY--along with the hotel lobby and heck, even the streets! 

I think we managed to do all the top touristy things in the city, and saw all the historical landmarks. Here's the photo dump:

Jazz at lunchtime? Check.

Random Mardi Gras float? Check.

Awkward couple photo? Check.

I didn't hold it! But hubs did.

Ok, ok, enough of my random photos. We'll call it a day. Back to real life again! Why is life so hard as soon as you get back from a little holiday? I did P90x Ploymetrics tonight, and my legs KILLED. Just wasn't feeling it. Lots of work to catch up on, Boo!

Have you entered my handful giveaway yet for a free and awesome sports bra? Click on the awkward picture below to take you straight to the giveaway!

So...would you have held the alligator? Be honest!
I was tempted to, but I decided against it at the last second--what a wuss! I've held alligators before, so we will just let this one slide.

How well do you know me? Did I get my beads in New Orleans?
Haha, I'm just curious to know what you guys would guess! Ok--I'll tell you! I did get beads, but they were tossed to me from the random float on the street. No boobage necessary!


  1. I would not have held the alligator! Looks like you are having fun! Love all the great photos, you are cracking me up with the awkward ones.

  2. I went to Baton Rouge and NOLA in January. We went to an alligator Ranch and I actually had to TAPE the mouth shut on a gator. Yikes! The pictures bring back memories. We all held a gator or two there.

  3. Great pictures, hehe! I might have held it for a minute...just so I wouldn't feel like a complete wuss.
    Haha, I need real life friends too - last night I dreamed that I went to Yogurtland with some bloggers and I forgot my camera. Help. :)

  4. Oooh...I think I would have held the alligator, but that looks freaking scary. :)

  5. oh man i dont think you could have gotten me to hold the alligator. Reptiles kind of creep me out. I totally hate snakes too.

  6. I am very afraid of alligators. VERY afraid.

  7. I would have considered handling the baby one - but I probably would have chickened out too.

    Yeah, I would have guessed you got your beads without flashing any bits - because you said you weren't drinking much and you need copious amounts of drink to do the flashing thing:-)

  8. You could not have paid me enough to hold that alligator, tiny as it is!

  9. I love New Orleans!! It's one of my favorite cities.

    I would totally hold the alligator! hehe

  10. I love the pose! You could win some muscle women competitions with that form :)

    Looks like an awesome trip! I love working out in hotel gyms when they're deserted. It's better than the creepy old men who hang out and watch you while you run!

  11. No way in hell would you have shown boobage! And I totally would have held the alligator and then tried to take it home with me.

  12. Aww! I definitely would have held the alligator! But I'm also the weird chick who once "awwed" at a snake I saw while running. Yep. :)

  13. I would have guessed yes :) hahaha. I held a baby alligator once! I don't mind alligators oddly. It's the snakes that send me running :-X

  14. As long as the little jerk doesn't bite my finger, I'd hold it...

  15. So NOLA certainly looks fun - but some of those photos need a caption - ummmm, whose arm is about to be chomped by the gator?? :) SMILE! Looks like a blast.

  16. The pictures of the gator are unreal! I like to think I would have held one... but who knows?!

  17. I'm a big Gator fan (University of Florida style!). Last season, a guy was out hold a 3' gator, I held him and got pictures :)

  18. NO WAY would I hold that thing! I don't like critters with teeth. Ick!

    Looks like a fabulous weekend, though! I would love to visit New Orleans!

    Good luck getting back into the swing...

  19. Ahh I am happy you had so much fun!! I loved New Orleans when I went!! We didn't get to see gators though - I did try to get Tripp to buy me gator on a stick though, but for some reason he refused....weirdo

  20. Awww awesome pics looks like you guys had fun! Hmm beads, I'm going to guess yes, but not in the traditional way you seem like you could convince someone. I had the opportunity once and No I didn't hold the alligator, I felt bad that they had his mouth taped shut and figured he was probably tired of being manhandled :-)

  21. Glad you had such a great trip! Glad your hotel gym was good...I have definitely had some sketchy ones on our travels :) haha

  22. I love your style of writing. Traveling with you must be a blast!

  23. You should have showed them all the handful!!! :) At least you got some beads.

    I would have loved to hold the alligator, but I am a sucker for all animals.

    I spy two Vanessa's in the workout room!

  24. The alligator? Hmmm... I THINK so. Not positive though.

    Your vacation looks like so much fun. Lots packed into a few hours. Love it.

  25. Fun pictures!! And hell no I definitely would not have held the alligator. Eeeeek!!!

  26. No way would I have held the alligator...we watch too much Swamp People here for that! :)

  27. Those pictures with the statues are so funny!! I love doing goofy stuff like that. You totally should have held the alligator. Or maybe I'm just a tiny bit of a daredevil and would do it just to say I have. Have you ever eaten alligator? I hear it's like chicken, never have tried though.

  28. Love your pictures!
    And you look super cute in polka dots!

  29. Cute dress, great pics, New Orleans is such a beautiful town! I went a few years back before Katrina and I really enjoyed my time there, loved the French Quarter!
    Thanks for sharing!

  30. NO way- I would NOT have held the alligator. I don't go for that nonsense ;). It looks like you guys had so much fun! I've never been, but would love to one day!

  31. Wow looks like a really awesome time! I have a friend in Baton Rouge that I want to visit before she moves away. I'm dying for a vacation haha

  32. It is great to see that you enjoyed your time in New Orleans! Don't you just love the old buildings? I could take pictures all day!


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