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Tempo Runs and Shrimp Pasta

Now, I'm not saying this amazing pasta is what got me through this morning's tempo run...but maybe it is. You decide. Either way, delicious! I bought minced garlic in a jar to use because I hate chopping up the cloves, but I could barely taste it in the recipe. Anyone used it before--do you just need to put like half a cup in there or what? Anyway--focus, Vanessa--ingredients:

Except I'm lying. I also used olive oil, salt, and pepper. But you all probably already know what those look like. Got the pasta going, and then stir fried the broccoli in olive oil and added not enough minced garlic, shrimp, and diced tomatoes with some s&p. 

When hubby comes home, pretend you have been slaving for hours. That step is really, really important. Get as many brownie points out of this as you can. Serve with pasta and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. 

This morning I headed out for my tempo run, which is definitely the least favorite workout of the week. I can push and run my butt off for short sprints, or run for hours slowly, but a few miles at a tough pace? Blech.

Here was the plan, as per my Run Less, Run Faster schedule: 1 mile easy, 4 miles @8:59, 1 mile easy
And then here were the actual splits: 9:35, 8:52, 8:48, 8:51, 8:57, 12:00 (walk & jog cool-down)
Looks great, right? Here's the problem: apparently, it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to actually run at a 9 minute mile pace. I spent the whole time slowing down and speeding up, but never hitting that sweet spot. Mentally, it was exhausting to feel like I was never hitting the right pace. Something to work on, definitely. 

Garlic Fan? Ever used minced garlic in a jar and want to explain what's up?
I love garlic, but I'm so lazy and the clove seems like a mission to me. Yes, I'm THAT lazy. Jarred seems awesome, except it had such little taste. 

What is your LEAST favorite workout? Do you ever feel like you have a hard time controlling your pace?
Tempos are definitely toughest for me. I hate checking my Garmin constantly to see how my pace is, and I end up really stressed out rather than relaxed. My speed options seem to be all out SPRINT or nice and slow. Any tips?

P.S. Guess who is having another giveaway tomorrow? Stay tuned!


  1. That looks so good! Too bad Mike hate's seafood. I'll just have to drool over my computer screen.

    Nice job on your run. I pretty much hate any run that's planned out pace-wise. I prefer to do whatever the heck i want.

  2. Great job on the tempo run! You weren't too far from your prescribed pace... I'd count it as a job well done. :)

  3. i totally use that garlic. i buy the humongous jar from sam's because i am SO over chopping up a clove. haha. i literally just throw spoonfuls into just about everything I cook...i love garlic. haha

    amazing job on the tempo! I totally agree with you about running sprints or running long at a slower pace...i would much prefer either. i did 3.5 miles worth of tempo the other day on the TM and was not so much loving it. ;) but your times are great! you were close on all of them!

  4. I'm the opposite. I hate doing 400s and 800s, but love tempo runs. The wacky pacing is proof you're doing them right and just outside your comfort zone. If they were easy, nobody would use them to get faster. They'll get better and soon you'll be thinking that a 9:00/mi is gravy!! Your splits look great!!

  5. Is it weird that I actually like chopping garlic? Getting the cloves down into tiny pieces is so satisfying.

    I am a terrible pacer when it comes to tempo runs (as per my tempo run yesterday with my miles ranging from 2 to 22 seconds off pace) but I do find that finding a song that fits my pace works. I find the right pace using el garmo and then I try to sing a song to myself that fits with my leg turnover. My running partner counts to herself and finds that that works as well.

    You weren't that far off though- so yay!

  6. That pasta looks INCREDIBLE!!! I am bad at hitting an exact pace too but I am hoping someday I will be able to nail it. LOVE GARLIC!!!

  7. LOVE garlic, shrimp, all of that! Great looking meal!!

  8. oh yum this pasta dish looks delicious and healthy. i need to make that next week!

  9. That shrimp pasta looks amazing good. I love shrimp and pasta.

    I hate tempo runs. I cannot seem to get the hang of them. Hate them. I tried to embrace them this year but they refuse to be friends with me.

  10. I think that the problem with the jarred garlic is that they don't SMASH it, they just mince it.

    It is the smashing that releases the flavor and the oil. I guess you could smash the jarred before you use it, but that kinda defeats the purpose of buying it.

  11. I cook with garlic all the time and I use double the amount out of the jar. What is really awesome is a garlic press, just put the clove in and push the handle. Life changing, really.

  12. Grats on your tempo run.

    I tend to run at the same pace all the time somewhere between a 10mpm jog and a zombie-like shuffling:-)

    Your shrimp pasta dish looks wonderful!

  13. Mmmmm, that pasta looks delish!!

  14. Definately making that dish this week ... looks so good. I grate my garlic ... I think the jar one makes you smell but fresh doesnt? Maybe I'm kidding myself!

  15. I'm not a fan of tempo runs either! But you did a great job, I can't make those splits. I'd rather do long and slow or short and fast. Come to think of it, I'm not middle of the road/tempo for much of anything in my life. All or nothing baby!

  16. That pasta looks amazing! All of my favorite things, pasta, broccoli, shrimp, tomatos, olive oil and garlic! yum!

  17. pasta...YUMMY!!! I had something similar for dinner tonight, but yours looks even BETTER!!!

  18. I love garlic, but I usually buy cloves and chop it up. My mom uses that garlic though, but I think she always puts in more than what the recipe calls for.

  19. I buy the jarred garlic and add tons of it in everything.

    Nice splits on the tempo run! I'm the same way with my runs sometimes too. I can either speed up or slow down but can never get that time in between. lol

  20. Yay giveaways. I hate doing an hour on the ellitpical the day after my long run. It is sooo hard and tiring, not my favorite

  21. Wow that looks awesomely delicious. I only use that jar minced garlic - yes, use way more than you think is what is needed!!!!

  22. so first off, yum on the pasta!!!

    second, good job on the tempo run and if u want my two cents of advice: stop obsessing over what the garmin has to say 'too' much. i kno, okay obviously u want to hit certain times for hard workouts, but mentally it's draining to think about it to the point of stressing yourself out. plus, u want to be able to get to the point of knowing wat the pace 'feels like'. so yes, look at the mile split each mile to make sure u're still doing the workout BUT as you're going along u should be thinking about keeping your form smooth and controlled, think about your breathing, and as it gets tough and u tire try to stay relaxed and push thru to the end. :) finally, unless u're running on a track or a treadmill know that the change in terrain will also account for differences in ur mile splits. SO take the workout and be HAPPY with it, u ended up under pace, girl, great job! :)

  23. OMg that looks so good! I need to make that!

  24. Oh MY! I cant quit thinking about this pasta! Must have NOW! (or at least tonight!) I cant even remember your questions because welll YUM!!! I do remember your great tempo tho. :)
    Great job!!!

  25. Haha! Our runs were pretty much identical, you're right... I hate tempo runs and speedwork and anything that has to do with running at a pace that is not totally comfortable for me. I'm such a baby!!

  26. Everyone is killing me with all these food post, that looks sooo good

  27. That looks so good! I am definitely going to try this!


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