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Starbucks Ice Cream: 2 Ingredient Baked Alaska!

Living 25 minutes from the nearest Starbucks is both a blessing and a curse. A curse because hubs and I have to make up reasons to head to that part of town for a Frappuccino fix. (What? Sometimes I need lettuce from the furthest possible supermarket. Starbucks just happens to be in the vicinity!) And a blessing, of course, because I save a boatload by not having access every day. 

And then I discovered these bad boys. 

Thank you, Starbucks, for saving me gas money by letting me store your delicious frozen coffee creations in my own freezer. I can't believe I'm saying this, but these ice-creams beat the pants off the actual Frappuccinos. And yes, you read that right: peppermint mocha ice-cream. It's like mint chocolate chip ice cream and your morning coffee had a baby. A delicious, sweet, cold baby. That's weird, actually. Scratch that baby thing. 

I wanted to try this thing where I didn't eat ice-cream directly from the container with a giant spoon. And after my 17 mile run yesterday, you better believe that was hard not to do. Instead, I whipped up a quick dessert starring Starbucks Ice Cream

So what if there were two ingredients? It's still baking, people. I placed some wonton wrappers into a muffin tin to create the mini shell for the ice cream. Easy peasy. Those were baked at 400 for about 6 minutes, until they started browning on the edges. 

While they're still warm, spoon in a nice scoop of ice cream. I ate them by hand, and it was the perfect combination of hot and cold, creamy and crunchy. Reminded me of a baked alaska or fried ice-cream, except much easier (and healthier, because each wonton wrapper has just 20 calories).

There you have it. I can't wait to serve these as dessert for a cocktail party, because they can be made in about 10 minutes and you don't need people to be seated or have a knife and fork to eat them. Also, I need to make really sophisticated friends and have a cocktail party. 

What is your favorite ice-cream flavor?
I don't eat a ton of ice-cream, but when I do I usually stick to vanilla and load it with toppings. But I may officially be converted, this Peppermint Mocha was pretty amazing...

Are you a Starbucks addict? What do you normally order?
Addict? Maybe not. But lover? Most definitely. If it's cold out, I love getting a hot skim latte. In the summer, I'm all about a tall caramel light frappuccino!

“I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Starbucks and received coupons and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”


  1. Mmm those desserts look tasty!!!!

  2. That's a really cute idea! Believe it or not, the town where my parents live is not that small (maybe 15,000?) but it STILL doesn't have a SBucks! The closest one is a 40 minute drive... annnd my favorite ice cream is "Cherry Garcia" by Ben & Jerrys. Who can say no to cherries and dark chocolate?

  3. My favorite ice cream is coffee heath. It's amazing! That dessert looks awesome and very creative of you.

    I do love starbucks. I usually get a vanilla latte.

  4. So thank you for this recipe the day I am going grocery shopping haha - these two things will be in my grocery cart for sure!!

  5. seriously. YUM. what a great idea! i actually don't really love coffee but I had coffee ice cream at yogurtland for the first time the other day and thought it was amazing...maybe the best thing I have ever tasted!!

  6. Serious addict - I've tried more than once to quit!

  7. Yummy! I love icecream and those flavors sound delicious. Great job on the 17 miles. WOO HOO!

  8. I would be in trouble if I had a good ice cream place nearby!!

  9. i love starbucks iced coffee. I make my own a lot at home which is great.

  10. Yum, that looks so good! I haven't ever tried Starbucks icecream. But, that peppermint mocha sounds delish!

  11. a few summers ago i got a grande chai tea latte with skim milk every single day. that shit's like $5. ridiculous. i've weaned myself off it. but i think starbucks addictions are much more legit for coffee drinkers, cuz, i'm basically paying $5 for hot water. yeah, no.

  12. I LOVE Starbucks ice cream. The problem is that I eat the entire pint in like a day. I hope you fare better than I did.. :) There is a Starbucks literally across the street from my apartment so be thankful you don't live here!! :)

  13. Those flavors look so delicious! And what a fabulous party food!!

  14. I love mint chocolate chip and mocha almond fudge! But I will pretty much eat any ice cream!! Those baked alaska cups look so good!!

    I'm not a huge coffee drinker but I will get the occasional soy latte if I end up at Starbucks! I ask for extra foam, less coffee! Not a huge fan of the taste!

  15. I love me some ice cream. I would say my favorite flavor ever would hands down be hagen daas chocolate with a little caramel sauce drizzled over it and some crushed oreos ontop. Mmmmm.

    I drink coffee like it is going out of style, love the stuff. From SB I like their white chocolate mocha with an extra shot of espresso to cancel out the sweetness and no whipped cream. delish.

  16. I worked at starbucks for six years and I was HUGE addict. Now that I don't I almost never go there - the first time I saw the price of a drink without my 30% discount I almost died! I still love the bux though. I'm with you on the vanilla loaded with toppings....cookies and cream is my all time favorite. But let's be serious, I'll happily eat any kind. Good job on your 17 mile run!

  17. I picked up a pint of the Java Chip Frap. ice cream the other day- it's pretty good! The idea of the wonton wrappers is a good one!

  18. Wow that looks yummy and I so didn't know that Starbucks had ice cream now. I am a lover of the frappachino! I just had one today! I also really like the cake pops they have, super yummy!

  19. OOOOOOOH!!!!
    That peppermint mocha ....

  20. Oh.. and AWESOME job on that 17-miler!

  21. I don't think I have tried Starbucks ice cream. I do like chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream or chocolate peanut butter ice cream.

    From Starbucks, I get white chocolate mocha (hot) or the mocha coconut (cold) depending on how I am feeling.


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