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Stress Relief = Running (Ok, and Sugar)

Yesterday was not my finest moment. The whole day I felt blah. Nothing seemed to be going right, and I had already decided it was a no run day. I was frustrated with work and annoyed with everyone and everything. Hubby would probably shout this from the rooftops quietly attest to this fact. So what do I do about it? Nothing. Wallow. Eat sugar. Not four minutes went by yesterday without a lollypop stick hanging out of my mouth. Why I thought the one pound bag was necessary is beyond me.

And dawned on me. Running! How could I feel bad after a run? So I took advantage of the last little bit of light we had left in the day and got in 4 easy miles. No pressure, no time goals, and I told myself to stop and walk whenever I wanted. I won't lie and say I came back farting glitter, but I was feeling much, much better.

I realized this morning that I have been neglecting the food side of this blog a little big lately. Marathon training is taking over my brain! So here are some recent eats. First up is a veggie and shrimp stir fry served over Thai jasmine rice.

Shrimp, edamame, broccoli, peppers, and corn

All stir fried with garlic and black pepper, served over rice with soy sauce.
Then we have some mini taco bites. I used wonton wrappers (yes, my recent favorite) and baked them in a muffin tin to get them crispy. I filled them with some grilled chicken and peppers and shredded mozzarella. Served with a taco salad topped with salsa. Delicious and fun way to remake tacos!

What's your go-to stress relief?
I'm still learning what works for me. I usually start with food/candy, feel worse, and then something clicks and I remember that exercise makes me feel better. It's hard to feel too bad after a run!

Do you buy candy in bulk, or single servings?
I used to only buy candy in single portions, but now that I live a long drive from shops, I tend to just buy them in bulk. And them in bulk. Generally the candy I choose is low calorie (25 calories in each of those lollypops) so I can eat a few before it really matters. 


  1. My go to stress relief is yoga. While running is always great, yoga is the one exercise that will make me slow down, stretch and relax.

    No candy for me, of course, but I have been known to buy mashed potatoes in bulk and have forced myself to only get single servings unless they are homemade :-)

  2. whoa! I want taco bites!!

    I love running for stress relief. It ALWAYS works.

    I usually don't buy candy because I'll eat it all. We have it at work, though, and I go to town.

  3. mmm... your food looks so yummy!! Running and now spinning are good stress relief for me. I go back and forth with candy. If I am at a store that has the bulk candy bins, I'll stock up :). It's not good for me, though... cuz I will eat it all in a few days time!

  4. Mmmm I love dum dums.. especially the Cream Soda ones! Yum.

    Love the ideas I get for recipes from your blogs.. keep those delicious photos coming! :)

  5. ok the little tacos is so genius! love it.

    running, reading, and actually writing on the blog are all big stress relievers...running mostly :)

    I buy really good dark chocolate and stick it in the freezer, any other candy seems to get inhaled in a nano second

  6. Last night was wallowing with a pizza and no run. I don't feel any better today, so I'm going to try and run. maybe it will make a difference. I certainly hope so.

  7. The food looks amazing!! And YES to using a run to get your stress release--the right call every time!

  8. My favorite moment of this post? "farting glitter" :)

    I've splurged way more on sweets than I'd like to admit this week. Tomorrow I'll be resetting my "healthy eating plan". I may have you come cook for me.

  9. Running usually reduces my stress, however when I'm feeling stressed it is the LAST thing I want to do. Why is that??

  10. Cream soda and root beer dum dum are the BEST! I love me some sugae too! And now after seeing all that food I must go eat something!

  11. Farting glitter...haha, I love it!

    The food looks yummy! We eat a lot of Jasmine rice in our house...and I LOVE edamame! Delicious!

    I usually put on reruns of Friends or Gilmore Girls after a stressful day. It makes me think of my younger years when stress was a homework assignment :)

    And I buy candy in bulk. But like you, I then tend to eat it in bulk. So, I try to not buy it unless it's one of those days!

  12. aww i love the taco salad! runs are definitely a stress reliever for me...I would say wine, but if I am too upset, wine makes me cry

  13. Pretty sure I haven't been the bulk candy store since junior high!

    For good reason! Haha.

  14. Your stir-fry looks amazing! Good luck with training for a marathon :) that's amazing!

  15. My go to stress relief is laughing with friends!

    Your food looks beautiful, tasty, and amazing!

    Saw your comment about the PF - can I just say that "The Stick" has been the one thing that has really helped. I roll the stick on it very hard in the spot that hurts the worst - 25 times each direction (i.e 25 rolls going down then 25 rolls going up, etc). I had the scraping in physical therapy but that was a killer, I'm able to sort of replicate the scraping myself by rolling it with The Stick. Just a suggestion. Hurts while you do it but I think it has really helped me manage my horrible PF pain.

  16. Farting Glitter is my new mode of stress relief. I plan to think about that every time I feel overwhelmed. But seriously, I go through stages: cry, eat, and then get to the root of what's causing my stress and deal with it. Then I reward myself by eating again ;)

    I love candy and try to never buy it in bulk because I will eat it in one sitting if given the opportunity.

    The food looks delicious!

  17. Those little taco salads look YUM!

  18. Running and playing my saxophone and piano are my stress relief. Sometimes I wish I was a stress eater (since those other things aren't available, but food almost always is)...but I'm not.

    When I buy candy, I have to buy it in small servings or I eat the whole package in a couple of days. Then my tummy hates me for almost a week afterward. :( Poor tummy...the things I put it through.

    Leg length discrepancy, for my particular case, puts more stress on my knee (always on the longer leg) and I get IT band problems. But my hips are really wide, so it kind of just adds insult to injury. :) I have a little silicone heel lift (you can see it in a photo from my 27 mi run where my shoe inserts are pulled out) that helps a lot when I remember to move it each time I switch shoes.

  19. If by any chance you do fart glitter, please document accordingly...I would like to see this

  20. Both dishes you made look really tasty! I'd have to say my biggest stress reliever is probably a good book, a night of watching my shows, or Mexican food (all depends on how stressed we are talking).

  21. OH CANDY!! I am the exact same way! Once I start I seriously cannot stop. It is awful! Good for you for getting a run in girl that had to have made you feel better. :)

  22. I am the same way with sweet treats!! And then I end up feeling worse!! Good for you for going out and getting in the 4 miles to make you feel better. A few times when I've been super stressed out I ran way further than planned just to get it all out!!

    I need to get wonton have showed me how versatile they are!!!!

  23. "farting glitter" made me giggle. Thank you for the chuckle!

  24. Those wonton wrappers look good... love the crispiness of them.

    Not a huge candy fan. I like sweet things, but if I am eating to comfort myself, I would likely be eating crackers.

  25. Running or Yoga is my stress reliever! Love those cute taco wontons!

  26. Can you please teach me to fart glitter?

    Those taco shells look awesome. What's the difference between Jasmine rice and regular rice?

    My go to stress relief is RUNNING! It always helps.

    I buy candy in bulk. I'm not fooling anyone with one package of Reese's.

  27. Since I teach I always go and stock up the candy at Costco, it feels like I am giving out Jolly Ranchers right and left.
    Stress relief is working out, any thing will do, just as long as I am working up a sweat!

  28. Love wonton wrappers! I was on a kick a few months ago, but had forgotten about them until now! My biggest stress relief is reading, although working out can be really helpful.

  29. OH MY GOD. I do EVERYTHING in bulk. I buy clothes in bulk, I workout in bulk, I eat sugar in serious bulk. I wish I didn't- it's so compulsive- but who the hell can have a square of chocolate and then put it away? Not this chick. Good for you for recognizing that you needed a pick me up- either through sugar and/or exercise! That is seriously amazing that you did both and those lollipops are long gone :)
    My go-to stress relief is definitely exercise. I love kickboxing especially, getting violent :)

  30. Farting glitter! :) Haha! That made me laugh!

    I eat chips in bulk. ARGH! I do get the baked ones though ... if it matters.

    I guess, we are in some Mexican food mood lately?
    That tacos looked delicious. And that stir fry too!

  31. I agree, I have never gone on a run where I haven't felt better afterward!

    That meal with the chopsticks looks amazing.....

  32. That stir fry looks so good! I love shrimp.

    My go-to stress relief is Zumba. I forget all about the stressful day I had and just have fun!

  33. Hahaha, I'm so using your farting glitter phrase! Love it.

    We all have those days. Eat your candy and get over it. Your probably craving carbs from all the mileage.

    I was ALWAYS cranky and had munchies the day or two after a 20 miler. Maybe it's just catching up with you. It will be worth it in the end : )

  34. Running and candy and baking and music... oh and bubble baths! Love the edamame beans... I've never cooked them for myself before, but I love eating them at my Mum's.

  35. Haha farting glitter. When I run, unicorns shoot out of my ass with a spray of glitter, so I've beat you there. :)

  36. I'm sorry you were in the pits yesterday! The only time I buy candy is for Halloween--and you can bet your glitter fartin' booty I buy in bulk for that! hahaha!!

    My go-to stress reliever is going for a cruise in my 1965 VW convertible... top down, music up -- perfect pick me up:)

  37. I checked out your site, dear and totally decided to follow you :) I don't run - boo - I should! Strength train, though...and bike ride...but that's about it. :-/ I wish I could get into running...messes with my already messed up back.

    Dum dums...yum!! Haven't had one of those in AGES!!

    Hugs to you!

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  38. Running is what I go to when I am stressed.
    I love Tootsie roll pops. Mmmmm!
    Those meals look really tasty, especially the first one.
    Even though I shouldn't, candy is bought in bulk. I have a restaurant across from where I live so sometimes I will pick up a snack from there.


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