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I Wanna Play! My 7 Links

I've been loving the "7 Links" Posts circulating the blogging world lately, so when I was tagged by Holly at Rust Belt Runner I couldn't wait to participate. Without further ado, here are my Seven Links...

Most Popular Post: Aside from giveaways (and we know why those are popular), one of my most read and commented on post was about my Weight Loss Journey. It got so much attention, it deserved it's own little tab at the top of my page!

Most Controversial Post: My post Good Person > Good Racer was possibly the most controversial. I talked about my own experience racing with my husband, and whether or not it is racer etiquette (or just plain rude) to pass someone when you planned on running together. Lots of differing options in this area!

Most Helpful Post: One of my earlier posts was titled What's Worth It, and recapped some running extras and whether or not they're beneficial. I go so much great feedback on products like foam rollers, compression socks, arm warmers, and sweat bands.

Most Beautiful Post: Certainly not as touching or poignant as many of the posts I read each day, but for this silly little blog, the April 17th post was groundbreaking for me. I revealed how good I felt when using my body for it's intended purposes, and the reasons why we keep ourselves in tip top shape.

Surprise Success Post: One of my very first posts was on Embracing Your Body Shape and it discussed the various body shapes of women (apple, pear, banana, etc.) While it wasn't an overnight success, I get more Google hits on this post than any other--by a long shot!

Post That Didn't Get Enough Attention:  Well, the post was titled Peanut Butter vs. Nutella, but the part where I revealed my treadmill digestive failures was the more interesting part. I figured that writing about my public humiliation would get a little more attention, to be honest!

Post I'm Most Proud Of: My post written after my 15 Mile Run makes me the most proud to read. To date, it's the furthest I've ever run, and I couldn't believe I did it! It was also the first time I tried an ice bath, with some pretty funny pictures to go along with it!

If you read this, and you're interested---you're tagged! It's a great way to share some older posts with new readers, and make sure everyone gets a chance to check out your favorite posts!

Share some link love: in the comments, leave the link of your all time favorite post you've ever written. Then, I can read the best of the best, and so can everyone else--and hopefully, you'll impress people and gain some new followers! Think about the post where you ran the fastest, created the best recipe, reflected on something important, or just had some great photos!


  1. I love reading your blog ... but have missed some of these, so will now go back and have a look!

  2. Love this! I'm gonna go read your body shape post.

    One of my fav posts is a very short, but proud one where I wrote a mastercard commercial about my first marathon :)

  3. i love all of them. And I'd be damn proud of that ice bath too! burrrrr!

  4. I loved looking back at some of your posts that I missed. Awesome idea!

    I got all sappy about running and did a little creative writing:

    I liked the way it turned out :)

  5. Hee...I was reading this post, and noticed the picture of your husband receiving his award in the Fairmount 5K. Geno and I are in the back of that picture! He has on a blue shirt, and I am in surreal to see us in that picture!

  6. You have really written some great and helpful posts! I loved your ice bath pics. I've never been brave enough to take any pictures of my ice baths :)

    My favorite post of mine lately was my Running Tour of Tuscaloosa:

    People have seen such devastating pictures of my hometown the past few months, that I loved showing that it's still a really pretty place :)

  7. Lol, the ice bath pict was great - you look just like I imagine I would - if I ever took and ice bath:-)

    My favorite post of mine is one of the first ones where I included a recipe and it is one of my favorite dishes - Finnan Haddie.

  8. Love this post. Just read Good Person > Good Racer... I don't know which is better. I guess sometimes it is nice to run with people who are the same pace as you, sometimes you want faster people to run slower to keep you company, or sometimes you are happy to help pace a slower runner to their goals. Race "plans" are never simple or easy! LOL

    My favorite and most popular post has been my recap of the Disney Princess Half Marathon:

  9. Loved reading this. The ice bath photo is precious!

  10. I still love that ice bath photo, your facial expression is priceless!

  11. That picture of you in the hat is super cute!

  12. hehe. cool post! There are definitely surprise hits and of the cool things about blogging!

  13. I'm loving this 7 links tag! I especially liked this one since I've only recently discovered your blog. This gives me a chance to browse around a bit and uncover some of your hidden gem posts I may have missed. I'd do the tag too, but I'm not sure I've been blogging long enough! Maybe in a few months. =)

    I really loved writing my "Marriage Advice from a Newbie" post. It's one of my favorites. You read it and commented, but maybe some of your followers want to check it out: =)

  14. LOVE the ice bath pictures! Your weight loss journey post was pretty awesome!

  15. What's happening in this first picture? are you the real spiderman?!? ;)

  16. Ha, the peanut butter VS. nutella post was hilarious. I also love the April 17th one, but for a different reason: "I can pretend I am a grown-up but nobody knows it's just PB&J!"

    PB&J will never get old :-)

  17. That was fun! One of my favorite posts was one I just wrote a few days ago. There wasn't a whole lot of comments but I noticed that it got the most views I have ever had!

  18. I was tagged to do one of these posts too. Keep an eye out for it. I love all of your pictures! I can relate to your facial expression for the ice bath. I did one of those after my long 8 mile run. That is still my longest run to date.

  19. Fun! As a newbie to your blog I loved having these links all laid out for me :)

  20. I love your blog!! And thanks for the link sto some of your older posts (that I didn't get a chance to read before).

    I have 2 favorites from my own blog:


  21. Awesome! I love "pb vs. nutella" and they body type post. This is so fun, I might have to do one myself. It's hard to choose a favorite post but I'd say mine was about my first ever half marathon, run last March.

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