Thursday, August 11, 2011

Double Workout Day!

I started out the day with some speedwork! I tried working out on an empty stomach, straight after waking up. And I was fine, thankfully. Nice to know I can handle it, it really helps to beat the heat here in Georgia in the summer! Here was the workout for the day (planned/actual)

1.5 mile warm-up, easy pace
1200 meters: 6:02/6:01
1000 meters: 4:59/4:59
800 meters: 3:58/3:49
600 meters: 2:57/2:49
400 meters: 1:57/1:49

All with 200 meter rest in between (I walked!)
I had a tough time hitting those first long intervals--they are TOUGH! I'm used to running shorter intervals, around 400 meters. It felt good to work really hard though. My legs are feeling it. If you're wondering how I remembered all those distance and paces for the workout? Like this:

Worked during the day to make time for a great afternoon hike with a friend! She took me to a beautiful little waterfall and walk along the creek, beautiful! Legs were a little sore but it felt nice to stretch out after the workouts--and who could pass up stunning sights like these?

We sat up at the top of one of these waterfalls and chatted for a good hour before we headed home. So peaceful and calm, we didn't see a single person the whole hike. 

My feet peeking out from our seat atop the waterfalls!
The distance of the hike was only 4.5 miles, but it was a great addition to the morning's 5 miles. Haven't had a double workout in a long time--I like them!

Do you ever do two a day workouts? Love them?
I usually don't have two a days. If I do, it's cardio for one and strength training or yoga for the other. Once a week it might be nice though. Followed by an easy/rest day, of course!

How do you keep track of what your workout should be for the day--on paper, on garmin, just remember the stats?
Usually my workouts aren't too specific, or I make them up on the fly. But writing them on my arm really worked, and forced me to focus on the paces and keep up the speed! I think I'll keep doing it for speedwork. 


  1. I do double days about 5x/week. It's the only way to get in running-biking-swimming-lifting. I think if it's what you need to do to support your training/race goals, it's just a fact of life.

  2. if i have specific goals i use my garmin, but most of the time I just go out and run and make up my goals as i feel it

  3. Nice hike!

    I usually do a brisk walk every day - so that would be in addition to whatever else I do. Does walking count?

  4. Hey Vanessa,

    Great workout and good idea to remember your plan.
    I occasionally do doubles, usually a run and mountain bike or run and weights/cals.

    I record all my workouts on a clipboard-old school, I guess. I usually write them down right after the workouts so I don't forget the specifics.

    Great pictures from that hike, especially from the top of the waterfalls. Nice!


  5. Looks like a great work out. Majority of my runs are saved on my garmin. Sometime I'll scribble on paper if I'm doing intervals on the track. Or I will write on my arm too. lol

  6. Looks like you had plenty left at the end there - so way to bring that workout in :).

    I've tended to be pretty lax with "doing whatever I want" speedwork, but lately I've been finding workouts online and taking paces from this random RLRF calculator. It pushes me faster than I woulda gone otherwise so I'm sticking with it!

  7. way to go on the speed work! And that hike looks super pretty. I love just getting out into the woods for a bit!

  8. Nice job on the speed work!!!

    I love 2-a-days! I like splitting weights and cardio into two separate sessions so it doesn't seem so long!

    I keep track on both my Garmin and paper. If I'm training for something, I like to cross workouts off my schedule!

  9. I usually do a double once or twice a week but usually one of the workouts is an easier type of workout.

  10. I'd work out twice if I had a view like that every day :)

  11. That's an awesome two-a-day! Nice job!

  12. great workout! i usually just do cardio + strength once or twice a week. i'm always exhausted though :)

    Sam @ fitness food & faith

  13. Great speedwork, looks a lot like what I did on Tuesday. Rockstar!

  14. Great job with the speedwork! You killed it!

  15. Great speedwork!! I haven't done doubles in a long time either, but I pulled one out on Tuesday this week - I did almost 6 miles (easy) in the early AM and an hour or so of bootcamp after work...they really work you out and make you feel accomplished - I think I might work some more into my schedule!

  16. Awesome job on the speed work - long intervals are tough!!

    LOVE LOVE double (or triple, hehe) days!

  17. Awesome workout girl! You smoked your goals. The pictures from the hike are gorgeous and 2 a day workouts are great once or twice a week. I love a nice little shake out run after a long stressful day at work.

    Have a great weekend!

  18. love your split creativity! your adventurous and scenic hikes make me jealous, the only view i get around here are crazy homeless people and traffic.

  19. I'm a big fan of two-a-days, though I usually only think of them as two-a-days when I'm doing two runs or two rides. Doubling up with a ride and a run or a run and strength/core just feels like par for the course.

  20. I always think about doing 2-a-days and then never end up being able to do it because of life getting in the way! lol Sometimes I wished I worked from home, there would be so much more time for working out lol

  21. If I had a view like that, I would run everyday! Where is that from....reminds me of when the hubby and I went to Rocky Mt. National Park in June *sigh*.....if we could only go back!

  22. Ha, I write my workouts on my arm too!
    Love the waterfall pics - what a gorgeous view for hiking!