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Free Race in Miami and Proof I'm a Princess

I may have been pretty sick yesterday, but all in all I would still say the day was a success. First, I announced the Chocolate #9 Giveaway winners. Then, I found out that I had won an entry into the Miami Rock N Roll Half Marathon! So not only do I get to meet Amanda from Run to the Finish, but I also get to participate in my first ever Rock N Roll race. Looks like hubs and I will be taking a little trip to Miami this December!

If anyone else wants to run this with Amanda and I (and thousands of other people) on December 11th, you can get a discount from Run to the Finish to use this weekend. Do it so we can meet up! 

All the excitement wore me out, so afternoon was nap/watch reruns of Sex and the City under the blankets with some medicine. And then hubs comes home with a package for me--sent from Christina (AKA the Athletarian). I knew I was getting some Twistbands in the mail, but the girl went above and beyond. She went out and bought me a crown twistband, which I had been admiring for a while. Not to mention some goodies on the side (we can pretend those are for the long run, ok?)

So excited to prance around all day in my crown twistband and be a princess. Naturally. 

What is your sick-day television show/movie of choice?
I used to be a big fan of Price is Right. Whenever I stayed home from school sick it was on and I loved it! Now it's usually bad girly TV or reruns of Full House and Boy Meets World. (My childhood idols = DJ Tanner and Topanga)

What is your exercise plan for the weekend?
Still recovering a bit today, but maybe some yoga or a walk tonight if I'm feeling up to it. Tomorrow I'm tackling 18 miles! 

Everyone who is in the path of Hurricane Irene--stay safe this weekend! Is anyone moving around their long run or race plans because of the weather?


  1. That is cool about the free race entry!

    I crammed a 14 mile run, 6200 yard swim, and 35 mile bike into 27 hours to avoid the hurricane. Pulled the bike into the driveway for my building as the first few drops fell. Whew.

  2. Im hitting the spin bike today and a light run. Tomorrow I have a 7 mile trainer. Im in such envy for Miami! Im doing the San Antonio RnR and the Phoenix half RnR. I think my first east coast race will be the Princess half in Disney World!

  3. Awesome with the giveaway wins! I had to move my 20miler to this AM as it looks like PA will be WET WET WET tomorrow. Good luck with ur 18miles

  4. Wow, that was a nice day afterall! I ended up doing 16 miles today. Tomorrow I might take a rest day or go on a bike read - more for leisure than exercise though.

  5. We are sickness twins. Full House is my favorite show ever, and Boy Meets World is a close second. In fact, Forever, by Jesse and the Rippers, was part of my wedding song. This is not a joke. Glad you are feeling better, and all that cool stuff must have helped! I've never won a giveaway and I am considering boycotting them. Irene has totally ruined my running plans and all weekend plans but I still got my miles in! Glad you are feeling better - good luck tomorrow!

  6. Twilightzone episodes were my pick for sickday TV - that or any horror movie that was playing.

    Glad to hear that you are feeling better!

    I may do some yoga at home later - I am still on 'mommy' duty with the recovering beasties.

  7. oh awesome!!! congrats on your race entry... that will be awesome! i would love to run that race one day, so i'll def be excited to see what you think of it. i love the RnR events! such an energy with that many people.

  8. Yay! I'm so happy you liked everything!! You ARE a princess and totally deserve it all! Awesome news abou Miami!! So exciting! Hope you make good use of that candy tomorrow!

  9. Glad are feeling better today and enjoying your goodies.

    Awesome news about your Miami R&R half.

  10. Friends reruns or pretty much anything on TLC when I'm sick... or lazy.

    Awesome goodie pack!

  11. AWW what a great package to receive!
    Super cute crown headband!

  12. That is so exciting about winning the entry for the race in Miami and those goodies are such a small way to brighten a day!

    Anything that catches my eye when I'm sick is fine by me.

    I ran a 5K this morning and set a new PR so I'm on cloud nine until further notice!

  13. I need to do 10-12 miles tomorrow, but it will most definitely have to be on the treadmill because it's 104 degrees where I live this weekend. Ugh.

  14. I always watch You've Got Mail when I'm sick. Nothing like Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan to cheer me up.

  15. That was super sweet of Christina! I like to watch Sex and the City reruns when I don't feel good, or House Hunters.

  16. im glad your better, the nerds would've helped !! i love the rainbow pack!!!


  17. Haha! I used to watch The Price Is Right too when I was home sick. Workout this weekend was spin class today. Tomorrow is a rest day.

  18. 18 miles tomorrow, awesome! You are such a freakin running machine :)

    So envious of your win of that bib, wish I could join you!

  19. good luck on your LR friend!!!! so awesome about the miami that will be a blast :) lately i am obsessed with the big brother live feeds. any excuse to sit and watch them all day...i am totally there...sick, tired, bored, anything...i could watch all day. ohhhh. reality tv how you suck me in. haha!

  20. Miami is not too far from where I am!! Well, a few hours, but who knows, maybe I can swing it...not to run, but to cheer on!!

  21. Congrats on the win! RnR races are AWESOME - I do Chicago every year. :)

  22. Cute crown band! Love it. Sick show of choice? I'm with you on Sex and the City, I also love love Freaks and Geeks.

  23. Sorry you were sick girlie! I am loving your crown twistband. My definite sick show of choice is Gilmore Girls. I am totally girlie deep down. and for this weekend plans were thrown off because of Irene since I am in NC. Thankfully it wasn't as bad as we expected it to be here in my town.

    Maria @ Asphalt Tales

  24. Congrats on getting the entry to that race! Hope you feel better soon!

  25. So freaking awesome that you won an entry into the Miami half! That is so exciting! And Christina is seriously the best. Enjoy the candy and get well soon. :)

  26. Congrats on winning the race entry! I love the rock n roll events- they are always extremely well run. Haha no pun intended. Miami will be such a cool location to run in!

    Get well soon :)

  27. I always crave Nerds after reading your blog!

    As for TV, I was a Saved by the Bell kinda girl - still want to grow up and marry Zack Morris!!

  28. omg I can't believe you did that much on a treadmill! good for you!!
    I ran in the Hood to Coast relay this weekend!!! I just posted pics---I have a feeling you would love this relay and reading my post will make you want to sign up next year!!!!

  29. congrats on getting in!! those rock n roll are popping up all over the country and i heard they are a blast! good luck with yours!

  30. Awesome! Free stuff AND it's a fun looking race!? Major success. My weekend plans involved a 4miler race where I almost died (not really) of heat exhaustion!


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