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Not Bad for a Tuesday...

So...just a warning. This is one of those posts that I read on someone's blog and go..."Seriously? On a Tuesday? Get to work woman!" I promise, I worked yesterday. I just happened to stop at 3:30 to hop on a pontoon boat and drink a few three two one beer and some diet cokes. That's right, this girl knows how to party. 

Apparently my hair decided to rebel yesterday. I let it down and out of its ponytail for a good 25 minutes, and this is how it repays me. Rude. Don't worry, I showed it who was boss by tying it up for the rest of the day. We cruised around taking in the views:

We headed in for swim where I did NOT get my brain eaten by parasites. Always a good thing. I also practiced my rock skipping technique. I was the worst in the group, but I held steady at four skips and I will take that any day. Headed to shore for a mini hike, where I paired the always awesome trail shoe/pink dress look:

It will catch on, just you wait. The waterfall we were trying to find has dried up into more of a trickle, but it was still gorgeous:

I love this photo of hubs...he look far more angelic than he really is:

Then I refueled with some KFC. I haven't had it in years, but guess what? It was pretty tasty. Although I had to skip the beans and mac and cheese...not my favorites. The rest of the group spent an hour or so fishing, while I was on worm duty. Not kidding, I had to hand people worms. That's how much I don't like fishing. At least it made this guy happy:

Getting home after dark was a shock to my system. I should really try getting out more. 

Can you skip rocks?
This used to be one of favorite things to do as a kid but clearly I have lost my skill. 

You're at KFC...what would you choose for your meal from the following: fried chicken, grilled chicken, cole slaw, beans, biscuits, corn on the cob, and mac and cheese:
Fried chicken (yum), cole slaw, and corn on the cob for me. Maybe a biscuit if they were still hot and fresh. 


  1. Nature! Geez, can't remember the last time I did something outdoorsy... :S

    And KFC... if you go there, I know they have "healthy options" now but c'mon... fried chicken, biscuits, etc. are the way to go.

    My Life. I Guess.

  2. I CAN skip rocks.

    Also, did you know that if your brain is eaten by parasites it takes three days to happen! Yikes. Ok, sorry, I'll be nice now.

    The only thing I can really eat at KFC are the biscuits, but it's totally worth making a meal out of them.

  3. Hahahaha oh my God, I love diet coke. It's the only thing with aspartame that I eat/drink- and I save it for a treat! You and I really know how to party, woman.
    You and your hubs are too adorable. And God it makes me feel better that I'm not the only one who indulges once in a while! I can skip rocks :) I'd go for fried chicken, mac n' cheese, and beans. Gross.
    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm on my way out. To KFC.

  4. I suck at skipping rocks!! So proud you were able to get four!!

    I haven't had KFC in lightyears!! We don't have all of those side options here! Only the cole slaw and potato salad I think. But who knows, I haven't been in forever. It's possible the menu has expanded! I used to love the fried chicken. Have you ever tried their popcorn chicken? Like scraps of chicken fat breaded and fried to look like popcorn. Now that I look back, it's probably the most repulsive thing I have ever eaten!

  5. What a fun day! I absolutely love all of the pictures and you look gorgeous!

    The only thing I like at KFC is the mashed potatoes. Man I haven't had them in ages.

  6. Sounds like an awesome Tuesday! I am always on worm duty too. I would only choose coleslaw from KFC!

  7. I can skip rocks- but not well!
    I haven't been to KFC in forever! I would be having the fried chicken, mashed potatoes, cole slaw and biscuits! Now I'm hungry...

  8. What a nice day! I'm jealous :) I love going to the mountains and skipping rocks in the rivers!

    I'd get fried chicken (why else go there?!) slaw and a biscuit!

  9. Who goes to KFC to get beans and mac and cheese anyways? Weeeird.

  10. What a great afternoon--including the worms!! hahaha the ONLY thing I've ever ate at KFC is their potato wedges...YUM:)

  11. Not a rock skipper but I'd like to be. My husband got food poisoning from KFC and I just can't eat it anymore but I do remember the mashed potatoes being quite yummy.

  12. Such a FUN tuesday! I am a little jealous, but it looks like it was a gorgeous day! I stink at skipping rocks, but I would have probably chose fishing over worms...

    I used to go to KFC twice a week after track practice in high school and I would always get the K-2, which was a fried breast and leg, with sides I can't remember, but the guy at the counter thought my friend and I were cute so we got an entire box of biscuits!!! I love the biscuits!

  13. I skipped rocks for the first time in Duck, NC earlier this summer. I only made it like three skips, but I still felt pretty cool.

  14. i've been a vegetarian for maybe 10 years now, and when people ask me if i miss meat, i say no. but honestly, the ONLY thing i miss is KFC fried drumsticks. burgers, hotdogs, all that stuff has fake meat replacements, if that's your style. but there is no replacement for KFC fried drumsticks. tragedy.

  15. what a fun Tuesday!!

    I'm way jealous of your 4 skips, i cant skip rocks at all, I dont even try any more :(

  16. LOL, it's pretty bad when you'd rather pass worms! (I'm with you!)

    You look cute in your little dress and trail shoes - looks to me like a nice afternoon!

  17. I can skip rocks. My highest count was 14 skips (I think) but that was when I was a kid - I am sure I could barely muster 2 skips now :-)

    I'd pick the fried chicken because if you're going to KFC don't fool yourself that anything you eat is going to be healthy.

    Ohh, you left out my favorite KFC side dish - mashed potatoes and gravy!

    That is one of my favorite fast-food 'treat' meals is to get one piece of chicken and a large mashed potato with gravy. Yum!

  18. oh I love the KFC mashed potatoes with gravy and the coleslaw. When we go I just order one tub of each and then usually steal hubby's from his meal too. Yummy! I haven't had that in forever!

  19. Now that is a look!! Pink dress and trail shoes ... it will definately catch on soon! Very jealous of your afternoon!

  20. I can't skip rocks. 4 skips would be amazing for me. Looks like such a fun day.

  21. I can skip rocks... my Mother taught me when I was very young. KFC? not me, ever.

  22. Craig always trys to teach me to skip rocks out at the cabin, I am horrible at it. KFC, loved it when I was younger...the mac and cheese was awesome!!

  23. Sounds like a great day! I can skip rocks I think. It has been a while. If I was at KFC I'd eat fried chicken =)

    Here is to a great wednesday!


  24. The lake looks like a very calm and beautiful place. Glad your brain was not attacked!

    I believe I can skip rocks - I used to be able to - and I'm not aware that that's a "use it or loose it" kinda skill.

    KFC - hmmm, not a fan of chicken on the bone, but definitely would choose grilled over fried. I also LOVE their green beans - yum, no idea what makes them so good. I also usually choose their mashed potatoes and put their corn on top instead of gravy - is that weird? Cuz it's normal for me, but I didn't realize the whole world didn't do it until I married my husband who after seeing me do it a lot of times said "nope, that's not normal". Oh well, I still do it!

  25. I used to skip rocks allll the time at our cabin... but then we sold it and the times I was down at the lake were few and far between. I'll have to test my skills next trip home!

  26. we LOVE the outdoors, so this day looks like TOO much fun :) Great pics!

    Hmmm, KFC would probably make my tummy hurt SO bad...we haven't had it in years! I do know that I'd probably love their biscuits as much, if not more than I did years ago :)

  27. My friend picked up KFC on Sunday afternoon. It was the first time I had had it in forever!!! We did the grilled chicken (YUM), and then made our own sides!

  28. I love all of your pictures!! Seriously so pretty!

  29. haha, I love the hiking in a dress. It's TOTALLY the next big thing.

  30. Just discovered your blog. Am usually more into fashion ones, but I just started running so I was looking for some inspiring blogs about that... and I love what you have here. Very light but still dedicated. Just healthy and active, just what my goals are. :-)
    C u around


  31. I prefer Popeyes. Do y'all have that where y'all live? I like my chicken spicy!


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