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I'm In Love and I Don't Care Who Knows It

Saturday night. You know what that means. 

It means that I am going to watch a little TV with the hubs, maybe read a little while he beats up some bad guys in his video games, and then read as many Runner's World articles as I can before I attempt my 20 miler tomorrow morning. Yes, I am a party animal. Luckily I got in my carbo-loading today with a veggie "burger" from Five Guys. And then (what else?) a little fro-yo action.

Hubs decided a frappuccino would make a better afternoon snack. Weirdo. 

All the sugar must have gone to his head because he wanted to join me for a very hot run this afternoon. It wasn't a run day for me, but I ran 1.5 miles with him around the lake before jumping in for a swim. I can't even pretend there was any actual "swimming" done. I basically just flopped around on a noodle and it was amazing. 

I have serious anxiety right now about my long run. I almost feel like I do before a race. Really nervous, not sure if I can handle it. I'm sure it will be fine, but I have butterflies in my tummy!

Do you ever get long-run anxiety?
Any time I need to run a distance PR it scares me a little. I usually read about other people's long runs to get me excited and less scares. 

Fro-yo or Frappuccino?
Honestly, I love fraps. But frozen yogurt will always be my lover. I heart you, fro-yo. <3
(P.S.--it took me a good 30 seconds to figure out how to make a heart like that. I am the world's slowest texter.)

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  1. I used to get out of control long run anxiety training for my first half and my first marathon. Like, if the run was Saturday, I'd start getting nervous Wednesday. I still get anxiety about 20 milers even though I've done that or more a bunch of times now, because running twenty miles is hard, its a long way to go! You can do it though. The fact that other couples spend Saturday nights with him playing video games and her reading a book (or blogs) makes me extremely happy. Thought it was just us. I wanted fro yo so bad tonight, but not bad enough to drive to the shop I guess. Have a great run tomorrow!

  2. Dude I have a sixteen miler tomorrow, which will be my longest run yet. I'm nervous. My hubs is going to bike along to make sure I don't die or if I do... he can phone the proper authorities. Gulp.

  3. You will do great with the long run! I had such anxiety last Saturday night about my half marathon & it went great! Have fun & remember to smile every now & then. :). By the way, fro-yo for me! ;)

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  5. You can do it!

    When training for my first half-marathon, I didn't know how I was going to do my long runs. I couldn't imagine running that far! (Basically anything over 4 miles was "long" for me). I just trusted in the plan and thought, other people do this, I can do this! The runs that I was most scared of, I felt the best after I completed.

    Looking forward to hearing about your 20-miler!

  6. sounds like a great saturday to me! And perfect prep for that 20 miler. I didn't know five guys had veggie burgers! cool.
    You run will be great, enjoy the miles as they come. No sooner, no later. you got this!!

  7. I ALWAYS have anxiety the night before a race- whether it's a 5km or a 20 miler! Okay, okay. So I've never attempted a 20 miler. But 13.1 miles is close... um, not even. I've never gotten nervous for training runs but again, I've never attempted the long runs like you!! I usually get nervous for my interval runs, because I find them the hardest.
    Thanks for the link to my contest! :) Looking forward to seeing how your run went! And you look GORGE having your fro-yo!

  8. having pre-race, pre-workout, pre-run jitters is totally normal, in fact i love what my mom used to tell me when i'd be annoyed that i was getting so nervous, "if u weren't nervous THEN i'd be worried, it meant that u didn't care." so true, i hope u have a wonderful run, i know u will rock it! :)

    PS-umm, i'm hoping u don't mind that i totally turned u into the topic for my post today. don't be all shy, i only did it cuz u rock. :)

  9. I ♥ fro-yo too!!! I've been craving it for awhile now...

  10. I think it's good to get a little nervous ... it makes for a better run - once you get started all the nerves will go! Enjoy!

  11. I heart both, but I am a huge lover of froyo and what is bad is that I can't get it anywhere around my home! I would have to travel at least 1 hr and a half to get it! AHHH! We need one sooooo bad!!! Have a wonderful run today!!

  12. DEFINITELY froyo - no question.

    Good luck on your run this morning!

  13. Ahhhh! 20 miles?! Now this I am dying to hear about!! You are a machine and you'll deserve fro-yo by the bucket by the time it's over, haha.

  14. GOOD LUCK! I know you'll do great! I always get nervous before my long runs but I tell myself "girl, you are going to run 16 miles today, can you believe that?!" and then a huge smile comes on my face and off I go!

  15. YES.. I still get long run anxiety after running 4 years.. Sorry def the frap! LOL

  16. LOL I'm an awful texter too! I write everything out in full...NO abbreviations. So I'm slow AND it's kind of annoying for the person getting them, I think. Oh well.

    Good luck!!!!

  17. Last year when I did my first 10 mile run, I was super nervous because I just didn't think I could make it! But now that I know I can I am excited to tackle those long runs this year, but anything past 13 miles and I think I would freak out! Hope your run was good!

  18. I get long run anxiety too, but once I'm running I feel better. HOpe it goes well today!

  19. The big distances freak me out up until the actual run day, but when I'm doing it, it never seems THAT bad. Good thing, huh?

    Good luck today :) (or maybe you're already done!)

  20. Until I actually did a marathon, the long distances ALWAYS freaked me out. Who am I kidding, they still do :). How can running 20 miles not freak a person out- but you will do awesome!! The feeling you get when it's over is so worth it!

  21. I'm sure by now you've done your long run successfully and had a bag of ice transported to the bathroom for a post race ice bath celebration :) YES, I do get anxious before my long runs - I posted about it once and was surprised when I asked if others get nervous that most people said no - boo, I do . . . glad I'm not alone! Be safe and stay healthy!!!!
    Hope the run went well and that the rest of your day is fun and relaxing!

  22. Good luck on the run! I'm not too bad about long run anxiety, I more so just think about how I wish I had a running partner to help keep me company... I've tried to recruit many friends to run with me, even if it's just part of it, but no luck :( Our schedules either don't match up or they don't think they can run far.

  23. Sounds like a great day! There are no fro-yo places where I live! It's just crazy...but I think there is a new one being built, so I'm looking forward to that. I see all kinds of bloggers eating fro-yo and I really want to try it!

  24. haha you made me nervous just READING about running 20 miles. I've never run anything more than 4.15 miles. haha But I'm sure you'll do great!

  25. I totally get long run anxiety. I have a half marathon next weekend, and I have flutters in my stomach thinking about *what if* I don't PB! I'll aim to "have fun"...but I still have that PB goal time in the back of my head.

    Hope you had a great long run!!!

  26. I totally get long run anxiety, especially when I was training for the half marathon.
    I love the Mocha Coconut Frappuccino from Starbucks! Mmmmmmm!

  27. I'm running a distance PR next weekend and can tell you that I'm right there with you on the nerves...and it's still a week away!

    You'll do fine though! All your training thusfar has you prepared to rock. And rock you will! (and totally earn the right to eat buttloads of fro-yo).

  28. I hope the 20 goes well. That dress looks adorable on you.

    I don't think that I could choose between froyo and a frap...I would get one and then feel like I made the wrong choice and want the other. I'm bad with food options, I always want both.


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