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The Art of Doing Nothing

This is so awkward. There have been about 7 moments in my life where I don't have anything to say. Seriously, I could talk about different shades of white if someone was willing to listen to me. And when I'm not talking, I'm just writing down my words instead. Each day for work, I write anywhere from 5,000-6,000 words. And then if you count my blog posts and comments? It would be a shocking total.

But today....nothing.

It's not because I've been bored. Yesterday after my long run, I planned to catch up on work while the boys kayaked in Tennessee. I figured I could take my computer and enjoy nice scenery up there with them. wireless router didn't work. Instead, I sat with my feet in the water for a few hours,  and enjoyed doing absolutely nothing.


We headed up to Chattanooga, had dinner, and followed up with frozen yogurt and a walk on the bridge. Left my camera, but I ordered crab cakes with a side of haricot verts. Tasty! We hit up a local free concert downtown and enjoyed the musical stylings of Mingo Fishtrap. Bizarre name, great band.

Proof I was out past normal bedtime!

Since I finished my long run yesterday, today the plan is to do....nothing! The boys are gone for double-feature movie day (Aliens and Cowboys & Rise of the Planet of the Apes). Since I have no desire to a) get dressed, or b) watch either of those movies, I'll sitting at home, catching up on blogs, and finding out just what the cast of Jersey Shore gets up to in Italy. Guilt-free. 

Do you ever have days where you want to just stay home and do nothing?
Honestly, those are pretty rare. I would usually like to go somewhere, or keep busy. But every once in a while, it's nice to read a good book, watch some bad tv, and relax. 

Be honest: Jersey Shore. Love or hate?
Love it. Hubs and I are big fans. They all crack me up, and it makes me feel SO good about myself afterwards, ha!


  1. While I like being busy some of the time - I have an absolute need to do nothing, lounge and just hang out for the rest of the time - otherwise I would go crazy. It is a good thing that I have dogs that after my infrequent bouts of hyper activity - are more than happy to lay about like pashminas on the couch.

    And, yeah, I love Jersey Shore with a sad and sick facination.

  2. Usually I keep myself pretty busy. But then when I do have a chill day, I ask myself, "Why don't I do this more often?"

    I don't watch much TV and haven't actually seen Jersey Shore.

  3. I love staying home and doing nothing! The older my kids get, the busier we are- so a Saturday doing nothing is wonderful!!
    I LOVE Jersey Shore- such an ridiculously addicting show! :)

  4. Yay for a relaxing recovery day...those are the best. Enjoy!

  5. I've never watched Jersey Shore and I plan to keep it that way. I know if I did I might be hooked and would then be the biggest hypocrite on earth for making fun of my students for watching it.

    I have trouble with "do nothing" days. I have such a "go, go, go" personality that I end up feeling guilty. The rationale part of me knows it's really important to physically and emotionally rest sometimes, though.

  6. I could use one of those lazy do nothing days right about now

  7. I LOVE doing nothing! Our weekends are usually more packed than the work week, so when you can just do nothing, it's glorious

  8. Love relaxing... but only when I am really tired!

    Have never watched Jersey Shore. My only reality show sin is The Biggest Loser! Did watch one season of the Bachelor and on of Big Brother... but none since and no others.

    So, I cannot see the 3 pics you posted - I must be the only one cause no one else commenteda about it.

  9. I love doing nothing ... but it doesn't happen very often!

  10. Love doing nothing - but lounge around in PJs and coffee/tea and computer and magazines.

  11. I love slothing days!

    And Jersey Shore- love it. I missed a few episodes last seasona dn I should have causght up before Italy aired. Maybe I should spend my night with some ...

  12. I don't have many of those days either! The closest I get to doing nothing is bringing my lap top to Starbucks and blogging/researching races/organizing training plans etc. I guess that's pretty close to being lazy!

    I watched the complete first season of JS but had no interest in watching last season. I watched Thursday's episode and might try to follow this round since it's in Italy. I think it will make for some interesting and bad TV that will humour and disgust me at the same time! I am half Italian and I am completely embarrassed for these people and the way they represent the culture!

  13. I love having doing nothing moments but I think that's because they are very rare.

    I have never seen Jersey Shore, but I was a fan of My Big Friggin Wedding which I think was filmed in Jersey so I think I would enjoy Jersey Shore if I ever got the chance.

  14. so first off WAY TO ROCK that long run...coming in under goal pace and under those nasty, hot conditions, i tip my hat off for you missy! :) that certainly warrants a day of doing nothing and resting those legs...oh, and eating like a champ too. ;)

    haha...but i always sort of have to be doing 'something' so like u, even if i'm home i have to be at the computer blogging/commenting/writing/doodling....something too keep these hands working! :)

  15. Hey, I can see those pics now... great.

  16. Doing nothing is super fun and that just might be my day today! :) Good job on your run! I just finished my first tri! :D

  17. I love do nothing time :) Enjoy!

  18. I love doing nothing but it rarely happens!! I hope you enjoyed your day!

  19. Love Jersey shore when I happen to see it, but I don't watch it every week. I wish I did though.

    I can be incredibly lazy. If I am caught up with work/school/etc, I see nothing wrong with laying around all day reading blogs or books. Sometimes on a rainy day my husband and I will declare it a no leaving the house day and it's awesome. I do get cabin fever if it goes on too long though.

  20. I had a do nothing Sunday and it was amazing :-) I haven't caught Jersey Shore since season one, BUT, I did see E! True Hollywood Story on Snooki the other day and it was hilarious, as I'm sure you can imagine!

  21. yes every now and then a day of just doing nothing is perfect. Normally i'm go go go but having a day to sit by a pool and just read and drink iced tea can be great!

  22. I guess cops are good people every so often! I love your post run decisions. Very jealous.


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