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Weekly Workout Recap and a Lake Swim

Another week of training done! This week was my 4th week on the Run Less Run Faster Marathon training plan. I got in all 3 key workouts, and some extras along the way, so overall I'm pretty happy.

Monday: Slow 4.5 mile run/walk as recovery from Sunday's long run
Tuesday: 5.5 miles running, including 5 x 1000 meter intervals, and a 2 mile walk
Wednesday: 45 minutes of yoga, 15 minutes of abs and push-ups
Thursday: 6 mile run, 4 at tempo pace
Friday: P90X Plyometrics for one hour, and 15 minutes of abs and push-ups
Saturday: 1.5 mile slow easy run before jumping into the lake
Sunday: 20 mile long run

Mileage: 40 miles for the week, with 37 of that being running. A little more than I'm used to!

Next week's goals are to hit my 3 key workouts again, which are:
Key #1: 10-20 min. warm up, 3 x 1600 meters @ 8:11 (1 min. RI) and 10 minute cooldown
Key #2: 2 miles easy, 3 @ 8:44, 1 mile easy (tempo run)
Key #3: 18 miles @ 10:29 pace

Other than that, I'd like to get in more yoga this week, and get back to doing push-ups 3x per week.
Plus, I want to try actually swimming in the lake, instead of just floating on a noodle. It's so beautiful, and I know it will start getting too cold before I know it!

Post-run, pre-swim on Saturday with hubs.
What is your fitness goal for the week?
Ok, I'm putting it on here so I have to stick to it: yoga x2, and push-ups x3!

Has anyone tried actually swimming in a lake (laps, etc.)?
I will happily do a breaststroke for a while, but I have yet to try really swimming (aka, putting on goggles). Has anyone had luck swimming in a lake instead of a pool/ocean? Tips please?!

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  1. Nice workouts! and thanks for the BLOG LOVE :)

    I guess my goal will be to hit all three of my RLRF plans. I slept in today and am going camping this weekend so I am going to try for my 20 miler tom instead of Sat. Should be interesting because I just ran my 18 on sat. Let's just say I will be tired and lazy tom :)

    I never swim, there is no place to go in NYC but I bet it is much harder than a pool. Good luck!

  2. God damn, you are gorgeous! And I challenge you to the 2x a week yoga and push ups... although I'm a little yoga biased since they are my two favourite things ever- okay, minus chocolate. And wine. And... damn it.

  3. Is the lake clear? I can't imagine it would be too much harder to swim in than a pool. Definitely easier than a current and waves in the ocean!

    Nice job on this week's workouts!

  4. As a rule, I don't get into water that I can't see through. Ever seen Lake Placid?

    Great job on working out this week!

  5. Nice week!

    Swimming in the lake scared me at first - I've always been more of the "float on a pool noodle" type. I still get squeamish sometimes putting my face in the water BUT the water really is nice and I got used to it quickly. Good luck!

  6. You are amazing! Seriously, incredible workout week, great mileage, photogenic to boot!!

    Nice work!!

  7. Nice week of workouts! Good luck on your 3x1600's... I have nightmares about doing that workout....

    Thanks for the blog love =)


  8. you look fabulous, by the way :) I've never swam in a lake but that lake looks gorgeous and totally worth a try! Have FUN!!! JUST GO FOR IT!

    Great workout week! I need to find some new home workouts while these 100+temps are around...running is getting more and more unbearable!

  9. Nice workouts. I need to go for a swim myself!

  10. I would like to run outside!!! That is my goal

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Not much of a swimmer so no advice sorry!

    I'm running a 5K this Saturday so my goal is to get in 2 runs, yoga, and pilates before then.

  13. Great week!
    I am a total noodle floater when it comes to lakes. Actually I don't go in further than knee deep. Total wuss, that's me.

  14. My goal for this week is to keep up with daily yoga and get in at least two short runs.

    I used to swim in lakes a lot as a kid. Not much too it other than stay off the bottom if it has that slimy kind of mud. The slime factor I can never get used to.

  15. Good job Vanessa! Wow 40 miles for the week, that's amazing!

  16. For lake swimming, make sure you have a defined landmark to swim to and know how far it is. About every 20-30 strokes, lift your head a little to sight for your intended endpoint. Adjust your course as necessary. Don't go alone, make sure somebody is at the shore (safety first!).

  17. Lake swimming can vary a lot between temperature, waves, etc... Victoria is correct concerning sighting and safety. I have a kayak my wife paddles along side me so others can see me, such as jet skis, boats. A brightly colored swim cap will also help visibility. It will be a little unnerving at first but take it in frequent small distances to get used to it. I swallowed some water and failed while getting used to the waves but was fine after 30 minutes. Good luck, maybe there is a triathlon in your future.

  18. Thanks for the comment on my Giveaway post!! I can't wait to see how strong I get!! My fitness goal is to stick to the program!! Also to continue with my training schedule :)

    PS That bra looks amazing on you!

  19. You are a running machine - wow girl that's crazy mileage!!! I'm in awe!

    I'm not an open water swimmer, but was a swimming coach and record holder for the mile in college - I'm a BIG fan of the trudgen stroke for rookies in open water. It combines the kick you would use on your side with freestyle arms. It's a great way to feel as if you have enough breathing and to use a powerful kick while not expending a lot of energy. Here's a video:
    Good luck!

  20. I don't think I've got my head wet in a lake in years, haha. Are you starting your taper now?

  21. Great workouts! I love the three key workouts idea! Its so nice to have those three hard workouts and then easy runs in between!

  22. I will have swimming tips soon! I won a free swim coach session at my gym, yah! Her tip for trying on goggles was try on them to your face, and you need to have to put in some effort to pull them off. Goin shopping for some this weekend!

  23. You are so cute! And awesome workouts girl!!!

  24. Wow, I am so impressed with your running! A 20 mile run is amazing!

  25. Way to kill it on the workouts this week! My fitness goals this week are a 6 miles tempo and 20x400's, but they may be derailed because my garmin is broken :(. I hate doing speed work without my garmin.

    I was thinking about you the other day when I was watching the news and they were talking about these parasites that live in lakes and can get in through your nose and eat your brain. I was hoping that they aren't in any lakes by you, and thinking that maybe I should send you a nose plug!

  26. You are on fire girl! You had a great week! Keep it up!

  27. I need to start going push ups again too. I am starting to feel so weak with all of this running and no strength training. I am committed with you girl.


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