Sunday, September 4, 2011

A 9 Mile "Recovery Hike" and the Hangry Monster

After a morning of work/blogging on a Lazy Boy Recliner (it's Sunday morning. If I have to work, it's going to be in comfort) we headed off for what was supposed to be a nice and easy 4 mile hike to a great swimming place called Jack's River Falls. Well, I guess I misunderstood. It was 4.5 miles. Each way. Normally I would be fine with that, but one little problem.

I ran 20 miles yesterday and was HUNGRY. Like, gnaw on an arm hungry. Of course I never go anywhere without snacks, but I wasn't prepared for what turned out to be a 7 hour trip. Ate an entire package of rice cakes--didn't even make a dent. Pretty worth it for the great company and gorgeous scenery though!

The boys were crazy and did some tall cliff jumps into the water--I was just brave enough to dip my toes in. That water was COLD! I got to chatting with my friend's mother, who was telling me all about her recent long cycling trip. No biggie, just all the way across America. Pretty incredible to talk to someone about that incredible experience.

A bag of coconut m&ms, chicken and a baked potato, and an oreo klondike bar, and I think I made up for the missed afternoon snacks. Maybe. 

Do you bring snacks with you everywhere in your bag/car?
Oh yes. Today I tossed in a big packs of rice cakes, a power bar, and some candy. Between hubs and I, that was gone in the first 2 hours or so! I almost always have a granola bar, almonds, or some kind of snack with me just in case. Me without food = hangry monster. 

What's your idea of "active recovery?"
Usually an easy recovery day for me is a short walk, some light yoga, stretching, and foam rolling. I like to keep moving, but not work too hard!


  1. Completely forgot to say congratulations on the 20 mile run! So awesome.. you must be so proud of yourself.

    And thanks for the jelly bean advice, too.

    This hike looks wonderful and so do you - but yes, ya gotta pack food along... I try to, everywhere.

    I know all about HANGRY! and so does The Captain when I that way...

  2. My running partner cracks me up - she's who you want with you in a storm - that girl's got snacks on top of snacks on top of snacks at ALL times!!! You two would get a long so well - in addition to your snack stashing habits, she's also an avid hiker!!!

    The hike does seem worth it - look how beautiful!

  3. Beautiful photos! I totally love the idea of a recovery hike. I wish there were mountains near me though.

    After a marathon, or other long run (when feeling sore or stiff) I'll do a few miles on the elliptical to loosen everything up- usually on a hill
    Setting. By the next day I feel awesome.

  4. Great job on your 20 miler yesterday! Wow, that's reeeeaaaally active recovery - the scenery looks gorgeous!

  5. Gorgeous photos. Missing meals after working out turns me into a crank. Swimming and biking are typically active recoveries for me. Nothing seems as hard hitting as running.

  6. Such a beautiful place.
    Snacks .... yip I generally have something close to hand even if it is an old squashed up Nature Valley bar :-)

  7. I usually have some kind of snacks with me, like an apple or a banana.

    For yesterday's rest day Mike and I took Bungee on a three mile hike/walk by the water.

  8. I usually have snacks for the baby with me at all times. You never know when you'll have a Goldfish emergency. I don't carry snacks for me though because it doesn't work out to eat in front of the baby.

  9. That is one beautiful place to hike - devine! I'm a snack girl - always carry something for me and for my ever hungry boys. People are amazed at what comes out of my handbag!

  10. hoooow beautiful!! is this near you in georgia? love.

    i like to do a short 2-3 mi run for recovery. i just feel like moving the next day for some reason.

  11. I would call a 9-mile hike a "really active" recovery day! Awesome for you.

  12. I always have luna bars shoved in all of my bags, so I usually have a bar at least, but 7 hours of hiking and exploring after a 20-miler...I am happy you made it back!

    umm coconut m&ms?! What? Are they available everywhere?

  13. I usually keep my "emergency granola bar" (a Larabar or Kind bar) in my purse and some granola bars and water stashed with some blankets, sweatshirts and hats in the trunk of my car. After years of living in a cold climate, I always seem to have a survival kit in the trunk if the car breaks down.

    My active recovery days usually are a bike ride or a walk through the neighborhood. :) Your hike sounds a little more "active" than mine though, ha

  14. Lady, congratulations on twenty miles the other day and NOT dying on this hike! I am so proud of you!

    I can never do cliff jumps or any kind of daring junk. I get wayyy too scared. Once my friend jumped off a cliff and landed on her leg wrong- her hip was dislocated and they had to bring in a helicopter! I know that doesn't happen to everyone, but still... makes me nervous!

    ALSO, are we meeting soon for reals!?!?!?!

  15. Active recovery for me = stretchathon and walking, but I don't do long runs so never need a big recovery anyway. I totally get you with the rice cakes girl, thats why I don't eat them, they just taste like air hehe.
    O.m.gasm what a view! So glad you enjoyed yourself! Geta adecent REAL recovery tomorow maybe!;p

  16. Good job on the 'active recovery' - a 9 mile hike is serious stuff!

  17. I dread feeling hungry! I get very grumpy when I am hungry, tired, or in pain.
    Nine mile hike? Pretty impressive! I love the pictures! Hopefully I will be able to take a hike someday in such a pretty place.

  18. For me, active recovery is a loooooong walk. Like minimum 1 hour. It helps stretch all of the kinks out of my legs and the fresh air doesn't hurt either!

  19. You're a machine! I love that you use the word "hangry" too, it's so perfect.