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Wine, Cheese, and Risky Business

Want to know how I ended up doing this, a little tipsy, on a Wednesday night? Yeah, me too.

Let's start from the beginning, shall we? A week ago I got a fun package from the people at Foodbuzz and Sargento. They sent me a guide to tasting cheese, and because they knew my cheap tush wasn't going to buy anything that I haven't already guaranteed is delicious, they also sent me a $25 American Express gift card to buy some goodies. I love free money, so I was in. 

The idea is to taste test Sargento cheese along with another type of cheese. Well, I bought two types of cheese, two crackers (one regular and one gluten-free) and still had money left. I don't know about where you guys live, but here in Georgia $25 buys you way more than that. So I figured the people at Sargento would want me to buy some ham, grapes, and wine. You know, for research testing purposes. Uh huh.

So hubs and I headed to our new place, used all the great new kitchen stuff, and dug in to the feast. I mean...politely sampled the various cheeses, comparing mouth feel and taste. In a very classy, very distinguished way. At no point in time did the wine get to our heads, and give us the idea that sliding across the floors Risky Business style was a good idea. Nope. These pictures are purely coincidence. 

Don't worry, we did actually talk for a minute or two about the cheese. The verdict? I preferred the Sargento slices. Honestly, sliced cheese just doesn't look like it's going to be particularly tasty, and I would probably not serve it normally. But this was completely different from kraft singles (sorry kraft). Not yellow, not processed. Hubs preferred the other cheese we bought-it was sharper and stronger in taste. Overall I would say-probably not the best cheese to serve at an actual cocktail party, BUT the best sliced cheese I've tasted. 

Snobby Questions: Favorite kind of cheese? Do you buy sliced cheese or blocks? Favorite wine?
White sharp cheddar is my favorite (hence why I bought that type), stinky cheese is a big no-no in my book. Can't stand the stuff. I generally never buy sliced cheese. Wine = white, sauvignon blanc. I like red wine, but my teeth get RED and I just look ridiculous so I avoid it.

Fun Questions: Ever watch Risky Business? Wear socks and slide around on slippery floors?
Have to admit, I've never seen the movie. But of course I know about the infamous Tom Cruise scene where he slides around. You guys--it's SO.MUCH.FUN!

Thanks for the inspiration, Mr. Cruise.


  1. I usually stick with the Sargento. I love cheese. I don't drink wine though....

    You and your hubby are so cute, and look like so much fun.

  2. I'll give you a pass on never seeing the whole movie, you are such a youngster:)

  3. I have pretty wide ranging taste when it comes to cheese. The only line I have is that I avoid the stinkiest cheeses - and food that smells like rotting feet? No thanks.

    Yes, I have worn socks and slide around on slippery floors - and yes, it is incredibly fun :-)

    I have seen Riskey Business too many times to count...

  4. That looks like fun. :) Love it. I really enjoy cheese with wine, but I've also gotten into beer and cheese pairings too. (I guess that's no surprise!)

  5. Love the Risky Business photos. So funny.
    I usually buy block cheese because I'm cheap and it's less expensive than presliced or shredded. If I'm feeling indulgent, I love warm brie with crackers and a bottle of wine. Delicious.

  6. I love Kraft single sharp cheddar cheese! I used to be grossed out by it but I feel like no other cheese melts as good.

    I love the pictures, that looks like so much fun!

  7. That looks like fun! I love pretty much any type of cheeze. We go pretty heavy on the mozz. in our house, though. That's what I get for marrying an italian.

    Definitely seen the movie :)

  8. I'm from Vermont so I'm a cheese fanatic (love that you picked a VT cheese btw)! ANYthing sharp in my book is delish!
    And WINE, well I like it all!

    I vote you don't bring in the furniture so you can have that sort of fun all the time!! (;

  9. Ahhhhh awesome pics!! Sharp cheddar and Gouda are my FAVE cheeses!! :)

  10. I loooove cheese. Too bad I can hardly ever eat it! My favorite is pepperjack, the spiciness is fantastic.

  11. Oh cheese and crackers sound soooo delicious right now! haha..too bad I can't have cheese or crackers.

  12. LOVE your pics! Awesome!

    I actually buy sargento slices (I heart colby-jack) for sandwiches. Yum!

  13. i love cheese. seriously, all sorts of cheese. Looks delicious - I wish I had a Sargento package!

  14. your house looks ginormous!
    i don't think i've done sargento slices- i'm pretty boring- sharp cheddar and colby jack all the way!

  15. LOVE the photos! (now I'm contemplating a lunchtime slide around my tiled dining room floor... if I break an ankle I'm going to claim temporary insanity due to blog-reading) ;)

    Cheese: ANYthing except swiss. (but I used to live next to a cheese shop, so I have had my snobby moments -- ewephoria sheeps milk cheese and brie from Cowgirl Creamery are pretty fantastic)

    Wine: don't even get me started... I could talk for hours...

    Risky Business: see above. ;)

  16. I love extra sharp cheddar cheese. Since I've moved around a lot, I couldn't stick with one brand, but my favorite is Morning Glory Sharp Cheddar from Wisconsin.

  17. I like any cheese but Swiss is my fav.
    I drink whites in the summer (Pinot grigio)
    And red when it's cooler (Pinot noir)

    Love risky business but I've never done a renactment

  18. hahahaha I love the pics of you running around the new place :) and I don't ever eat sliced cheese, but I do have an almost 2 year old so maybe that will change. I love brie, havarti, cheddar, gouda, swiss, ricotta, most soft cheeses - a better question for me would've been which cheese don't you like - blue :)

    I LOVE wine. though don't drink it much anymore. I prefer red; pinot noirs, cabernet, shiraz or nice blends. mmmmmmm

  19. How fun! We are a Sargento sliced cheese family. I made the mistake of buying a different brand recently and you would have thought it was the end of the world for my husband and his sandwiches.

  20. How cute are you two?! Way to break in the new floors.

    That wine/cheese/ham/grapes platter is making me HUNGRY! MMMM cheese.

    Love old brick cheddar!!

  21. sweet deal! a fun wine and cheese night for free?! i dont even like cheese, but i like that deal. ive never seen risky business either but i do love sliding around in socks.

  22. Would eat ANY kind of cheese put in front of me....

    Yellow Tail wine? never saw it in Sauvignon Blanc, only Charonnay, and several reds.

  23. I love cheese and you definitely have to have wine with it! Your pics are so fun! I love Risky Business, Tom Cruise was such a fox in his young days!

  24. You guys are my favorite. We need a double date.

    I am a massive cheese snob. I won't even buy the shredded kind anymore, and I generally go straight to the cheese shop for the good stuff. I refuse to buy lowfat. My friend once brought a bag of lowfat sliced cheese to my house because I was making pizza and refused to get it.

    Ironically, with wine, I love the cheap stuff. My favorite is a local vineyard with sweet, fruity wines.

  25. What a funny post! Love the Risky Business pictures. I love cheese! I am not so picky now that I have kids and am paying more attention to nickles and dimes. Cheese and wine go so good together!

    Thanks for the vote :) You should apply in the next round!

  26. I don't eat cheese now but when I did I loved Sargento. They have low-sodium cheeses that don't taste low-sodium as I recall :) You and your hubs are toooooo cute!

  27. I love cheese! Favorite is probably mozzarella or colby jack. I buy it sliced, a brick is too dangerous, I would just keep cutting more pieces off.

    I have never seen Risky Business, but I am tempted to try that! We have hardwood floors on the first floor of our house.

  28. Wine and are a girl after my own heart. Havarti is my fave but I really haven't met a cheese I don't like. My favorite reasonably priced wine is Rosenblum zinfandel- $10.99 in KY.

    Funny story, my roommate in college actually chipped her front tooth with that risky business move. She's a dentist now.

  29. That looks like so much fun!! I love sharp cheddar... The sharper the better!

  30. Ha, love the Risky Business pics! You are too cute!
    And that cheese tray looks yummo!

  31. hha looks like such a fun time! I'm a fan of sargento, but lately I've been trying to buy only organic animal products. (not 100% successful in my attempts though, haha) I love using sliced cheese in egg sandwiches: spray the bread or spread little bit of your fav spread on it, cook it on both side, but on the second side, add a slice of cheese. Remove, cook your egg. Favorite toppings: pepper, oregano, fresh basil, and sliced tomato. Sometimes I add mustard. (deeeelicious)

  32. When I buy cheese, it's usually sliced or shredded... I don't really eat it often enough to be too picky, haha.

  33. I have missed out on a lot of movies in my life and that was one of them.
    I also like sharp cheddar cheese, string cheese, pepperjack cheese or mozzarella.
    As far as "wine" goes...exoctic fruits or mixed berry arbor mist. LOL!

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