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Giant Marshmallows and Climbing Cats

What do you do when you discover giant marshmallows in your grocery store?

a) Eat half the bag in 24 hours

b) Make giant Rice Krispies treats (with rice chex)

c) Drizzle Rice Krispies Treats with peanut butter and dark chocolate

d) All of the Above

D? You know me so well. Chocolate/PB glazed Rice Krispies treats:

They may look terrible but when they taste that delicious I just don't care. Yesterday ended up being one of those days. I started my run and about 2 miles in collapsed-some sharp pain that caused me to lay down on the treadmill for about 15 minutes. Not entirely sure what is wrong yet, I think a flare-up of some old medical issues (long story, I won't bore you all!) Thank goodness there were sweets in the house so I could eat my sadness on the couch:

Mine are the non-hairy legs.

Now, I may have been stuck on the couch but my cats were ready to start exploring. We have been in the house about 2 weeks and they were ready to explore the final frontier: our exposed trusses. They are between 10-12 feet high, but that doesn't stop our adventurous cat:

Can I just say that getting cats down from that height is NOT easy?! At least, I think it's not easy. I sat on the couch and hubby got them down.

This morning I am feeling MUCH better, less pain and I'll probably head to the doctor's later but I'm feeling much more positive about my little accident yesterday.

What would you make with giant marshmallows--giant smores, giant Rice Krispies treats or just eat them straight out of the bag?
I love plain marshmallows! No surprise there, I obviously have a rather close relationship with sugar. Next time it will have to be smores, because hubby has never tried them in his life!!!

What are your Friday night plans? Please nothing too exciting, you'll make me realize what a sad life I lead.
Friday night = pasta or pizza for dinner, early to bed and long run tomorrow. Be jealous. It gets crazy here in Georgia. 

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  1. I have one cat who is notorious for getting himself up too high and then not being able to figure out how to get down. which wouldn't be so bad if he would actually LEARN that he shouldn't go so high because he can't get down. but Noooooooo

  2. Those marshmallows are ENORMOUS! Your little treat you made looks delicious! Wanna mail me some? I'm sad that you're hurt. I hope the pain goes away asap and you are back 100% in no time.

    I love marshmallows in any way, shape, or form. I've actually never had a real smore so I think I'd like to try one of those! Friday night looks like yours, don't worry. Food and sleep. Maybe a movie if things get wild. MAYBE.

  3. Trusses: the final frontier. hahahah..I crack myself up! Ahem.

  4. First, take care of yourself!!! I hope you're alright and get to feeling better right away!!! Yikes, glad you were at home when it happened - might have been a worse scenario if you were out on the road. ((hugs)).

    Second, there is a fundraiser at a local church that is Every single person in a 100 mile radius has had one and you would think the world would stop if the church quit making them. They are called ZUM sticks (ZUM is the name of the church). They are dessert kabobs essentially. They have a marshmallow (giant marshmallow would make it even more FAB!), strawberry, pineapple chunk, maybe a grape and maybe something else, but they repeat that twice on the kabob stick then . . .are you ready? They dip it into chocolate - cool it so the chocolate hardens. To keep it from being messy they put a cupcake paper on the stick between your hand and the chocolate. Happy huge marshmallow making :)

  5. I would absolutely make Rice Krispie Squares and I love the idea of swapping in Chex cereal instead! They'd also be good with Nature's Path Koala Crispies, if you were in a chocolate-loving mood.

    Hope you feel better soon - in time for a great weekend!!

  6. Awww my cats would love your house. Built in cat-walks! Mine love being above the cabinets in the kitchen and sleeping up there.

    Have you ever made smores with those giant marshmallows? We did while camping this summer and had to use full graham crackers and about half a hershey's bar. So yummy!

  7. Sorry about the pain. Take it easy so you have a smooth long run. I'm with Rachel, huge s'mores sound awesome. But RK treats with Chex sub is a great idea. Friday night plans are non-existent with a toddler. But maybe a longish run on Sunday. Have a good weekend.

  8. I would definitely make Rice Krispy treats. I love them...and since it's "almost" Halloween, I would make Orange and Black ones! YUM!

    My Friday night plans involve a 4 mile run and The Hunger Games. Excitement at it's best.

  9. Have you seen this recipe on Danica's blog? You must make them now! Sub in the healthy cereal if you want to. ;)

  10. I am SO glad my cat is a wuss. She'll hop up on couches, chairs, and my desk, but no high-wire cat acts for her. :)

  11. How the heck did your cats (I weirdly just typed "parents" instead of "cats" at first) get up there?!

    Those rice crispies look AMAZING!

  12. Sorry the run didn't go so well. I'm glad you had sweets to help remedy the situation. :)

    My cats would love your house by the way. I bet the kitties love the trusses!

  13. yummy, those treats look delicious! and I think it's crazy your cat can get as high as it did..haha. Get well soon, there's nothing worse than an injured runner.

  14. oh my gosh, definitely giant s'mores!

  15. I am glad you are feeling better this morning!

    Tonight I am going shopping for my sisters and nieces birthday present and then going out to dinner.

  16. Oh no! I wish you luck with the pain, know all too well what those flare ups can do to a mojo! But hey, you had some awesome sweets, a comfy new couch, and a great guy to cheer you up - plus a little cat entertainment...did you plant catnip up there to get a laugh?

  17. there was no make smores option?!?! unheard of!

    i normally don't like cats (allergic to some) so its hard for me to find them cute, yours, however is adorable :)

  18. Glad to hear you're feeling better!
    I have indeed made giant smores with those giant "hand-fruit sized" marshmallows! Delicious.

  19. Giant marshmallows!! AHHHH wow!! I love America;)

  20. Glad you are doing better today!

    The cat picture is great. Cats are such adventurous little creatures with the most interesting personalities!

    My Friday night plans are picking Allan up from the aiport at 10!!! He might actually be at home for the next 3 weeks!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  21. Rice crispy treat but with chez mix?! Sounds amazing. I must try those for sure...

    Cats are too funny. I love adventurous and mischievous they can be

  22. Never had s'mores?!? Poor guy has been leading a deprived life!

  23. ha ha too funny about the cats. :) And I have been known to eat entire bags of marshmellows plain. LOVE THEM!!

  24. Okay, here's what you need to do with the rest of those marshmallows: Make your own giant graham crackers. s'mores all up in here, yo!

  25. Oh my, good thing you were on your tready at home. That sounds really scary. I hope that you are okay.

    My parents always have those giant marshies at their lake house and we make HUGE s'mores. We turn them into double deckers and use half pieces of the marshies between each layer.

  26. Holy crap! How did your cat get up there?

    Those marshmallows loom amazingly delicious!

  27. Yes, built-in cat walks... they must be so happy!

    Sorry about your pains... good thing you had sugar to console you.... and the Hubs of course!

    Hope you get it fixed up soon.

  28. I haven't had rice krispies treat in forever! They sound so good!

  29. take care of yourself friend! let that sugar heal your pain ;) love youuuu! and sending you healing thoughts. thanks for your kind message. you are amazing!

  30. I've never had giant marshmallows before but the mini ones I found a few weeks back mysteriously landed up on chocolate brownies in the microwave .... still don't know hoe it happened :-)

  31. oh my goodness, your carts are crazy...but your ceilings are pretty! i'm sorry youre having some health problems, i hope everything is ok and that you get comforting news at the doctor today.

    tonight i'm going to a wedding then to bed early for an 18 miler in the morning

  32. You crack me up. I HEART marshmallows so the fact that the ones you found are GIANT make me happy. One time I found ones covered in toasted coconut....odd but SO TASTY.

    Who does your cat think he/she is? Superman up there? OMG. My cat did that once and I yelled at him to get down and it was a mess....Your cat is pretty adventurous.....

    Tonight I am having some wine with friends b/c I don't have to teach cycling tomorrow morning....YAY....sleeping in....woo hoo.

    Hope you feel should really give biking a try to give your legs rest once in awhile.

    Get UP & Go

  33. Your house looks gorgeous!! I need to check out your house blog to get a proper update.

    And I can't believe your cat jumped up that high on that rafter!!

  34. The cats are definitely enjoying the new house too!! I saw those huge monster mashmallows when I was shopping the other day and couldn't get over them. I thought those would have great for roasting at the beach at a bonfire! I love rice krispie that I have seen what you made I have to make some too!! Your recipe looks yummy yummy yum!

  35. Rice Krispies with Rice Chex? OMG that sounds amazinggggg.Pain, pain go away!

  36. I actually hate raw marshmallows! But i would love chex marshmallow treats for sure. I love them cooked! Smores are essential at least 1 time every summer. I hope things start feeling better! I actually just had the worst run of my life with hiccups cramps and nausea in the raaaain and it was supposed to be my last long run before a race next week. So I feel you!

  37. oh my gosh, take care u poor thing!!! i agree that those HUGE marshmallows will def do u chow down, and maybe play that fuzzy bunny game?? haha. okay, the only thing we need to find now are peeps that are the same size! :)

  38. Thank you Thank you Thank you for allowing me to come out of the closet for my marshmellow issues. I was to shy to blog about what I sometimes consider "food" or "dinner". I know they are made of like, motor oil, ground up beatles, and toxic sludge, but I don't care. I bought those bad mama jamas a while ago, and when the going gets tough, I put one in a bowl with a little bit of butter and microwave it. Then I add whatever cereal is in the house.

    The chocolate idea is new to me...I am not sure how that can be as it is my second favorite food group. (Cheese is the first).
    Again, many marshmellow blessings to you!

  39. P.S. I actually can spell marshmallows. But not right now as I am too excited over this whole thing. Also, I wanted to say I hope you feel better! But you know, the whole marshmallow thing overwhelmed me.

  40. I hope you feel better and are able to do your long run! As for marshmallows….if there are any left after I start grabbing for them straight from the bag, I'd go for rice krispie treats!

  41. I hope you're feeling better!

    I would die if my pet was up that high! I project my fear of heights. It's probably good that I don't own a cat. :)

  42. Those treats look delicious! I don't have any cats so I didn't realize they liked to climb that high. Don't they know they will get stuck up there like they do when the climb trees? LOL!


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