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Weekly Workout Recap and Banana Bread Muffins

Another week, another recap for the blog world! This week's workouts were dominated by my new treadmill. I realized when compiling this post that I was on the treadmill every single day this week. Can't help it. Kind of like when you first fall in love and want to spend every waking moment with that person. I love you, Nordictrack 1750. I hope we're never apart. 

Monday: Ran 7 Miles of Speedwork
Tuesday: Ran 5k (3.1 Miles)
Wednesday: Ran 6 Miles, Tempo Run
Thursday: Walked 3 Miles, 30 minutes of yoga and 100 push-ups
Friday: Ran 3 Miles
Saturday: Ran 12 miles (1 warm-up, 4 mile race, 7 miles on treadmill afterwards)
Sunday: Ran 6 Miles easy

Total Mileage this week: 40 Miles (37 Running)
I'm sad that I didn't get in my 20 miles this Saturday, but with everything else I'm not too concerned.

This is the part where I complain about my lack of abs, even though I haven't done anything in WEEKS that resembles core work. Seriously. The best thing for the abs lately is laughing about the prospect of actually doing ab work. Oops. Speaking of muffin tops....

How gorgeous is this banana bread muffin? I made them yesterday, using Kari's Famous Banana Bread Recipe as inspiration. Head there for the main recipe. I only changed one or two things-replacing half the flour for oatmeal and forgoing the butterscotch chips on top. Instead of a loaf I made muffins, and they were perfect! I may or may not have had four of them last night and pretended that was dinner. Long runs = excuses to eat whatever you want and it doesn't count for 24 hours. True story. 

I haven't baked anything in a while, and it was so fun to make! I feel the baking urge coming on now, and I'm ready for the next recipe!

What is your favorite thing to bake? Want to link up a recipe?
I like making oatmeal cookies best, and getting them really crispy! I am excited to make something using pumpkin soon though. Any suggestions for my next baking mission?

What fitness-related activity are you most proud of this week?
Can I pick two? I am really proud of sticking to my race plan at the 4-mile race and meeting my goals. But I'm also really proud of myself for listening to my body yesterday and taking it easy afterwards.


  1. Most proud of my half mary PR smackdown!!

    I like to bake bars - like bar cookies and cakes (kind of lazy).

    I'm fell in love with the idea of these banana bread muffins - sent everyone I know the link to the recipe on Kari's blog. Cannot wait to make them!!!!!

  2. I've been slacking in the abs department lately too. I wish I could just look at them and they would get stronger!

    Love banana bread, I also have a super special recipe. I made some pumpkin bread a few weeks ago that was delish, and have been craving something else pumpkin too. Not sure yet what that creation will be, if you get any great suggestions let me know! Scones perhaps?

  3. Those muffins look too good! :)

    I'm jealous of your treadmill!

    I've been making pumpkin the fall.

  4. The banana bread muffins look delish!

    I am most proud of actually getting in 4 of the bodyrock sessions in this week. My arms are sooo sore.

  5. I like making banana muffins, too! I love it when I let a banana or two get past its prime :) Perfect excuse for muffins!

    My proud workout moment this week is also listening to my body: resting when it needed rest, and getting out there when the time was right. I misread those signals way too often, but not this week!

  6. "Long runs = excuses to eat whatever you want and it doesn't count for 24 hours. True story." So glad I'm not the only one that thinks this! I ate a pumpkin bar or umm three today. My favorite. Anything with pumpkin really. Good thing they don't count! Wahooo

  7. My favorite things to bake? Brownies, hands down. I'm still hunting for the perfect recipe.

    Fitness of the week I'm proud of? Well, I did just finish a triathlon...

  8. Ooh I have a great Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin recipe! You know you want it!

  9. Fall is TOTALLY baking season. And you can bake for me ANY TIME YOU WANT lady. :P

  10. Pumpkin cornbread is pretty spectacular. I've had a hankering for it for the past couple weeks - time to get baking!

  11. @Abby - pumpkin CORNBREAD? Can you (pretty please) send me that recipe? Or is it a family secret?

    Baking: about to tackle a batch of pumpkin/oatmeal bread -- one of my all-time favorites... and I used to think I couldn't bake! ;)

    Fitness: feeling like I'm regaining my speed and endurance after a summer of swampy, short, and slow runs in FL. This week: I busted out a good hill interval session and felt strong on my weekend long run!

  12. I love how much you love your new treadmill; that's awesome.

    I fell in LOVE with baking as soon as we bought our house (and a brand new convection oven) and banana muffins are my favorite recipe!! Well, that and chocolate chip cookies!

    Oh, and I'm super proud of my first 20 miler from this past Saturday. My first full is in three weeks :)

  13. Your long run rule is a life-changer... 24 hours hey? I am dyyyyying for my 1/2 marathon in 2 weeks so I can go to town after. I love that it will be the middle of October... HELLO Halloween candy!!

  14. I really love banana bread! The fact that you made it into little muffins is even better! I like to add chocolate chips in mine too :) I love to bake muffins and chocolate chip cookies. They are the best right out of the oven nice and warm!

    I'm proud of not stressing out about "racing" on Saturday! I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed myself!

  15. i'm still working on the baking thing- i did make a DELICIOUS chicken/stuffing/greek yogurt casserole last week. (guess thats my one claim to fame)
    Most proud of this weekend is DESTROYING my course time from last year's 1/2

  16. I just ate two pieces of that banana bread....after dinner. 4 muffins for dinner after 12 miles?? I'd be eating my arm! Sometimes the hunger does hit me the next day though. I should try it with the oats for flour, sounds yummy. I wished I had butterscotch chips but no dice. Glad you love the treadmill!

  17. laughing totally makes good abs. I say we all get together for a good belly laugh. We'll have a 6 pack in no time!

  18. Your muffins looks gorgeous......I like the little oats on top, that's a nice touch.

    I admire your dedication to your treadmill, that's awesome :)

  19. so jealous of your new tm. obviously ;) and those muffins look delicious. i love to bake anything chocolate. ANYTHING.

  20. That muffin looks incredible. Anything banana is ok by me. I always dream of a day when I have good abs....I do this right after eating too much chocolate and wine....ooops. hahah. I even do sit ups every night and NOTHING. I can't give up wine and choco for abs....I SUCK!!

    Get Up & Go

  21. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies.

    Your life will never be the same.

  22. oh, I pretty much need to make something with pumpkin... it is killing me. I'm going to look up several very fall-ish recipes and stock up on ingredients this week, so anytime I feel the urge to have the house smell wonderful and toasty, I'll just go whip something up in the kitchen!

  23. those are both great things to be proud of! I'm proud of my longest run ever of 16 miles!

    those muffins look great. I always opt for muffins over bread because 1) even if it's the same recipe I screw up bread but make awesome muffins and 2) the muffins help me not eat an entire loaf at once :)

  24. Those muffins look amazing I'd "loose count" of how many I had as well ;-)

  25. Those muffins look awesome! If you're looking for pumpkin, I made these pumpkin cream cheese muffins on Saturday and they were delicious. I am pretty much obsessed with pumpkin and try to bake with it at least every few weeks in the fall!

    Unfortunately I was sick this week so took most of it off an have no workouts to be proud of. I'm glad you're loving your treadmill so much!

  26. I fell in love with my treadmill and never looked back :).

    I totally want to try subbing oatmeal for flour. I actually thought about it when I made a loaf last night, but then forgot half-way through making it. :)

    Thanks for the tag!!

  27. Fall is the perfect time to start baking again!! I'm totally trying those muffins. mmmm!

    Awesome on all the treamdill-lovin' last week!

  28. Nice job on the training this week! And those muffins look wonderful.. perfect for this time fo the year :)
    I am most proud of PRing in my half marathon on Saturday- 1:36!

  29. Good reasons to be proud of yourself! The muffins look great. Baking is what fall is all about!

  30. I love that you ran every day on the tready you are my new hero. I hate the treadmill....but then again I'm not running on the nordic track 1750;)

    those muffins do look good I just made pumpkin ones. My favourite thing to bake is cupcakes I will post a recipe for the latest ones I made sometime this week- mocha cupcakes /w espresso buttercream DANGEROUS

  31. I love banana bread! In fact I made a big loaf last week that went like wildfire among the guys I brought it to (little did they know, it was healthy! applesauce instead of butter, whole wheat flour, the works :))

    your workouts last week rocked, and speed work running = ab work, maybe not the same burn as crunches, but that and yoga - I am sure your abs are doing just fine!

  32. The muffins look perfect. Yum! I am right there with you on the core work (or lack there of) I really need to kick it in gear.


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