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Weekly Workout Recap and Random Tidbits

Another week of marathon training done! This one was a little different than normal, with my first ever rainy trail run, a long run outside (they have been on the treadmill for the last few weeks) and two full rest days--not typical for me. Here's the deets:

Monday: Rest day!
Tuesday: Ran 7 miles in the rain, middle 4 at tempo pace
Wednesday: Circuit workout lasting one hour
Thursday: Ran 6 miles, including 6 x 800 meters
Friday: Ran 4 miles easy
Saturday: Ran 13.1 miles
Sunday: Rest day!

Total Mileage: 30 Miles goal of getting in push ups (only once) and yoga (never) didn't really pan out. I feel like with a running schedule I HAVE to stick to it...which means everything else gets ignored. My bad.

Lots of random tidbits today.....

Random Tidbit #1: I made hubs quesadillas last night for dinner, and wanted to use all the same ingredients in my own gluten free version. So I topped a spinach salad with mini nachos (wedges of corn tortillas topped with roasted chicken, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese) and used tons of salsa as the dressing. Just-yes.

Random Tidbit #2: I was unpacking some old stuff we shipped from Hong Kong, and found these amazing measuring cups I have. They're like those Russian dolls that fit inside one another, except each half measures 1/2 cup, 1 cup, etc.

Let's pretend I wasn't lying on the floor just to get pictures of measuring cups, ok?

Random Tidbit #3: I roasted a whole chicken on Friday night and didn't take pictures. This might not seem like a big deal, but I have roasted 3 chickens/turkeys in my entire life, and I feel like it is a BIG. FREAKING. DEAL. I'm pretty sure I can get my official wifey license now.

Random Tidbit #4: Do people say tidbit in America? Or is it just old English grannies who say that? I just realized that I should call it "random factoids" or something to avoid confusion.

Random Tidbit #5: My LARABAR Giveaway is still going on--enter to win your own!

What are your workout goals for this week?
Of course, the plan is still to get in my 3 key workouts, and this week I would really like to bring my mileage up a little to 35 miles. 

Do you say tidbit? Do I say weird words?
Obviously, yes--I say tidbit. Apparently it's also weird for me to say "University" instead of college, and "on holiday" instead of on vacation. My brain is just confused. Am I English? American? A weird hybrid blend? Who knows.


  1. Those measuring cups are awesome!

    My workout goals for the week are to not have vertigo. If that happens, I'll be happy with whatever runs I can get :).

    I apparently say all kinds of weird things, more phrases than specific words. Speaking "southern" is seen as weird in New England. Go figure.

  2. Alright I'm going to have to make those corn tortilla nacho things. That's right up my alley......yum!

    Love the word tidbits, it's cute and implies something small, yet interesting!

  3. haha you can say tidbit, but university is pretty english of you

    great job roasting a chicken! that always seems so daunting and professional. 10 awesome wife points!

  4. As a Canadian, I find it perfectly normal to read University instead of College. In fact, I find it odd to read College and I'm never sure if that means if it is a full-fledged degree granting institution because "college" has a different meaning here.

    One of my workout goals this week is to NOT go balls to the wall in a race I'm running this weekend. I'm supposed to run it for fun because my goal race is the 25th and I can't do an all out effort so close to the race. Hopefully it works!

  5. I have been totally digging yoga lately it works wonders! Great mileage btw!!

  6. haha sorry for pointing out the 'university' verbage. My best friend is English, so its just something I noticed he says. I LOVE the russian dolls measuring cup- adorable

  7. Those measuring cups are awesome! They should have a permanent place on your counter, methinks.

    Oh, I say methinks! And tidbit. I draw the line at university, though. ;)

  8. I have those measuring cups too! I love them!!

  9. "tidbit" is definitely part of my vocabulary.

    Workout Goals: Not eat so much crap. And, oh yeah, RUN A MARATHON. No big deal.

  10. Very cute measuring cups.

    I definitely say tidbit.

    Hmm, my workout goals for the week? Get in at least 3 yoga workouts.

  11. Love those measuring cups!

    It is funny how we all have different colloquialisms.... my American cousins and I keep a dictionary of phrases/words just so we can laugh at each other sometimes - different words for the same thing, ie sofa vs. couch and the way we say some words... Ruff vs Roooooof for the covering on the house.

    I think tidbit is pretty universal but I think of something to eat when I read it!

  12. I could probably do an entire blog post on weird words I say or words I pronounce differently just for fun. I think you have inspired me to get on that!

  13. Tidbits are fine! I love love love the measuring cups. I like neat unique items like that : )

  14. My goal this week is to get a long run in and work out 6 out of the 7 days.

  15. I say tidbit! BUT the consensus is that my soul is from approximately 1920. hahaha. I know phrases that my grandparents barely even's weird!

  16. Great job! Pretty soon that marathon will seem like a walk in the park :)

    #1 That looks good :)

    #2 Love the measuring cups! They are so cute!

    #3 I bet it was delicious

    #4 All the time :)

    #5 I've got my fingers crossed which makes it very difficult to type :)

  17. ahhhhhh! i say tidbit all the time! haha! you did amazing on your running this week...i am terrible about getting in "other things" when i feel stuck to my running schedule. i hope to find a better balance in the future!

  18. We live right by the country and Craig works with farmers, so he is bringing home chickens all the time, it seems everytime I turn around we have a chicken roasting in the oven.
    Workout goals this week...I would love to hit a four miler, but of my foot has been starting to bug me again so time will tell.

  19. Do you feel like there's a difference in exertion and recovery, between treadmill long runs and outside? I always go back and forth about whether the surface matters, so long as you're mixing it up overall.

  20. I don't use tidbit that much. But i like it. I am going to incorporate it tomorrow haaha ;) why not, right

  21. The measuring cup dolls are absolutely adorble!

    I am pretty sure I haven't ever roasted a chicken, and the one turkey I did roast - a thousand years ago - was so dry my kids asked me never to cook one again. So I didn't!!! :)

  22. I want those measuring cups!!!

    Nice week with the 30 miles :)

  23. I like the measuring cups!
    Tidbit us regularly used in my vocabulary but "on holiday" has only been seen in my books that I read taking place in European countries. I think with all of your traveling, you have no choice but to be a hybrid. Come pick up some of our words down here, especially "down dah bayah" and that will get your head spinning. LOL!

  24. BTW, even my inernet explorer tries to tell me that you are some sort of hybrid. Everytime I go to your page, the google task bar says "This page is in French. Translate it using Google Toolbar?" When I click the link to try to say that it is not in French, it won't listen and pops up anyway. LOL!

  25. I've got another 10 mile run this Sunday coming up, so my goal is to be last Sunday's 10 mile time! Those cups are adorbs, PS. I am so excited for you to have all your kitchen stuff in YOUR NEW KITCHEN!!

  26. I don't think I use the word tidbit. but you old ninny's :P j/k use lots of different words :) my friend is from Blackpool and she says they call sprite lemonade, bangs - fringe...and other things like that. I like it.

    I am only training for my 1st ever 5k and I have found I get so tired after my runs that I leave other workouts in the background too.....I don't even want to know what I'd be like if I was training for a marathon.

    I love your cool measuring cups....and I wouldn't have known you were lying on the ground ;) lol

  27. What neat measuring cups! I like those a lot!

  28. I roasted a chicken too last week for the second or third time and it makes me feel like a real cook! Love those measuring cups.


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