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I Should Just Quit Blogging Now...

...because yesterday was as good as it can get. I was on Oprah.

Yes, that Oprah. 

Wait? She doesn't have a show on anymore? Fine, you got me. I wasn't on Oprah. But my blog was on her blog, which is about as good as it gets for me. 

They did a feature on easy two-ingredient baking, and my simple Baked Alaska recipe made the cut. Remember that one? So tasty.

Now, I read a lot of blogs, but Oprah's isn't one of them, but I found this because my blog blew up yesterday. Normally I get my traffic from other blogs, Facebook, and Google, so when I saw this on my traffic feed I was definitely surprised....

Anyway, if you want to contribute to my (blog's) 2 1/2 minutes of barely noticeable content fame, check it out here.

In other news, I (okay, hubby) finally put up my Allied Medal Display in the new house. I love it! I just need to add some more medals to the mix. Right now I'm only at three (the fourth one belongs to hubby)-and they're all age group wins. I've never received a medal just for finishing, how unfair is that? Hopefully my upcoming half (Dalton Half Marathon on October 15th) and full (Chickamauga Battlefield on November 12th) will change that. 

If you have a blog, where do you get most of your views from? Anywhere funny or different?
Usually nowhere exciting for me...often it's just traffic from other blogs or from when I put it up on Facebook. Oprah was definitely unusual. I also get a lot from Google when I remember to tag my posts correctly. 

What do you think about medals: are they deserved just for finishing? What distance--a 5k, 10k, half, full? Do you ever pick races because of the medals?
I don't ever expect a medal for a race less than half-but when I ran a trail half marathon this Spring and didn't get a medal I was pretty disappointed, I'll admit. I haven't picked a race yet because of the medals, although Disney is tempting....


  1. Very cool that you're famous! I think medals are deserved by all finishers of half and full marathons. I'm going buy something similar to your allied medal hanger for my friend's 40th birthday, she's got a lot of medals!

  2. I have never read Oprah's blog but I will now because you're on it! That's wicked! CONGRATS!

    I love medals and I need to get a medal rack! And- doooo Disney! It was an incredible time!

  3. Congrats!!! That is both awesome and well-deserved.

    Oprah is waaaaaaay cooler than my recent *blown up blog* (courtesy of a link posted by Runblogger on StumbledUpon). More than a month later Stumbled still generates traffic. Otherwise my traffic tends to be from FB, google, and other blogs.

  4. That is awesome! Did you submit the recipe or do they blog stalk you?

    I don't pick races because of the medals, but I do love when a race has an awesome one. I just saw the one I will be getting for the marathon and it is beautiful! I am excited!

  5. You are so FAMOUS! :) And that Starbucks ice cream looks delish.

  6. Haha, too funny!! Look at you climbing the social media ranks! :)

  7. That is super cool about getting listed on!!

  8. WAHOO!! That's freaking awesome!!!

    and I LOVE THE MEDALs!!

  9. Congrats!! You have hit the big time!

    I checked out Oprah's blog and gave you a hit - so exciting :-)

    Most of my traffic is from other blogs and Google - though the day I made it into Foodbuzz top 9 - that was a day of lots of hits.

  10. Oh how cool is that to be on Opra's site ... WITH A LINK, wooohooooo go you, well done :-)

  11. Um, that is seriously cool that you were linked on the Oprah blog!!!

  12. Wow congrats on the instant fame! :-) I'm sooo jealous right now of your medal display I want one of those but that says "triathlete" I think finishers medals are nice but that is coming form a middle of the packer, maybe full marathon or full Ironman is deserving I don't know about anything shorter.

  13. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! I would wet myself if I saw a referring site was OPRAH! You should frame that -- perfect desk picture! You are such a rock star blogger that's why -- I seriously marvel at your awesome quality consistent posts!

  14. Whooooo! I know a celebrity now!! You are on FIRE girl!! Congrats on the recipe feature. That is truly amazing. I love your medal hanger too!! I just got one and have been waiting to put it up!! Can;t wait any longer! This weekend I'll force someone to do it and if that doesn't work I will start drilling holes myself!

  15. That is awesome! Although we all already know you are fabulous! I love the medal display-it looks great!

  16. Wow--that's a serious 15 minutes of fame! How cool!

    I never pick a race for the medal. Honestly, they're nice, but totally unnecessary if you ask me!

  17. Wow, that is so cool that you were "on" Oprah :D You're totally famous now!

    I don't pick races because of the medal, but I have heard about the necklace finishers of the Nike Women's Marathon get a Tiffany's necklace...I might have to sign up for that one day :p

  18. Congrats on the Oprah thing!

    I get a ton of traffic from some goth kids facebook wannabe site. No clue why. :)

  19. ive never picked a race because of a medal but ive gotten one for all of the halfs ive done. i think you should get them for a full and half...shorter than that i think a shirt is good enough

    thats so exciting that you were on Oprah's blog! enjoy your fame!

  20. How cool is this!! Congratulations :) Enjoy the fame pretty lady

  21. I've never picked a race just for the medal, but I have certainly been disappointed by chintzy ones. Boo. If you're giving me a medal, make it a good one!
    I get an unusual (I think) number of hits from Google searches that sort of make me think the searcher was looking for porn. I put a smart-alek caption on a picture of me on a bike, something about my big fat butt, that gets hits ALL the time. ICK!
    Congrats on hob-nobbing with Oprah!!

  22. Vanessa, that is so awesome! Congrats!

  23. I dont have any medals....I want one. For just running, so hopefully I'll get one at the 5k I'm doing - it's huge so you never know (like history is going to be made at this race - b/c it holds the fastest marathon time on Canadian soil and there's a guy expected to BEAT the time) oooh la la.. anyway so you were featured on Oprah's Blog - THAT'S AWESOME :D you are too cool for me!

    question how fast could you run a 5k??

  24. SO COOL that you were on Oprah's blog. What if Oprah READ your recipe?? How AWESOME would that be? Aaaaaahhh

  25. Wow congrats that is so awesome!

    As far as medals I don't think anything under a half deserves a medal but I think if you finish a full there should be no question about a medal.

  26. Um, new here...but found you before Oprah, so I think that counts for something.

    Also, I don't have many followers, but I am pretty dull and I haven't had any giveaways. I guess I would rather have readers who are interested in the boring ol' me then bribe them, but I am thinking of rewarding the first 7 with some goody.

  27. Ahhhh that is totally awesome.I would be sooo excited about this. Oh gosh, my display still is not up but yours looks great. I can't believe you have never got a medal for finishing : ( but i think your medals are way cooler you speedster

  28. I love cute medals too especially Disney ones! I have a post on my blog just about how cute medals motivate me. I just got a new medal hanger too and I only have three medals too so don't feel bad :) I plan on filling mine up over the next six months or so.

  29. um, you're a baller! i think all finishers should get medals for a half. the next one i'm looking at only has them for the first 750 finishers. that's more attainable for me than an age group!

  30. Yes, use that evil woman for fame! Hahahaha! Awesome press :)

  31. As a former race director I know how expensive medals can be. This being said, I think that medals should be awarded in smaller races for placers and awarded to finishers for half and full marathons. PS super sweet you were on Oprah's blog!

  32. That two ingredient baked Alaska did strike me as delicious when I first saw it. After failing at making a real baked Alaska it appeared to be a good alternative. Don't ever put the ice cream on cake fresh out of the oven, it will melt right off. Maybe you could be the next Oprah.

    I can't say race medals interest me most most of the time but I can promise you won't be disappointed with the Disney medals.

  33. You ARE a celebrity!!! Congrats on being featured!!! :)

    My blog usually gets visitors googling the two phrases: "how to pet a cow" and "makeup-less Pamela Anderson." I wish I was kidding.

  34. You are a supestar!!! Oprah is cooler recognition than, well, almost anything I can think of!

  35. Totally cool girl! Imagine if her show were still on air... you'd probably be on TV!!! I never got a medal for finishing my first half... I didn't realize it was relatively standard to get one until after it was all over. Now I want one so badly just to show it off!

  36. ah that's so awesome!! Congratulations!

  37. Congrats on the making the recipe cut for the Oprah blog. Very cool. I need to check out my analytics-I don't pay any attention, I think I should.

    Cheers to the medals. No doubt that there will be plenty more to add to your new rack.


  38. Congrats on the Oprah feature!! Very cool!!

    I want one of those medal holders soooo bad. I've almost ordered one from them like 18 times but the shipping to Canada doesn't make 'em cheap! I'd expect a medal for a 1/2 or full marathon, but not any distance less than that...

  39. Congrats on being on Oprah!! That is quite the achievement. I LOVE your medal display, I've asked for one for xmas. So, tomorrow all finisher get medals at the 15K. So, if I make it across that line, I'll get my first medal!

  40. promise you won't be too cool for me if i go to your neck of the woods for a run?!?! haha

    as far as your medal display- that is PURE AWESOMENESS that your medals are from wins. I haven't had one of those type medals since high school... seriously great job

  41. How amazing and exciting! YOu are such an enjoyable blog to read so I'm not surprised...

    Get Up & Go

  42. Whhaaaaat! That is so awesome! I wonder how they found you! I had a random, giant spike on my other (music) blog last week that appears to have come from Amazon (no idea why) and my traffic is still up but I have no idea what caused it. I'm not complaining though!


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