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The Gourmet Runner's Excellent Adventure

Bonus points if you read my title in a skater voice like Bill and Ted-Excellent!

After my long run yesterday, I headed up to Nashville to see some of the most amazing runners/bloggers/awesome ladies I could find. We sipped coffees in a delightfully hipster part of town, and I felt WAY too preppy in my nautical striped top. I think living in the woods for too long has made me lose what little sense of style I once had. Here's the mandatory group shot:

From left to right: moi, Ashley, Jill, Stephanie, Julia, and the woman with legs up to my neck-Lisa. The poor waitress who said she would take out picture--little did she know that there were 6 cameras that ALL needed a photo. Thanks!

You might not believe it was actually a blogger meet-up, since there was no frozen yogurt. I know, I know--blasphemous. But there was food, I promise you that. 

We headed to a Mexican restaurant to get as many free chips and salsa as possible. The salsa refills were much appreciated, you lovely waitress of Chago's Cantina! I was basically full after 18 servings of chips, but made room for 2 baja tacos, filled with grilled mahi mahi, cabbage, salsa, and poblano cream. Delicious! 

True story: See that lime wedge in the photo? Probably supposed to squeeze that on the tacos before you eat it. I didn't see it, and bit into it when I was NOT expecting sour. I think I hid it well from my table-mates. 

Want to pretend you were there? Here's what we talked about:

-Self-hosted blogs
-Ragnar Relays
-Cutting sugar out of your diet
-Marathon training
-Spinach smoothies
-Great races, and not so great races
-Stomach "mishaps" during a run
-How awesome it is getting free stuff because of a blog

Today hubs and I are hanging out in our almost-finished home and pretending we live here already. Totally normal, right?

What's your favorite mexican dish?
Do chips and salsa count as a meal? I'm all about the fish tacos normally--you can't go wrong there. I tried to order ceviche, but they were out. BOO!

If you could go to any race in the world for a GIANT blogger meet-up, where would you pick?
I know Vegas is supposed to be that race, but I'm ignoring it because I can't go and that makes me sad! I think a Rock N Roll race in...Hawaii? What do you say?


  1. I love chips and salsa! I can never make up my mind when it comes to Mexican food because I love most of it!
    Why you can't go to Vegas? I went back in 2008 but I didn't go to run. I would love to take a trip out there to run!

  2. SO FUN!!! I am so jealous I missed out but it looks like you girls had a blast. You are all absolutely gorgeous and someday I will meet you all.

    I love all mexican. Love it!!!

  3. ummmm YUM!!!! i want some of those chips and salsa RIGHT NOW. haha! and yeah...totally did not even ever know that you bit into that lime. so glad you kept track of our convos...I was trying to recall some of it for my post and was just like "all i remember is that time flew by" ;) you are amazing and I feel LUCKY to have met you! I hope we can hang out again sometime :)

  4. Looks like a fun time! I want to go to Vegas so bad! I am trying to convince my husband but he is not sold on the idea, maybe someday I will get to!

  5. How fun! Jenn from Jenn's Adventures & I thought about you guys last night while we were engrossed in football games. Glad you guys had a great time!

  6. JEALOUSSSSSS! I totally wish I was there! Chips and salsa are definitely up there but I do love my burritos as well! Extra guac pleeeease! I would die to go to Hawaii for a blogger meet-up. The Maui marathon maybe! I would also really love to run Disney. I think that would be a lot of fun to do with bloggers :D

  7. Rock n roll hawaii sounds awesome to me! of course, I'd have to make more money by then ;) Anywhoo, glad the meet up was fun.


  8. love the convo recap! :) so fun meeting you!

  9. hawaii...oh i am SO DOWN!!!
    and anything with guacamole PLEASEEEEEEEEEE<3

  10. That's great that you got to meet up with fellow bloggers...and the fact that you touched on every interesting topic makes it even better.
    If I could race anywhere I would agree with Hawaii..but, I hear the great wall of china marathon is pretty amazing too :)

  11. I'll do Hawaii if it's in January or one of the winter months!

  12. How much fun was that?!?! Wow - you girls look awesome! Love the list of topics discussed - thanks, I feel included :) You crack me up. Yikes, a lime - makes my saliva ooze just thinking about it! Looks like a great time!

    Fav mexican food- do mararitas count? If not, then nachos or borritos.

  13. I love the topics list! But where is the consensus/main ideas on each one? I want to know how to get free stuff! Do people just contact you? I always order veggie fajitas when I go to Mexican places (after a million bowls of chips and salsa, of course), as much as I want to branch out, they are just too good. There are so many cool races I want to do - maybe the Disney marathon? That's a bucket list one for sure!

  14. mexican food is my fav!!! ohhh, really u can't go wrong with a mondo burrito, baby! :)

    wow, look at all u purdy bloggers, sounds like u guys had a blast!

  15. Looks like fun!

    I love any mexican food! We had quesadillas for dinner tonight!

  16. I am so jealous that you all got to meet up!

    And I think any race would be an awesome meet up race... as long as it is after June 2012 so that I can be there! LOL

  17. Looks like you had an amazing time! I love chicken tacos whenever I go mexican. I wish I knew more bloggers around my area!!

  18. So glad you all had fun!!! I think your idea of a race/blogger meet up in Hawai'i is PERFECT!!!!!! Let's do it:)

  19. looks like a lot of fun! always great to meet up with like-minded people!

  20. LOVE chips and salsa....there's a mexican place in town with the most delicious white sauce. Can't get enough of it.

  21. I'm going to have to go with guacamole. Wait, is that not a dish? I'm still going with it.
    I love Hawaii, sigh.

  22. Nachos all the way!

    I have been thinking of doing the ragnar relay with some friends but I think hood to coast would be so much fun to do as a meet-up, I have been reading and dreaming a lot about it recently!

  23. I love all those topics for conversation and wish I could've been there :P next time maybe bring a macbook/laptop and skype me :) lol

    I LOVE NACHOS. I actually just had something called "Irish Nachos" which I had never had and it was basically all the nacho toppings on KETTLECHIPS!!!! I was in heaven. Taste explosion in my mouth.

    PS: I think one day I'd like to self host my blog

  24. Ooooh Hawaii would be amazing! But hot and sweaty I'm sure...

    I have a friend who's doing Vegas and wants me to tag along but as much as I want to it would be pretty hard to pull it off with all of the other things going on... maybe next year!

  25. what a fun time! Hawaii would be beautiful!

    That lime looks like it was sitting there, waiting to be squeezed! Ha!

  26. I don't usually like the chips at mexican places because they aren't salty enough. I'm much more interested in a bread basket.

    I've never done a blogger meet up, but it seems like a fun idea!

  27. You are the cutest. I did not see the lime. If I had, I would have inappropriately grabbed it from your dish as I am a lime fanatic. :)
    Happy happy to meet you!

  28. far my favorite mexican dish is Mexican Pizza at Bajio's! DE-LISH!!!!

  29. Very funny about you biting into the lime wedge :-)

    It looked like a fun get together.

    Chips and salsa don't count as a meal but I always end up eating too much of it when I go out.

    The race I would love to do a big blogger meetup around would be the Big Sur Half Marathon.

  30. I am so there for a Rock N Roll in Hawaii! OMG- that's a fabulous idea! :)

  31. Wish i was at this meetup. I am so sad that you can't be at Vegas, no worries there will be another, always is.

  32. Vegas is a hot blogger meetup?? I'm going there and I had no idea!? I love that you admitted to the lime incident, that's priceless. Glad you all had fun!

  33. blogger meet ups are so wonderful specifically because of all the topics you covered!!

  34. sounds awesome! I wanna blogger meetup! lol


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