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Tommie Copper Review and Playing House!

Normally when I get a product to review, I'm really eager to tell you all about it. With Tommie Copper, I held back on making a judgement about them because I really wanted to test them thoroughly. I've never owned ANY compression gear before, so I was curious if they were really working, or if I just thought they were. I got to try some calf compression sleeves and knee compression sleeves, both of which I ordered by doing my measurements and checking their size chart. First up for review: the calf sleeves:

Oozing sex appeal...

Close up

How can you tell they're not my legs?
I am officially in love with these guys. I first tried them after last week's long run. I had a three hour drive to Nashville for blogger meet-up, which wasn't ideal. 6 hours in the car after 13 miles = leg pain. But I wore them in the car there and back, and even slept with them on that night. They fit me perfectly.

I wore them a few times this week, but the real test was yesterday's 18 miler. My legs were sore. No, SORE. It was bad. I wore them all day yesterday, and even overnight in bed. Verdict? My calves are the only part of my body not in pain today. No coincidences there.

How do they work? Tommie Copper says the following about their compression gear, which is made with copper:

-Enhances circulation, reduces inflammation and relieves pain

-Made of a revolutionary thin fabric (It really is very thin!)

-Comfortable, lightweight and can be worn under your clothes 

Next up? The knee compression sleeves. I have to be honest here--I wasn't a fan. I measured my legs correctly, but I felt like the tops were very tight (giving me a thigh muffin top--not sexy) but they weren't tight around the actual knee. Just for kicks, I let hubs try them on...

Please note: My legs are not that hairy
They seemed to fit him perfectly! Not sure if the problem for me was because I have bigger thighs/smaller knees or what, but maybe for others it would work better.

Overall, I would say the calf compression sleeves were a big win for me. Plus, they cost $24.50-a lot less than most other compression sleeves. Check out Tommie Copper's website if you are interested in your own pair.

Moving along...Hubby and I moved into our house! We moved to Georgia at the end of January and started building in April, so it was a long time coming. Not everything is finished, by any means. Still lots of details to take care of, decorating to do and some furniture to buy. But I promise, you'll get a grand tour soon! I have been busy with lots of unpacking and organizing, but also a little of this:

It's a tough life.

Do you own any compression gear? Brands? Favorite products?
These are my first items, but I'm definitely sold on the idea of compression gear. I'm on the lookout now for some shorts, because my hamstrings are often what feels worst after a long run.

Please tell hubs that calf compression sleeves are SEXY. No idea why he avoided any friskiness while I wore them in bed. 
Seriously. They scream hotness. 


  1. No, I don't own any compression gear but I would like to try some.

    Yes, the compression gear looks unbearably attractive on males!!

  2. i love my TC sleeves, I have them on now as I recover from a half marathon :)

    My husband oddly doesn't think I am a sex kitten in my compression gear.

  3. I won the compression sleeves from 110% with the inserts for ice and they work wonders for me. No more shin splints and I have some very weird tans lines now :)

  4. Cute pics - yay on moving in! Oh and you wait - pics are being posted tomorrow - as promised.

  5. I just got some compression gear. I bought socks and I'm doing a review on the shorts....I have only used them once during a run so we will see how it ends up for me!

  6. I need compression gear! My legs just seem like they are always sore... seriously! Even if I havent been on the bike in two days they are somehow still sore from... I dont even know what!

    this should be the next giveaway!lol

  7. No compression gear for me (yet) but I'm sure as I start running longer distances they will be a must.

    Compression gear is definitely sexy...right?!

    Hooray for moving in! Such a great feeling to finally be in the house I'm sure!

  8. Love that you took a little wine break! I've never even heard of compression gear. Now I want to try!!!

    Can't wait to hear/see more about your new house!

    Get Up & Go

  9. Love the picture of you with the Compression Sleeves. I am a totally obsessed with compression. Soooo amazing. I have socks and shorts. I love them and wear them religiously post long runs

  10. When training for the marathon, compression gear was my saviour. I ran and recovered in 2XU tights and I loved em.
    For me, recovery was a lot quicker than most of my running group warned me about.

    Congratulations on moving in - that's awesome.
    Can't wait to see more.

  11. I LOVE my Zensah compression sleeves - so much so I just ordered my 3rd pair a few minutes ago. Without a doubt, they make my calfs feel awesome. I often wear them for 24 straight hours (or thereabout) after a hard or long run/race. I shower after the workout then slap them bad boys on and enjoy them until the next day when I shower again. I find them especially helpful when I travel to races far away - wearing them in the hotel after a day of sightseeing or expo browsing helps my legs recover quickly and ready to roll in time for the race. Glad you got a pair and love them. They make compression shorts which I think would be AWESOME to help my quads and hams recover more quickly - those are usually sore for days!

    Hey hubz- the sleeves are sexy - they show how awesome your wifey is :) Not just anyone can run that far or that fast - that's amazing . . . and she's yours! AND the sleeves are just visual reminders of her awesomeness!!!

  12. I have Nike compression socks. I LOVE them. I could seriously live in them.
    And they are sexy! Seriously my husband thinks so, but he is weird.

    Congrats on moving into your house!
    It is gorgeous! Now comes the fun part... Decorating!

  13. I have the CEP sox and I like them during a run and post run and whenever my legs are achy. I must try the calf sleeves you reviewed. And they are hot! Haha

  14. Congrats on finally moving in - I checked out your hubs blog and it's so cool to see the progress...I can only imagine how excited you both are!

    Never done compression but have definitely played with the may have just convinced me to shell out the dough and buy some sleeves!

  15. I have the same problem with my knee sleeves. You're not alone! I don't think I could have gone smaller because the elastic would have stopped my blood circulation. The ones I got are still fairly tight around the thigh but not so tight on my actual knee. I'm not sure if they do anything for me. I use them to hold my ice pack in place instead! I should have gotten the calf sleeves for sure.

  16. Never tried any compression gear, but it definitely something I am considering!

  17. I wear compression sleeves constantly sometimes during, but always after runs. CEP is, hands down, my favorite brand!

  18. Haha, in bed hey?! I've never tried compression sleeves... for some reason I always just assumed I wasn't hardcore enough, haha. Congrats on the move!!

  19. THEY ARE SEXY and girl you are ROCKING THEM!! I love compression everything, I am ADDICTED!

  20. i want some compression sleeves badly but i cant figure out what kind to buy. i see so many different ones and cant decide if they are all fairly equal or if they are something to invest in...will the cheaper ones lose compression-ness with time?

    So excited that youre in your new house!! enjoy it!

  21. I do;t own any compression gear yet but as zoo as I get mileage join gin the upward direction I will thats for sure - I've only ever heard good things about them.
    Mr gourmetrunner .... they are WAY sexy sleep gear, get with the programme ;-)

  22. uuuuum that would be
    don't and
    soon not zoo!!!!!
    going not join gin!!!!

    I need a rest ;-)

  23. So excited for you! Just in that pic, the house looks gorgeous, well worth the long wait. I tried out my first compression sleeves last night for a review, I also have a pair of Tommy Copper ones I'm waiting to review. It's hard to say, my calves are not sore, but they are not usually sore....maybe my next run will be the test. Congrats!

  24. Congrats on the move in! I know your happy to be at HOME now.

    I've used compression sleeves before and I always thought it helped.

  25. Congrats on moving in! So excited for you!

  26. Dude, those are super sexy. Maybe they should make them in some sort of lace to go with lingerie. :)

  27. I love my CEP compression sleeves. I would wear them all the time if I didn't mind the dirty looks (mostly from my husband). :)

  28. Yay!! You moved in to your house! Which, by the way, looks absolutely beautiful!

  29. Yahoo for moving into your house!!!!!! How fun for you guys! I'm sure you are so happy!

  30. I have never tried compression socks. They remind me of the days when I had to wear a brace for my knee, tape/wrap my shin splits and tape both ankles and a heel during gymnastics!!

  31. I can't wait to see the grand tour - must be such an exhilarating feeling to finally enjoy the new place :)

    I have zensah compression sleeves and they are too big to feel any difference and McDavid sleeves, that I also didn't see a dramatic difference with, so I might have to just try these out!

  32. I have the Zensah compression calf sleeves and I love them! I need a pair of shorts since my quads are killing lately...
    Congratulations on moving into the house, that is exciting!

  33. Congrats on moving into the house!!! It is absolutely gorgeous.

  34. I haven't tried compression tights yet, but I am definitely interested...
    That's great you moved in, can't wait to get the tour...where exactly in Georgia are you? I'm only a few states away!

  35. thanks for the review! I love the calf sleeves too (but think I lost one :( ).

    CONGRATS on the new place!!! How exciting is that :).

  36. I recently bought a pair of compression sleeves and wore them for my relay this past weekend. OBSESSED. I swear they are the most amazing thing I have bought for running! I really want some compression thigh things! I am always so sore in my quads and hamstrings!!!! Congrats on the house! Looking forward to a picture tour!!!!

  37. I may have to order them since I am have some sort of restless leg syndrome at night lately. It might help!

  38. Wow!! I really liked these calf sleeves. They are really amazing. Want to have them for myself too. Recently I have purchased pattern leggings and happy to wear them for gym training. Will buy few more as found them comfortable.


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