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Weekly Workout Recap and a Sunday Roast Dinner

To make up for the major workouts on Saturday and Sunday, I figured out how to celebrate Labor Day by doing, ironically, as little labor as possible.
Sleeping for 10 hours, waking up to watch movies, and then heading back to bed for an afternoon nap were just a few of the strenuous activities I took part in today. And of course, eating. Let me redeem myself by filling you in on the week's workouts:

Monday: 3 Mile Run, 1.5 Mile Walk
Tuesday: 7 Mile Run, 25 Minutes of Yoga, Push-Ups
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: 6 Mile Run
Friday: 1 hour P90X Plyometrics, Push-ups, ab work
Saturday: 20 Mile Run
Sunday: 9 Mile Hike

Total Mileage: 47 miles (only 36 miles were running)

Overall, pretty happy with the week. Marathon training is going well, I'm still feeling strong and making time for a little cross training as well. Next week I want to make sure to add another swimming session to the mix. I think it's something I could really get into!

Today's rainy weather made me want to make a traditional roast dinner--English style. It's a favorite of hubby's, and I figured with all the spare time, why not? Except--the local grocery stores are closed, so I had to make do with what I had on hand. I ended up with garlic baked chicken breast, broccoli, corn, and roasted potatoes:

I missed out on what might be the best part of an English roast dinner...yorkshire pudding! The fluffy baked guys on the following plate:

Next time I'll make those myself--it wasn't a proper roast dinner without it! Perfect end to a rainy, lazy day. 

What is the ultimate comfort meal for you?
I love a roast dinner--reminds me of what my grandma used to make on Sunday nights. Except I have never been a fan of gravy on top--I like to keep things crispy!

Any exercise today? Do holidays make you tackle extra fitness activities or enjoy a lazy day?
Usually a holiday makes me want to spend time outside doing extra exercise--but the rain encourages movie watching and lazing on the couch, definitely!


  1. I usually take it wasy for any holiday and today was no exception. I napped for about an hour and woke myself up by talking in my sleep. LOL!

  2. I was feeling the same way about food. I was thinking about making a long cooked Irish dinner. Too bad I wasn't prepared for that. So I made some indoor turkey burgers instead. I guess, since it's Labor Day, grilling was in order.

  3. Great workout week! The food looks yummy as I am sitting here starving and wondering what to eat! I love mashed potatoes or potatoes any style for that matter!

  4. LOVE lazy days and you totally deserved it after this past week. you rocked it! way to go friend!

    that food looks delicious. it was actually "cold" here in KY tonight so my mom made chicken and dumplings. perfect comfort warm food.

  5. i have totally been taking advantage of the rainy day as an excuse to be lazy. after we got home from race, all i have barely left the couch. :)

  6. You are rockin out on your training! Get it Vanessa!

  7. I'm still in awe of your 20 miler - not because I didn't think you could do it, but because DANG GIRL - that's a LONG LONG way - you're a hard core rock star!!!!

    Your dinner looks awesome! I love crock pot cooking.

    Zippo exercise today (does folding laundry count? probably not- ha!). I contemplated doing an easy 3 miler all day - not so much!

  8. I used the opportunity to go for a bike ride!

  9. i love, love, love roasted potatoes!! kinda random, i dunno, but those starchy little spuds have a special place in my heart too. i like yams just as much too perhaps. :)

    look at u going and spoiling the hubs, such a lucky guy!! great to see marathon training is going great, keep it up girl, u're rocking!! hope the rest of ur holiday goes great! :)

  10. WOW you go girl!! You're AWESOME. You're such wonderful inspiration :)

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  11. Awesome workout week! Ultimate comfort food? Hmmm...I would say either a big plate of pasta pr stuffing from Thanksgiving!

    I wanted today to be lazy too but I did 4 treadmill miles and a little weight workout afterwards!

  12. Ultimate comfort food is home made chicken pot pie. All the holidays in recent memory turned into group run/bikes on trails so at least it was social. I will laze around come the winter holidays.

  13. The Irish in me wants roasted potatoes for comfort food.

    The girl in me wants chocolate!

    I ran a virtual 5k today.

  14. 36 miles running! So awesome. I love getting some extra outdoor time on holidays so I took my 16 month old son hiking. He walked over a mile which is pretty great for a little guy. We were both starving so we had a comforting meal of grilled burgers, corn and green beans...

  15. Roast is 100% a comfort food for me! I grew up having it nearly every Sunday. Nice week- you are a workout Goddess!

  16. I have never heard of Yorkshire pudding. Okay, roast is totally a comfort food for me, we had that all the time growing up!! I LOVE reading about your weekly workout recaps....don't stop:)

  17. Great workout week! Oo, that Roast dinner looks delish.

  18. good job lady! I Personally know how hard that Plyometrics dvd is! I was JUST telling a friend about it might just inspire me to get it out!!!
    and yorkshire pudding was my VERY favorite food my mom made growing up! I've made it a few times as a married woman but it's never as good as my moms!

  19. Nice miles for the week!

    I ran a 20k on Labor Day. It was rough, but I'm glad I did it!

    Comfort food for me is definitely mac and cheese.

  20. Mmm, garlic baked chicken? Do you have that recipe? Sounds YUMMY! Nice mileage and great job, as always :)

  21. I'd say you definitely earned yourself that lazy day (sounds like heaven) and yummy dinner. Although the true English roast version looks better. :)

  22. wow, marathon training IS going great for you!

    I had a lazy Monday and just walked around the neighborhood looking for restaurants that were open--so many were closed today!

  23. Great week!!! Roast dinner is my comfort dinner too!!! MMmm.

  24. Awesome training week :)

    Yorkshire pudding = YUM! I can't believe you left it out.

    For me, a comfort meal is anything with pasta. Carbs make me happy!

  25. I always take holidays as a rest day.

    My comfort meal would be Shepherd's Pie - yummm!

  26. Although I know it's horrible for me, I love homemade mac and cheese for comfort food!!! I did work out over the holiday mom, sister, and I took a zumba class at the resort! :)

  27. Comfort meal? Lots of starches! Granny's cornbread dressing, homemade Mac n cheese, mashed potatoes with real butter and salt...and of course, Mrs. Baird's white bread rolls! Mmm.

  28. Anything involving mashed potatoes is comforting to me... I think it's because my Mum used to make them every. single. night. growing up, yet I've never made them myself! There's some foods that only taste good when made by your Mum, right?!


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