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What Do You Want to do After 18 Miles?

If you said go to Ace Hardware, work all afternoon, and then hit up Home Depot for some Saturday night action, you're weird. Also, we have something in common. 

The morning started out like so many weekend mornings so...hitting the alarm at 6:10 and getting the oatmeal/bathroom routine out of the way. Tried to take some pictures to show you how excited I was to be running this morning. Let's just say 7am photo shoots are not my thing:

Also, it was COLD this morning. Not complaining (yet) because it's still a novelty but I actually didn't sweat much the entire run. Bizarre. 

Covered 18.04 miles in 2:53:57. And yes, I want to include those 0.04 miles because they COUNT. Garmin stats:

Drove my stinky tush to the hardware store to pick up some house stuff after the run, and then lunch and some work. BOO. Started getting HUNGRY for dinner earlier than normal-no surprise there-so I made a garlic/chicken/broccoli stir-fry to top some jasmine rice with. Not sure who is more excited about the new kitchen, me or hubs. He made most of dinner last night, AND busted out the camera for action cooking shots tonight:

Not Paying Attention...

Awkward Creepy Smile...
Dinner for 2!
Since I like to party hard on Saturday nights, the fun really started after dinner. We loaded up the car, drove to the nearest town....and bought lumber from Home Depot. Hubby bribed me with some frozen yogurt though, so I was fine with that. 

What was the best thing about your weekend so far?
Pressing the "stop" button on the Garmin after 18 miles, and using a coupon so my whole frozen yogurt was only $2. Cheapest yet, yes!

Do you need your runs to end at a whole mile, or half mile?
Yes! Today bugged me. I honestly had a split second urge to keep going so I would end on 19 miles. But then my legs screamed at me and I dropped that idea FAST!


  1. I ran 20 in 2:56.... Alone. Argh

    I always have to stop Mr garmin at a whole mile. I'm freaky like that. Love your new place.

  2. I don't worry about what the Garmin says, but for some reason when I'm on the treadmill it has to be stopped on the 1/4 mile. Sounds like a great 18 mile run!

  3. I have no Garmin... so I usually run by time (and yes, I prefer whole minutes). Then I MapMyRun later. Low tech, yes. I know. But it works.

  4. Only you can make a blog about 18 miles a whole lotta fun! 18.04 miles (sorry for cutting it short last sentence). I definitely count every single step too - so go ahead girl and get your .04 "on" :)

    Best part of my weekend - a first EVER 1st place in my age group at tonight's 5K.

  5. Okay love the cat in the background of the third pic, breaking in the new house with their scent! Nice run today, I had the same feeling after my long run today.

  6. stir fry looks yummy! Great job on the 18. You rock!!!! The best thing about my weekend so far was the pedicure I got today and I always try to stop on the whole mile. :)

  7. I love that your kitty is doing Pilates on the floor behind you... nice going on the 18.04 miler!

  8. Thank you for mentioning the "bathroom" part after The oatmeal part. SO important and yet most people skip right over it. You'll have to teach me how to be perky in the morning:)

  9. We went to Home Depot today too! Tomorrow we will be installing motion detected flood lights on 3/4 corners of the house. Don't work too hard this weekend!

  10. I cannot answer this question - cuz these legs have never and prolly will never do 18 miles. But you girl - you go!

  11. Oh my goodness I need even, complete miles too! Awesome job on your 18 miles! I hope the house is coming together well, your kitchen looks great!

  12. GAH. want garmin. D:

    good job on your run

    I want a garmin for my car, my bike, and running!

  13. What exactly is your dog doing in the third picture? LOL!!

  14. I always want my runs to end in either .0 or .5

    But, here recently I've tried to stop caring so much. lol

  15. I love your kitchen!!! The stove top looks amazing! Awesome 18.04 miler! The best thing about my weekend is that I am uo right now at 7am waiting to go to run a local 5k race and hoping to set a PR!!

  16. That sounds like my kind of night! Last night I was like, "Uh can we go to sleep?" It was 10pm... Anyway, 18 miles, awesome! By the way, you should do a new house tour! :)

  17. your food looks SO yummy!

    I need a Garmin...did ya hear me, Santa?

    What a run...I wanna cover that kind of mileage one day! Awesome job!

  18. yeah i get kinda anxious if i dont stop at an even number...haha. but i count things like the .04 as well ;) if my feet moved that distance then it COUNTS! congrats on your 18!! you are amazing to be functionally up and about after all that. usually I just want to eat, sleep and curl up with a movie :) food looks amazing! as always ;)

  19. Your kitchen looks amazing! Nice work-and your whole place-I LOVE the windows! When do we get a tour!

    Pretty sure I went to bed at 9:30 on Friday..I'm not much cooler than you!

    I dont' care what number I end on. I'm a lefty, such things don't bother us people.

    Nice work on your 18 miler!! Please call and give me a pep talk!

  20. I always run to the .01, so 18.01... I like to think I'd be a functioning member of society after 18 miles, but the jury's still out on that one, haha. Congrats!!

  21. The best thing about my weekend was that I got to help out with a bridal photoshoot and I actually got to take pictures! It was awesome! Good job on your run Vanessa!

  22. I'm so jealous of your guys' sweet house! And super impressed that you're building it yourselves!

    Awesome job on your run! We were supposed to do 15 yesterday, but then decided that 15 on top of my 14 on Thursday was kind of crazy, so we just did 12. That was a good part of my weekend :).

  23. dinner look soooo yummy, I love your awkward smile :) and I am also envious of your pretty sweet house. It looks amazing :D

  24. Oh I def am obsessed with ending on an even mile!!

  25. It doesn't look like your cat likes 7am pics either...just judging from the view he/she gave the camera! Awesome run, you killed it!

  26. oh I love coupons!! I'm a coupon clipper for sure:) You look great at 7am...and I'm impressed that you even took pics! great run!!

  27. Best thing about the weekend? A tossup between the strawberry wheat beer I drank after yesterday's 62 mile hill ride or the slice of pizza and (free with a coupon!) soup I picked up at 11:00 in the morning after today's 19 mile run. I need a nap!

  28. You are so hilarious! I do the same stuff minus running as long a you did (you're a rockstar btw). I workout and run errands all day then PASS OUT by 10am. I'm so uncool.....

    Get UP & Go

  29. My Garmin has to be even. I can stop at any quarter mile interval, but it has to be even. The only exception is some sort of baby meltdown and I just need to end the run. :)

    Great job on your 18!

  30. I like to end most runs on a whole mile but think in time now and again. Say run 1 hour out and run back, hopefully in an hour or less and mileage is whatever it happens to be. On track and hills day distance is to the track and back since mileage is not the point of the workout, speed and strength are.

  31. Great run! I think it's so funny that you have a thing about numbers/mileage. I used to be like that when I worked out on the elliptical or bike - I'll stop when I hit this many calories, or this time, or this distance.. and I tried to get all 3 to work out! PS I love the cat stretching out in the background of your pic, it's telling you something!

  32. $2 is pretty cheap for froyo. Great job on the 18 miles, and yay for cooking in your very own kitchen! I can't stand stopping at uneven miles, but occasionally I have to, mainly when I am already running late for work. I had a pretty sweet weekend but I think my 21 mile trail run might have been the best part!

  33. From what I can see, the new house is gorgeous!! I ran 17 miles today and the last thing I would want to do is run errands!!! Way to be productive tho :) Without a Garmin I don't know my exact mileage as I'm running...sometimes it'll be .1 and I will be the teensiest bit annoyed !!

  34. Great job on the 18 miler!! I usually try to make it to the next mile or 5k, 10k.

  35. I am behind on my blog reading- just read the post with your cats on the beams! Little stinker! I also like the cat in the background of your pre run pic in this post. Too cute.


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