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20 Miles and Make-Up Dilemmas

Another one for the books! After last weekend's long run disaster, I was pretty nervous about tackling 20 miles today. In an effort to eliminate those problems this week, I reduced my fiber intake yesterday, and this morning tried a different oatmeal combo. Instead of peanut butter, flax seeds, and chocolate protein powder, I had a 1/2 spoon of PB and LOTS of honey. Hooray! No run-to-the-bathroom issues!
And after the run, I could still smile. Such a success!

Still standing...a good sign!

If I can smile I'll live!

It was my second 20 mile run, and this one was much easier. It's true that these long runs are so important for your confidence. The treadmill only runs on a 99 minute cycle, so I split the run into 2 parts, for a total of 3 hours, 18 minutes. I was hoping for negative splits, but didn't quite make it. Still happy overall. I went slow enough to only need one walk break for a minute around 16 miles. 

Part 1

Part 2
I could have sworn there was a granola bar in the car, so after a quick search that left me empty handed (well, I did find 2 saltine crackers-yes, I ate them) I stopped off to grab something to eat. I can't remember being that hungry EVER. Tried a new protein bar. Tasted great, but that may have been because I just ran 20 miles....

Instead of spending the rest of the day watching bad television and eating, I was over at the new house scrubbing floor and hauling wood. I know, I really know how to live it up. When I promised hubs I would be fine to do work after my 20 mile run I must have been crazy. Or high. 

If you notice in my close up picture at the top of the page....I'm wearing make-up. I promise I didn't wake up and put on eyeliner before the gym. But, I have a confession. I don't even OWN make-up remover. I just shower, some of it comes off, and then I moisturize and it disappears. I know how bad it is, plus it looks horrible when I'm sweaty. But I'm just that lazy!

Do you wear make-up every day? Remove it each night?
I only put on make-up a couple of times each week. For the record, I do wash my face. Just the removing of the make-up seems like such a mission to me. 

Any special Labor Day plans?
We're hoping to hike with some friends tomorrow--but nasty weather might prevent that. We were going to hike to a lake, but I won't be swimming if there is a lot of lightning!


  1. I only wear makeup if I am going out or working in the office. My mother would cringe to know this. She put on makeup every morning and took it off every night.

    No plans for this weekend - I will be lounging around getting lots of reading done.

  2. ha ha I don't ever remove my make up either. Except in the shower, so glad I'm not the only one! Great job on kicking ass on the 20 miler!! That is so awesome!! I was starving after my LR today too which is so weird because usually it takes me forever to be hungry.

  3. I wear make-up everyday, but don't use an actual make-up remover. Just wash my face before bed. I often DO wear makeup to the gym- cuz I'm cool like that.
    Great job on the 20 miles!! I never thought I would be jealous of people running 20 miles, but I am...

  4. I USED to wear makeup every day till I had my eye surgeries last February. Didn't wear EYE makeup for 8 weeks after cause I was so concered about infections. I did wear a bit of blush and lipstick when I went out.

    Now I have gotten out of the habit of EVERY day so it varies.

    I had one of those Power Bars a couple of weeks ago... got caught out wihtout a snack do bought one.. loved it! The peanut butter is goooood too.

    I bought some jelly beans for my 9 mile run next weekend... now I need your advice as to how to USE them.... how many, how often? Can you please help a newbie jelly beaner? :)

  5. ummm yeah. i never take my make-up off. then i look reallllll HOT at the gym with my mascara streaking in sweat. thats how i roll. haha!

    you are seriously amazing and i love how you dominated this LR! way to go girl! so excited for you!

  6. You did 20 miles! You did that!!! Great job girl!!!!! High 5 go ya!

  7. Cosmic connection - or at least bloggy love connection to comment on each other's blogs at the same time. Thanks for the SUPER kind words - ahhh you're so sweet!!!!

  8. 20 miles...yeah!!! I don't wear make-up every day, but when I have it on, I wash it off 98% of the time. I just use St. Ives apricot scrub though...nothing special. :)

  9. Congrats on an amazing run! You are killing this training!

    I thought I was a weirdo never taking my makeup off. I usually wake up every morning with racoon eyes but then just use face cream and it magically goes away! I really only wear mascara and it is a pain to remove so I just let it be!

  10. Dude i wear makeup to work, but the weekend are free days. Free to be uglier. LOL Great job on the 20!!! You are awesome and your great run encourages me... oh the 20 looms.

  11. Nice job on the 20 miler, I have that same shirt, in orange, black and magenta. It pretty much rocks.

    I wear makeup maybe once a month. When I do, I scrub and scrub to try and get every trace of it off. I seem to get eye styes a few days after I wear eyeliner. Any ideas why that happens?

  12. Great job on the 20 miler! I need to learn your skills for dealing with the treadmill for that long. The most I've done is 12 miles and I was bored to death!

    I don't wear makeup. It's probably a good thing since I would just sweat it all off anyway :)

  13. 20 miles... ahhh! Way to go!

    I take my makeup off every night but it is a CHORE. I despise it. I look like a tired, wrinkly, 12-year-old boy when I work out. Ha.

  14. Another non make-up remover owner over here - who could be bothered!! Well done on the run ... still can't get over how non red you are after a run.

  15. I don't own makeup remover either - I do exactly what you do! It comes off eventually!

  16. Nice job on the 20 miler! If only they made treadmills that respected long-distance runners enough to not stop at 99 minutes (the ones at my old gym always forced a "cool-down" after 90 minutes. speeding it back up lasted for 60 seconds before it forced another cool-down. very annoying to be in the groove and then have the treadmill slow way down).

  17. Hey lady! I am pretty new to your blog and love it! I am rather impressed you did 20 miles... on the treadmill! Wow. How do you keep yourself entertained or keep goign for such a long time?
    I am inspired!
    Can't wait to

  18. I love how being SUPER wicked intensely hungry makes anything in the world taste like a gourmet meal hahah! YAY YOU by the way!!! You don't even look that exhausted for that amount of running!

  19. Ok, I have to admit I sometimes do not take my makeup off! As fas as wearing it, I wear a little bit to work but that is about it. The funny thing is that I love buying makeup. Makes me feel better. No special plans for Labor Day other than celebrating my mom's birthday. It is the big 60 for her!

    Maria @ Asphalt Tales

  20. 20 miles on the treadmill??? You are a crazy woman! I'm so impressed! My longest ever was 8 and I thought I would die of boredom then. Cleaning is no fun - I hope you had some yummy food to celebrate after that! And it's one step closer to moving in to the house! I'm way too lazy to even put the makeup on in the first place. Wearing it for the first day of school was seriously the first time I'd busted it out in like a month.

  21. Omg completely love your blog. your weight loss story rocks, looking fab girl! I will never know how you can run so far on a treadmill without dying, gah I'd be on the floor after a 5th of what you did ;p. I always wear foundation, would be doomed without it. Oooh I can't wait for more posts!

  22. Great job on the 20 miler on the mill!! I think running 20 on the mill is harder than on the pavement, takes more mental strength for me.

    I do wear makeup almost everyday. Unless I have a lazy Sunday where I'm just at home. But I love to wear makeup. I do wash my face every night. It feels like a chore but it's so much healthier for your skin. If you wear foundation you should take it off each night. I just buy a makeup remover facewash so it's just one step and I'm done.

  23. I started wearing make up again on a regular basis. I use face wash to get it off. I usually don't wear make up on the weekends unless we are going somewhere.
    We are going to a pig roast up the road. Tropical Storm Lee is handing us some nasty weather though so I will likely get wet.

  24. Yay! So glad you got through your run this time!
    I wear make up every day to work but on the weekends, I'm usually make up free lol

  25. What's the point of spending $$ on makeup remover when good old soap and water work just fine. Great run!

  26. Good deal on the 20 miler! I tend to rock the 3 day old eyeliner too : ) Even though I have paid for real eye makeup remover but it just seems like too much work most nights.

  27. AHHHH GREAT RUN!! I am so glad you figured out your stomach issues too!! I do wear makeup most days but I definitely don't wash it off everyday...oops!

  28. Nice job on your run! It's funny, I think the longer the distances I run, the less hungry I am afterwards. Yesterday, after a 7 miler, I wanted to eat the house, but after 19 I ate like it was a normal day. Go figure.

    I wear mascara on workdays, but that's about it. I'm the same as you about washing it off.

    Labor Day is race day!

  29. Are you training to run some sort of treadmill marathon? When you have to run outside on race day, are you going to get confused by "turns" and "curbs"? :)

    All kidding aside, great job. I would/could never run that far on a treadmill!

  30. Baby wipes! I've been using those for years to remove make-up and also to "take a bath" when busy. They do a great job of removing the gunk, are cheaper than any make-up remover, and are so easy to use. Just wipe your face than hop in the shower.

  31. Girl I don't know how you ran 20 miles on a treadmill, but you are super amazing for doing so! I would have given up from boredom!

    I don't usually wear makeup because I'm too lazy to put it on. But when I do I wash it off at night, but not with make up remover just with face wash.

    Hope your weekend is wonderful and you guys get all settled in your new house.

  32. I did my last 20 miler on the treadmill because it was easier than running in the heat. Knowing how I would have felt outside made running on the treadmill easier. It's great that this run went much better for you.

  33. Holy Cow I can't believe u did 20 on the treadmill. WOOOOW. i don't remove it either. it is usually gone by the end of the day anyway oh well. Congrats again

  34. That is awesome and you look great after running 20 miles. 20 miles on a treadmill. I can't even imagine.

    I'm running 20 tomorrow morning. Hope it goes as well as your 20.

  35. Nice run!! Glad you figured out a solution to the tummy troubles.

    And there is NOTHING like 20-miler hunger!!!

  36. I rarely wear make up, but when I do, I'm horrible at taking it off properly.

  37. Way to go on the 20 miler! So glad this run was more successful than last week. That's part of training, figuring out what works and what doesn't. That way, race day there is no guessing!

  38. U rock girl, 20 miles!! Even more, you accomplished being productive on top of that. I hope you found some time to take some rest this weekend :)

  39. Yay for an awesome 20 miler!!!!!

    I love my Bare Minerals make up but for some reason my masacara/eyeliner doesn't like to come off with just facewash and water. I used to buy make up remover (ugh what a chore and the ingredients weren't great either) but now I use coconut oil with a cotton ball. Try it! And it's like a built in moisturizer!!

  40. COngrats on the 20 miler!!! Nice work girl!

    I never take my make-up off! I do the same thing, and just hope that when I am running and sweating I am not scaring all of the people around me, who must think I am either crying black, was not looking in a mirror to put make up on, or have those tear mark tattoos that the rappers have....

  41. 20 miles you are amazing! loving reading about training!

  42. If it makes you feel better, I never bother to take my make-up off before a workout. My mascara usually bleeds down around my chin during a long run, haha. But in all seriousness, I use vaseline to take off my eye make-up each night. Works like a charm and is dirt cheap!

  43. You ran 20 miles on a treadmill???????? WOW! I am beyond impressed with you for many reasons. I only wear makeup a few days a week. I have these wonderful little make up remover wipes from Costco that cost me just $10 for a giant box that lasts me a year. I wipe my face with them before hopping in the shower. I wash with Dove bar soap to get the wipe residue off. I made a resolution this year to remove my make up before bed even on nights I don't shower. I've only missed a few nights so far! YAY! I used to never floss my teeth. Made the resolution several years ago, and my dentist now brags about my super clean teeth now. I love kicking a problem smack in the ass!!! :)


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