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My Melons and Some Race Advice Please!

Oh my gosh, not those melons. These melons:

Last night dessert was a massive bowl of cut up watermelon and cantaloupe. Leave it to me to really remember how much I love summer fruit on the first day of fall. Genius.

P.S. Yep, this is what I wear when we have people for dinner. Pure class.

I promise I made an awesome dinner, but um...we had people over. And I was busy getting everything together and forgot to take pictures. BOO. I made some baked chicken tenders, a mix of roasted potatoes (plain and sweet) and some broccoli. So good, and since hubby got thirds of the chicken I think it's safe to say I will add it to the ol' dinner rotation.

And now to pick your brains about running and racing. I am running a 4-miler tomorrow morning. There are NOT a lot of races in my area, so this is really exciting and only 15 minutes from home. BUT I also have a 20 mile run on the agenda tomorrow. What's a girl to do? Here was my thought:

Warm-up: 1 mile
Race: 4 miles
Eat, stretch, stay on my feet for an hour or so and then head home
Run: 15 miles on the treadmill

So the total for the day would still be 20 miles. Do you think it's a bit much to try to race, and then run 15 miles? Should I take it easy on the race, or can I push it and still bust out 2+ hours of running later on the day? Any and all advice would be GREATLY appreciated!

And now, because it had to be done, the pose with melon pictures. Except, um...I may have got the idea well after they were eaten. Oh well, they're probably even more ridiculous this way. Enjoy.

And now, because I don't believe in false advertising, a more accurate representation. Yep, those are mini jawbreakers. The truth hurts.

Plans for tonight include as little movement as possible, catching up on some Jersey Shore with hubs, and carb loading in the hopes that my legs hold out tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Tomorrow there are some lovely ladies racing...Paige and her hubby Geno are running the 4-miler with me tomorrow, and Wells L. is racing the Fort 4 Fitness Half Marathon. Head over to their blogs to wish them luck, and leave a comment if you are racing tomorrow too!

Did you do any special to celebrate the first day of fall? 
Does dreaming about a Pumpkin Spice Latte count? Then no. But tomorrow I may bake something special, so stay tuned!

Have you ever tried running after a race?
I don't race often, so I have never tried this yet. Curious to see what your thoughts are!


  1. You crack me UP! I do love watermelon but cantaloupe not so much. I feel like when it is added to a fruit mix everything tastes like cantaloupe....I guess it's a bossy fruit.

    Get Up & Go

  2. We had the same exact thing for dessert last night too! I love watermelon and cantaloupe together.

  3. You make me die. Funniest post ever.

    I think your plan looks good!! You shouldn't have any problems running after the race. It's only 4 miles and you can tackle that in your sleep. Just make sure you take your long run nice and slow and you will be fine! I've run after races before and nothing bad has happened yet!

  4. That probably should have been what I ate for dessert... but, sadly, it wasn't ;).
    I had the same situation before with a 14 mile run. I did a 5k that morning then drove to a nearby trail and finished up the 11 after the race. It felt a little harder than it probably would have otherwise, but not too bad!

  5. I've got what's left of a great watermelon waiting for me in the fridge!
    I run after races all the time. I think you'll have no problem. Good luck!

  6. Crap salad! I wrote something and it disappeared!

    Kara at It's a Dog Lick Baby World splits runs all the time. She is super awesome! So you will be, too.

  7. Your plan sounds great and you'll be fine! Push it for the race and then plan to do the rest nice and slow and you'll get all of your mileage in :) Good luck! And nice melons :)

  8. you are too funny! i have ran a shorter race in the am hours before and then went out for a few extra miles in the evening to get in my mileage. it is tough, but you can do it. just stay fueled and hydrated. if you longer run feels crappy, then cut it short and don't feel guilty.

    best of luck tomorrow!

  9. I would say race the 4-miler! Racing is so much fun. Delay your 20 until Monday maybe? I don't know how easy/difficult it is for you to get a long run in on a weekday.

  10. good luck on your race and long run! You can totally do it!

    I made apple butter today,but I didn't even do it because of fall...I just really wanted to make some and then realized that I was doing something cool for the first day of fall :)

    by the way, I thought you might enjoy this article, your marathon rates great on the list!,7120,s6-239-582--13416-0,00.html

  11. Your plan is perfect. I have a 20 Miler tomorrow as well and a 5K in the morning. Same general plan just no treadmill. (how DO you do it?)

  12. No advice for you, sorry, but the more experienced here are giving you lots :)

    I do have a solution for the latte though. Check out my post today on my food blog for a home made version


    p.s. your melons are adorable!

  13. Hilarious! Thanks for making me laugh today!

  14. Do you have compression socks? That and an ice bath would really help with recovery

  15. I think you are so cute and funny :) and I don't know much about races (YET) but I think that's what I'd do. It sounds like you are amazing as per usual

  16. Are you sick of emails about my comments yet? Personally, I am anti running after races. Once I cross the finish line, I am finished. I've run up to 13 miles BEFORE races before to accomplish this. That way, whatever I have left in the tank I can use for the race, and I don't have to worry about pushing too hard and then dying out. If I was going to run after though, I'd make the race a fun one, not for time. Good luck!

  17. Could you just do the race tomorrow and push your 20 miler back to Sunday?? Or would that totally screw up the schedule?

    The melon pics are hilarious!

  18. Best case scenario: Run 16 miles to start of the race. Then you have to race on tired legs - it's awesome for training! Either that or do the four and tack 16 right on the end of it. You can do loops around the race course.

  19. Niiiice melons!!
    I'm with you in the mini jawbreaker camp though.
    'Cept I had a bub and now the mini jawbreakers are actually encased in tiny shrivelled up balloons - too much information??!!!
    Good luck tomorrow.
    I guess you have to prioritise - which is more important - a solid race or a good 20 mile training run???
    go on Superwoman - you can manage BOTH!

  20. Fruit for dessert? Oh man, you could learn a lot from me.

    If it was me, I'd run about 5 miles before the race (easy pace) and then race the 4 miles. Then I'd take about an hour and eat and change into a dry shirt and then run 11 more. Outside, not on the treadmill. :)

  21. I think your plan sounds pretty good! Good luck tomorrow!

  22. Ahhhhh thanks sooooo much!!!! You're just awesome!!!!!!

    I'm not a strong runner, but once a year ago, I PR'd in a 5K and then about 90 minutes later went out for a 5 miler - the mileage should not have been a problem, but my last 1.5 miles took an hour - I was almost crawling - NEVER again!!! I know TONS of strong runners (such as yourself) who do a 10 mile warm up before their half marathon race. Most people I know from the running club run who are marathon training will run before the race and then use the race to "finish strong" their total training run miles. Good luck -
    I love pumpkin rolls - not so healthy but yummy for fall!

  23. Your blog makes me smile every time! Just so you know.
    As for your mileage plac, I don't see a problem with it, especially if you keep your muscles and body revved up (don't be like me and collapse as soona s you are done running haha)

    No matter what you decide, we will cheer you on!

  24. Steady Eddie and you should be fine tomorrow -- you're a pro anyway, so make sure you recover properly and I doubt you'll regret it:)

    PS: Our time difference sucks -- I hoped to get my giveaway post up before it got too late your time, but failed so look out for my post TOMORROW and you will have a LEGIT reason to go to Starbucks for that Pumpkin Spice Latte you were craving all day;)))) <-- double chins... from all the PSL's I've been enjoying! haha!

    Good Luck tomorrow!!

  25. I think so long as you're not RACE racing the four miler, you're good to go! Good luck!!! I have 20 this morning too. I'll run "with" you.

  26. I've never combined a race with a long run, but it seems to work for a lot of people - have fun!

  27. hahaha! Melons and min jawbreakers...oh my! Good luck with the run...I know I personally could NOT do that, but I couldnt run 10 miles period! ;)

  28. I have never run after a race. Can't imagine it. Too tired by then. Haha!

  29. I have this same issue in mid-October. Aside from the treadmill part (I always run outside), my plan is just like yours. 1 mi warmup, half marathon, and 6 miles = 20 for the day. I plan on grabbing a quick snack and running more right where the race takes place.

  30. Lol, love the melon joke:-)

    I usually make some gingerbread in celebration of fall.

    Have fun at your 4 mile race!

  31. Haha! I'm actually not a melon fan... Good luck on the race tomorrow! No advice for you, but I'm sure you'll get some excellent advice from someone :)

  32. Nice melons! and jaw breakers.

    Hope the race went well and the run. I assume it is a little late to give you any advice! I would have done what you had planned though.

  33. Tina from Carrots 'n Cake actually did something similar last weekend- she warmed up with 3 miles, then did a race, then ran more afterwards. And it looks like she had a good time.

  34. hilarious!! i think your plan is great, good luck! i have to go to the pumpkin patch as soon as fall gets here! we went today, so much fun!


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