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Tips for Staying Motivated

I don't know about you, but when I wake up in the morning the first thing I think about it not, "YES! I get to work out today." Maybe some of you guys think that, but most of us normal people don't. I definitely rely on different motivational tips and tricks to keep me working out most days.

I wrote a guest post for A Healthful Gluten Free Life  today about how I stay motivated each day to stay fit. Check it out! She has a really great blog featuring some amazing recipes and photos. Yesterday's creation? This little (edible!) jewel in honor of Lion King 3D:

Also--yesterday's post on touching thighs got a range of comments, and made me realize the following:

1. 99% of you have thighs that touch. Thanks for the support.

2. Body Glide must make trillions of dollars each year. It seems like they could charge $60 for each tube and we would still all buy the stuff. I <3 Body Glide.

3. Rose is freaking hilarious. Her slogan about the issue? "Boys don't mind if your thighs touch. They just want to touch your thighs." True.Story.

That's all for today folks! Check back tomorrow for your regularly scheduled programming. And don't forget to check out my guest post HERE!

Have you entered my GIVEAWAY yet? Slacker! Get to it!

Any tips for staying motivated to workout?


  1. Loved the guest's actually just what I needed to get myself out the door to Hot Bod and Zumba tonight!

  2. Simple: the fact that sometimes I can't. Everyone gets injured eventually, so I try to remind myself of how crappy I feel when I can't run, making it possible for me to put things into perspective and enjoy that right now, I can run.

  3. about yesterday - my thighs touch too.

    getting motivated - mix it up. i'm motivated when i'm interested in doing whatever i have planned to do. mixing it up keeps it interesting

  4. Getting motivated: I have to have a rigid schedule. If I free-ball a week, I'll laze around and not do everything. But, if I have to do x on Monday and y on Tuesday, it's way more likely to get done.

    Also, thank you!

  5. haha love this! staying motivated...planning trips to fro-yo and eating out regularly...that way when i think about eating all that...i remember i will enjoy it that much more after a tough workout ;)

    in more seriousness...getting in a routine and STICKING to it as much as possible = huge for me!

  6. I'm with Running to Music - it KILLS me when I can't run for any reason and I promise myself I'll remember that feeling when I can run and don't want to in order to get me out of my funk…it normally works :)

  7. Your cupcake is adorable!!! I once had a cupcake decorating book that featured a lot of cute cupcakes like that - boo, I loaned it to someone and never got it back.

    Motivation - well, I have a training partner and that is priceless to keep me motivated to run . . . also signing up for races. For an overall healthy lifestyle - I'm motivated because as my job I'm a health educator and wellness coach. I live in a small town and see my clients ALL the time so I'm cautious to engage in healthy activities and eat healthfully when I'm out and about. Obviously, I'm still a big girl (also boo), but I'm trying to live as healthfully as I can.
    oh, and I don't think I commented either - but yeah, my thighs touch too. So glad we're in the 99% group - shew!

  8. You did a great guest post.

    I motivate myself by imaging the end result. The workout may not be fun today but I REALLY want the end result.

  9. I totally agree with you, I don't wake up excited to work out, but I know that after I do workout then I will feel great, that's my motivation!

  10. Motivation to continue working out is having a picture of you that you despise (if you have any) taped next to your screen on your treadmill. I kept my fat pictures handy and it worked!

  11. I'm one of those rare people who loves their jobs and I STILL don't like to get out of bed and work....Thanks for the tips on are sor of a rock star.

    Get Up & Go

  12. I love to write things down and plan my week's workouts ahead of time so that I am committing to something in advance! That usually keeps me motivated. A lot of times I will read some blogs when I don't feel like working out and see someone who's just run 18 miles (ahem) it really pushes me!

  13. Races keep me motivated and so does food. I like to eat and don't want to get fat, so I have to workout! :)

  14. Food, food and little bit of goal setting.

  15. My motivation to get up and run is twofold:

    1. I have a limited amount of time, so I need to make it count.

    2. My races are miles in the deep woods, so if I don't train, I'll probably become bear chow.

  16. laughed out loud at the body glide remark.
    Its funny cuz its true :)

  17. Thanks for bringing Rose's comment to my attention. So True ~ <3 It!

  18. Great job on the guest post - I have been known to use many of those "tricks" for staying motivated.

  19. I was busy al day yesterday and didn't get to tell you that my things also touch...and now I must go blog stalk you....bye!

  20. That cupcake looks so good. :) My main tip for staying motivated is just the sense of accomplishment after a workout. I know how crappy my day goes if I don't get a workout in and that keeps me motivated to keep on keepin on!!

  21. I find that I am less likely to slack on long runs and tend to need that extra push to do shorter runs (like a 3 miler).

    P.S.: Love that touching thighs post.

  22. Food & Wine. Those two things motivate me to get up & out for my run. If I'm not running then I don't allow myself to enjoy a glass of wine or a slice of cake.

  23. I stay motivated by reading articles and other people's blogs. Seeing that they are giving their all makes me want to do the same. Annnd of course a killer playlist gets me motivated!

  24. All of your posts this week are so relevant to me! My running buddy was honestly shocked the other day when I told her I don't jump out of bed at 5am, excited to work out, she truly thought that's what happened! The days that my training plan just isn't enough motivation or I am just feeling whiny about working out, I remember that there are so many people who don't have the option to run, or bike, or whatever, and would love to be complaining about a workout. I'm lucky enough to have a healthy body, so I better suck it up and use it!

  25. Thanks for the link to the gluten free blogger, I'll be checking it out later today!

    Best tip for staying motivated... the more you run, the bigger the frozen yogurt cup you can eat (without feeling bad). Who am I kidding... I get the large if I ran 3 miles or 10!

  26. Haha! That is definitely NOT my thought when I first wake up. But working out always makes me feel 100 times better!

    Props to ladies who have non touching thighs, but I prefer to stay in the majority :)


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