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Dangerous Sushi and Speedy Six!

Today was the first ever meal in our new house! Nope, not moved in yet, but we went over for lunch. We bought some sushi because that's hands down the favorite meal for hubs and I. I didn't think about the potential mess of dipping sushi in soy sauce and using chopsticks....on the brand new couch that was put together not 48 hours ago. Woops. Thankfully I yield chopsticks like a pro....

...and then had to check the sofa to make sure no soy sauce was spilled during my photo-taking attempts. 

It's tuna for me every time, and hubs got salmon nigiri with some salmon, cucumber, and cream cheese rolls on the side:

I obviously needed the fuel because today was yet another tempo run day. I know they are only once a week, but I swear they sneak up on me. Either I've just done one, or I have one coming up. Ugh. The plan was 1 warm-up mile, and 5 @8:59. Changed it a bit to be 1 warm-up, 4@8:56 average, and then one delightfully slow cool-down. Perfect. For some reason the sky decided to just be a wet blanket today. Unreal humidity. It's September now, so we can have Autumn, ok? Great, thanks. 

I'm planning to hit up the outlet mall this weekend for some Labor Day sales. I'm on a budget though, so I'm faced with the ultimate decision. Here are the two possibilities:

1) Walk into Nike Outlet. Spend too much money. Leave mall after that one shop. 

2) Go to Old Navy. Buy a few things, have Nike in the back of my mind the whole time. Go to Nike. Spend too much money. 

Either way, it looks like Nike will be enjoying some extra cash this weekend. Obviously they need it--I really like to support the small independent companies, you know? ;)

Any shopping planned for Labor Day?
Normally I'm not big on shopping when it's busy, but I think we'll take advantage of the sales to buy some things for the house. And, um....clothes. 

Where do you eat most of your meals?
On the couch! Right now we have a breakfast bar a little coffee table set-up, so we just usually sit on the couch together and eat. I really like when we sit down across from each other at an actual table though!


  1. LOVE sushi, but Mike hates seafood, so I rarely have it.

    We used to eat on the couch all the time, but since we knocked down the wall (and then lost power for forever) in the kitchen, we've been eating at the kitchen table.

    Labor day I have a race!

  2. I also LOVE sushi. It one of our top 5 favorites! Anywhoo, I am not sure about shopping on labor day but I am sure I'll eat something crazy. We typically eat most of our meals at our Kitchen table. we can see the TV from there so although we try not to have it on.... sometimes it just happens. ;) have you ever seen Wipeout. My son loves that show.

    The scenery at your new place looks gorgeous!


  3. I probably eat way too much sushi for my own good!!!

    I didn't even know there were labor day sales. Shows how much I know about shopping!!!

  4. i eat mostly at my kitchen counter, I have bar stools. I also eat a lot at my desk at work, lunch and what not.

    This weekend i'm on call for work which prevented making any lavish plans hiking/camping/adventure, which is probably for the best since i'm supposed to be resting my knee anyway

  5. Also, jennifer up there is me at Trio! I always forget to log in to our trio account. AHHHAHAH, sorry.

    Anywhoo, have a great day

  6. how fun! the first meal in your new house! enjoy your shopping this weekend, i say hit up nike first so that you get everything you want and dont think "dang it, i shouldnt have gotten that regualr shirt when i want this running thing soo much more"

  7. Agreed on the creeping runs - my interval runs ALWAYS came faster than expected. So cruel! I am trying to avoid shopping this weekend, but Coach Factory Outlet did send me a coupon for an extra 30% off...

  8. I just hit up a Nike outlet on Tuesday! It got some of my money too.

  9. My husband and I love sushi too!! It's our "splurge" meal!!! I seriously think I could eat it every day! A new house?!?!, how exciting!!!

  10. Love sushi! Tripp and I's restaurant is a sushi place here in Boston! It isn't the best we have had, but it is a "special" meal for us :)

    Umm you just reminded me of labor day sales!

  11. Yay for moving into the new house! It's been so long since I've been able to read everyone's blogs (moving and no internet myself!). So happy for you guys!!
    And now... I'm craving SUSHI... Thanks :P
    Great job on the tempo run!

  12. I am one of the only people that I know that does not like sushi! It drives people crazy that I am half Japanese and don't like this stuff! Random comment :)

  13. My hubby love to eat on our couch and it makes me INSANE!!! Nice tempo today. Sometimes tempos stress me out and I do the same thing, I shorten them and quicken the pace a wee bit and it makes it seem that much easier...okay not easier just more doable if that is even a word.

    Can't wait to see your house finished. Do you guys have a goal move in date?

  14. Nice that you can use the house and start to enjoy it.

    The Captain always chooses the ahi tuna... salmon for me!

  15. Those outlets get me! Nike, Under Armour, Coach, Banana Republic, UGH! Prepare to spend some bucks;) ENJOY!

  16. I feel like I could eat sushi every single day and never ever get sick of it. I attempt to do that now. The bf is not a huge fan though, so I don't get it as often as I like.

    I don't have any real shopping plans, but if I'm out and see some sales going on...well...who am I to say no to a good deal? :)

  17. We used to eat all our meals on the couch too but then we moved into our new place and it's much cozier to eat in the kitchen. I love it.

  18. YUM! I looooove sushi. I also wish I had a new couch. Maybe when the kids are bigger. Right now, we're in the tween & teen "eat pizza on the couch every friday night" phase of life. A new couch is a no go for that kind of action. lol

  19. If I was only allowed to eat one type of food for the rest of my life, I'd choose sushi. Well done keeping the couch clean!

  20. definitely needing sushi tonight after your picture!! yes definitely

  21. I got sushi for lunch after reading your post.

    No way am I going to go shopping this weekend. I am permanently scarred from my mom bringing us to the frantic Filene's basement sale in Boston every year.

    I usually eat on the couch unless I have a dinner that my dogs look like they will knock me down and steal from me - or just look really sad while I eat :-)

  22. So funny you said something about the Nike outlet, I love love that place, we have one at Concord Mills and I purposely have to avoid it otherwise I will drop like $100 the minute I walk in there lol

  23. We're always couch eating people. We have a table that's been used *maybe* twice in the 7 years we've been married :)

    So excited that your house is coming along!!

  24. Since I moved, I've been eating on the couch. AND I've been watching tv while I eat. It's half because my table is full of things that still need a home and half because I'm starved for human interaction and the tv is a form of that.

    I don't really have the money, but I totally am feeling the shopping this weekend. Both outlet and regular. I say, hit up all the stores. As long as you use it, it won't be a waste of money.

  25. I love, love sushi! I always get the tuna as well although I do love salmon.

    Yes I am usually not a big holiday shopper as well but I am so excited because we have been waiting for labor day to get a new mattress! We are in dire need of one and it will finally come to be this weekend.

    I know, I just can't go into Nike. I have no restraint when it comes to workout clothes :)


  26. I always kick myself in the butt for spending too much money on workout clothes when only like two people see me in them, when I really need work clothes. It is so hard to resist NIKE!

  27. I always skip the mall and hit the Junior League thrift store for maximum bang for my buck!

  28. This sushi looks to DIE for!!!! OMG. I am drooling at my computer.
    We are terrible for eating on our couch. We are both PE teachers and work out freaks so when we get home we just want to chill and watch TV and eat. Really not a good habit, but whatevs.
    I SO want to go shopping this weekend. I shopped in bulk a few weeks ago though, so not sure it's an option for the wallet :)

  29. Did my shopping today...birthday shopping is the best! I'll probably have to try and restrain myself this weekend! I love eating on the couch too. There's something about hanging out and chatting while being super comfortable. If it's a more complicated meal though with a lot of sides and serving plates, I'll eat the table so I don't look like a complete barbarian!

    Thanks again for helping me out yesterday. You brought a ton of people over to my page! You are such an awesome friend :)

  30. House is looking good!!!! Love the couch!!!!

  31. That sushi looks so good! A new house? How exciting! I literally LOL-ed when I read your shopping list. At least you're keeping it real.

    p.s. I just read your Weight Loss Journey section and for real, it was so inspiring! :)

  32. We are so bad and sit on the couch 99% of the time! Sometimes in the summer we eat on the balcony, which is nice, but it's rare our schedules match up so we are actually eating at the same time. Those tempo runs sneak up on me too - excellent job on yours! Sounds like you felt good. No shopping for me this weekend, I'll be way too busy with the fam! Enjoy your new purchases!

  33. Yahhhh Nike Outlet! SO JEALOUS!! I always eat on my couch and it's the same color... oh and I always, always manage to spill something! I'm going to start ordering myself to sit at the table pretty darn quick...

  34. Have fun shopping!! What outlets do you go to?? I think you live near Chattanooga, and we visit there at least once a year...and I love outlets :) haha

  35. Yup, we always eat on the couch too. Or out on the deck occasionally.

    Happy Shopping!

  36. Shopping over Labor Day weekend is an absolute must! Have fun and definitely buy you something cute. :)

    I always eat on my couch too! Terrible, awful, habbit but oh well right?

  37. We're at the beach this weekend, & it's going to be gorgeous weather. yeah!

    We used to eat on our couch before we had kids. They are way too messy to handle it. ;-) Now we eat at the table.

  38. SO EXCITING!!! Girl, now I am craving sushi like crazy. We are going to be riding our bikes A LOT:) Have fun shopping!

  39. How lame is it that I only just now realized its labor day weekend. eek!

  40. Sushi is our fav food too - and that just looks so good! Have a great weekend!

  41. I was stressing about your couch! We have leather so no big cleanuo worries.

    The Nike Outlet has too many things I want for too much money. I try to hit up the Nike website when they have sales.


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