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I Can See Myself in Your Pans....

Nope, not missing a "T" in that title. Just my absolutely hilarious lame attempt at humor! Yesterday we were putting away our new pots and pans (who knew you needed special supplies for an induction oven?) and I noticed they were incredibly reflective. Like, a mirror! So of course I immediately thought of that awkward pun and had to snap a pic.

So, after yesterday's post about outlet shopping I had to go. I was planning on waiting until the weekend, but when I looked online the sales had already started so I went ahead! Luckily, around 6 it wasn't even busy, which was great. And yes, I hit up the Nike Outlet. And bought stuff. And realized that compression shorts are SHORT. Honestly, they look like panties hanging up. More on that in another post....

Today's lunch was PB&J, veggies with hummus, and a pizza. Too much? They were all mini versions, on rice cakes!

Can't get enough of them lately. And there is something very fun about eating so many different things in one meal! Hoping to get in some P90X plyometrics later on today/this evening...and then rocking another 20 miles tomorrow. Wish me luck!

What is shorter: your casual shorts or your running shorts?
I think my normal shorts are shorter! I guess the thought of short shorts while running...and jiggling...nope, not for me!

Pick one: veggies and hummus, cheese pizza, or PB&J ricecake?
Or, just have all three! What's the best thing you can think of to top a rice cake? P.S.--rice cakes are chosen for their gluten-free-ness, not their low calories! So decadent choices welcome!


  1. I hear you on the compression shorts. I still haven't figured out if they are really underwear or are shorts you can wear without another layer. The tag said "Base Layer" so I'm assuming they are underwear? But I soooo don't know for sure!

    My casual shorts are shorter. WAAAY too much rubbing for my running ones to be that short!

    Cheese pizza rice cakes look yummy! :)When I read through that question (a little too quickly) I thought it said PB & J cheesecake...and man, I would be all for that!!

  2. I love the Trio of small round foods. I must try that because I love salty, sweet, savory all in the same meal.

    Some of my running shorts are shorter than my normal shorts. But usually I don't wear shorts out.. I like skirts and dresses.

  3. I never wear shorts when I run. If you have the kind of legs that are set a bit apart I think shorts are great. But for those of us with narrow hips and legs that are set close together - the whole short/chaffing thing becomes an issue.

    Bahh, genetics - why couldn't you put my legs in a more fashion friendly placement???

    Oh, I would opt for brie and jam on the rice cakes :-)

  4. LOVE the ricecake idea and I can't wait to see what you bought! I am wish you on way short running shorts, just cannot do it unless I wanna pick a wedgie the entire run. yeah thats not fun.

  5. All three look good, but I would have to go with PB&J! good luck on your run!

  6. Haha you make me die every time. My running shorts are short, but not tight. Tight and short is a no-no for me. Way to much exposure. I stick to the Nike tempo or lululemon running shorts. They aren't too bad!

    I would totally go for the pizza rice cake. I have an obsession with pizza and could probably eat it every day. I need to be in the mood for hummus or PB and J!

    PS I am so excited for you and your house! Eeeeee!

  7. Love your mini foods! Good lord i can't wait til we have power. I can't stop fantacizing about food!

    My running shorts are shorter than my regular shorts...I think. They could be the same.

  8. I love rice cake creations! My current fave is a caramel rice cake with PB spread and sliced bananas on top.
    I like my running shorts short and tight! They make me feel so speedy! My regular shorts are much more conservative... Down to my knees at least. :)

  9. awesomeness in all the various creations! gotta love a strong stomach!

  10. I rarely wear regular shorts, I don't find any that fit well. You'll get used to the compression shorts. I felt like that too at first, now it doesn't bug me. Um...I can't pick, I'd take any of those rice cakes!

  11. Never wear short shorts... my running shorts are shorter than my shorts.

    I like cream cheese with pear chutney swirled throug it... or sweetened cream cheese with Nutella.

    PB+J with cinnamon sprinkled on it is good too.

  12. Can't wait to see your buys from Nike!

    I like that rice cake idea... I'm all about variety.

  13. eeeeeeeeeeekkkk!!!! good luck tomorrow!!!!!!!

    pizza. most definitely pizza.

  14. hahahahahaha, best post title ever?! I think so. Too short shorts = chaffing. No thank you :P

  15. I love eating a ton of different flavors all in one meal! That's honestly the #1 reason I love intermittent fasting hahaha. Not for the strength gains or the time saved...for the foodie in me. Oh well.

  16. Yay for eating in the new house! I would pick the cucumber and hummus one...PB&J is a must be on bread for me. I'm thinking of trying to go gluten free to see if it helps with crohn's, any suggestions?

  17. I JUST had rice cakes with PB & Honey... so good!

  18. hmm i think my running shorts are probably shorter, but they still aren't super short.

    definitely eating all 3!!

    I wish we had some good outlets around here, I need some clothes badly but hate the malls here...soooo busy!

  19. Glad you had fun shopping :) "Nice pans" :)

  20. Hope that your pans stay that sparkly, my stainless steel ones that were once so shiny are now ugly. They still work wonderfully, but they are starting to show their age...kinda like me.

  21. mmm what a good idea for those rice cake toppings! I have a pair of compression shorts, but they're the kind that go almost to my knees. I love them.

  22. Under Armour has maybe 3 different lengths of compression shorts. Ultra shorties, regular people shorties and Prude Shorties (<-- what I wear). I love them.

  23. Hey girl! I hit up the Nike outlet yesterday too and I was thinking about you as I was shopping, I got some great deals too!

  24. My casual shorts are probably shorter.
    I think I would like to try the pizza rice cake.


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