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Peanut Butter vs. Nutella

Sometime in life you have to make some really difficult decisions.
Other times, you just have to choose what jar to eat your oatmeal out of. Today was one of those days:

This might seem like a petty decision to you, but it's going to set the tone for the rest of my day, you know? So did I go with the rich, creamy peanut butter? Or the sweet chocolaty nutella?

And there you have it. PB won. I have to confess, the real reason I made that choice was that there was a giant spoonful of Pb left in the bottom of the jar. How could I waste that? Yum!

Yesterday's workouts were certainly not noteworthy. I had to postpone my long run because my back was (and still is) pretty achey. I ended up doing 40 minutes of yoga (2 20-minute videos from and taking an easy 3 mile walk instead. I'm sure that was the best thing to do, but my body feels off. It knows it needs to run! Hopefully today I'm feeling up for my long run. I'll keep it easy and call it quits if my back is still giving me any trouble. 

Ok, I have a confession for you guys. I told my husband and he couldn't believe I held it back from the blog. It's just too good. On Sunday night I ran a tempo run. It was the fastest, by far, that I had ever run more than a mile or so. It was also on the treadmill after a whole lot of kale for lunch. Near the end, let's say I was... feeling some intestinal disturbances. I wanted to tough it out because I had to see if I could make it all 5 miles. Eventually though, I had to let one go. Immediately I felt better and relaxed. Thirty seconds later, I hear 2 boys arguing on the treadmills behind me. I knew what was coming. 

"Gross, man!"
"No way dude, that was totally you!"
"Whatever, it was you!"

I admit, I felt a little guilty. Not guilty enough to speak up and admit it was me, but guilty enough to run with my head down for a couple of minutes. 

Your turn. Please make me feel better by sharing your embarrassing gym/running stories. 

Ultimate decision: Peanut butter or nutella?
Even though I love nutella, I eat way more PB. I honestly couldn't survive without the stuff. If we're being really specific, ALWAYS crunchy over smooth. 


  1. hahaha I love this! What a great running story! PB can be kind of hard to find in Switzerland, so I eat a LOT of nutella- it's crazy how quickly I can go through a jar! I do miss my PB + banana sandwiches though!

  2. Haha, that is great! Well let's just say I have a mild case of IBS so I am used to having to go to the bathroom a lot! Much better after tho :)
    I had no idea about yoga download! I cannot thank you enough. I really needed something like this.
    Well I love PB and I love nutella but even more I love Justin's chocolate almond butter.

  3. HAHAHA I love that story! So funny!!! I've had to stop during TM sessions to use the bathroom so I know how it goes!!

    I've never tried Nutella. I always see it but am very confused as to what it tastes like.

  4. I am definitely a PB girl :)

    that story is awesome. One time I was running with dog poop on my shoe for my entire hour TM run. The whole time I was blaming the older lady next to me like "seriously...go to the bathroom lady"...when I got off the TM it was smeared every where...I was SO embarrassed! haha

  5. Your not the only person to drop a bomb at the gym! LOL.

    How bout Peanut Butter & Nutella? I've make PB&N sandwiches before. Bad, I know!

  6. Pretty sure your confession is true for EVERY runner ;)

  7. that is genius! Brilliant way to get every last bit of pb or nutella. I'd have to go with nutella because we give the leftover pb jars to the dog. We're generous!

    The gym story is hilarious! I'm dying. My embarrassing gym story is that I once left my shorts at home and didn't want to tack on an extra 30 minutes and go get a pair, so I ran in my underwear after polling the ladies in the locker room to see if I could get away with it.

  8. Love how you savored every last lick of that peanut butter! I can't even keep Nutella in my house. The kids like it too much and I hardly get any AND it's too expensive for them to just eat out of the jar!
    Loved your story! I've got a similar one but it was yoga and there was no smell. Just noise!

  9. I love pb and nutella, both - but I'd probably pick the pb!

    How funny! At least they were blaming it on each other and not snickering at you! :)

  10. Thats a good story to start my day! Last week when I was at the gym I noticed that my nike crops felt weird (after I had been wearing them almost the whole day) and I looked at myself in the mirror and realized that I had them on backwards. Ooops. I don't know why it took me so long to notice, but it was for sure obvious that they were on backwards.

  11. we had a new rec center open up by our house in march. it's been a couple of years since i've worked out in a gym. normally i run on the treadmill at home or, most often, outside. the first thing i noticed was how frequently i (must have) passed wind while running at home. lol. suddenly i was beyond aware and holding it was tough. so far, so good. your story made me laugh. it's not uncommon. i know this for sure just by experiencing some less than desirable scents around me while i'm working out at the gym. heehee.

    so, you love nutella? i have never had it. it's on my "no no" foods list.

  12. That story is awesome! Don't feel bad, sometimes you just have to let it go. I would just be glad they didn't figure out it was me!

    What a tough morning decision! I think I would have had to go with the nutella :)

  13. I am a PB girl, but I get overruled by my kids for Nutella.
    Great's def of of my "been there, done that" moments!

  14. I could live off pb and whole wheat pita bread. During the week it probably counts for 60% of my food intake.

  15. I love Almond Butter and my hubby loves nutella, he eats 2 jars a week! I have many gastero/running stories. I have no problem letting other people take the blame...sometimes I even blame my dog! Out on group runs I say its the frogs croaking!

  16. Love the gym story!!! And I love, love, love nutella. I can't buy it & keep it at the house, because I would inhale it!

  17. Hahaha! Your gym story is hilarious! Whenever I do crunches at the gym, my body wants to get rid of every gas molecule it can and because I eat pretty healthy, that gas doesn't smell like roses! Luckily I've never had anyone say anything...yet! At home, I've smelled them and I know that if they knock me over, the people at the gym are going to need gas masks too!

  18. Gah I LOVE nutella, I am at the bottom of a jar, need to replace that soon.

    I found an 'off' brand that has larger hazlenut chunks in it, it's amazing!

  19. Okay so I have totally done that when I used to go to my apartment gym, it was silent but deadly lol usually there was only 1-2 other people in the gym, but it was small ya know! Don't worry about it, it's gonna happen and it has to come out! lol

  20. We are on the smae page! PB is so necessary for my survival! ha! great choice!!! Nutella is much more like a desert to me!

  21. Hard choice, I pick the PB though...

    Love that you shared that, if you log a lot of miles on a TM, it's bound to happen sometime. I love that they didn't suspect the cute girl on the treadmill by them. ;)

  22. I am literally laughing my ass off right now!!! One of my sister-friends is totally guilty of letting one go at the gym, too! The fact that you could hear the boys arguing behind you IS CLASSIC!! How you weren't cracking up & managed to continue running--I give you major props girl!! =D

    ON ANOTHER NOTE! I'm hands-down, a nutella girl!! Love me some chocolate and love me some hazelnut! Mmmm!! I used to live a paleolithic lifestyle and ever since then have for the most part eliminated PB from my diet entirely.


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