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Real-People Clothes and Jawbreakers

Yesterday started out just like a normal day for me lately--headed to the house building site and got working until lunchtime. Headed home for lunch and then surprise! Hubs and I made a midday trip to a nearby outlet mall. Let's just say that Memorial Day weekend is a FANTASTIC time to discover an outlet mall. The sales were phenomenal! I bought real people clothes--aka, not running wear. Very exciting in my book!

I actually showed a bit of self restraint, but ended up with a couple new pairs of shorts, a top, and a new sundress. Hooray! After walking around the outlets for a while, hubs was low on energy so we got him an iced coffee and I stumbled upon some candy jars. I picked out some jawbreakers and it was so much fun to eat these again. Obviously I'm a fan of all things sweet but I haven't had these in ages.

After the outlets we headed to New Echota, the Cherokee National Capitol. We ended up skipping the museum since we were low on time but we will definitely be heading back. Here are some photos from our time there:

All in all, a great Saturday! We finished the day back at the house doing some more work. Tomorrow--fingers crossed---we will have our roof put on. Then I'll start really getting excited!

What are your Memorial Day plans?
Hopefully I'll be running in a 5k tomorrow morning, and then having our roof put on in the afternoon. 

What is your favorite place to buy clothes?
Non-running stuff I like to get from Old Navy and Gap. Cheap and cheerful!


  1. No real plans, just trying to train the new puppy. My favorite place is probably Anthropologie, but because I don't always feel like dropping rent money on five pieces of clothing I stick to Ann Taylor Loft, Old Navy, and Target for super casual stuff.

  2. My plans have been rained out so far, but tomorrow I'm supposedly going to a chocolate fest!

    I buy tons of my clothes at Old Navy. Everything there is pretty basic, but still current, lasts forever and isn't expensive. It's a good balance to my other favorite place, Urban Outfitters. That place costs too much money, but I can't help it!

  3. Sounds like a great Saturday! I am addicted to outlet stores and my favorite place to buy non running clothes is gap and target.

    I hope you run the 5k tomorrow and have a great holiday! :)

  4. yay!!! i am going to head to the Park City Outlet Mall tomorrow...I cant wait...The gap and old navy outlets are obviously the best but I will most likely have to check out the nike outlet as well ;)

    have a fabulous rest of your weekend!

  5. I am a Gap and Old Navy girl with a pinch of Kohls :)

  6. When I'm not in work clothes, I'm usually head to toe in Lululemon. It's an addiction....

  7. Sounds like an awesome day. Now I'm craving coffee and candy!

    My favorite place for clothes is JCrew, but I haven't shopped for real clothes in FOREVER! So sad.

    I don't really have any plans this weekend other than chores and doing nothing. It's awesome. I'm officially done with ALL of my chores, so now I can relax!

  8. We have like no oultet stores around here. Sadly I do most of my clothes shopping at Costco, it is convenient and cheap and sometimes they have some really cute stuff!

  9. I shop all over the place... no brand loyalty for me anymore.

    Have a great run.

  10. We have similar taste :). I can almost always find stuff at Gap and Old Navy.

    So excited for your roof!

  11. Memorial Day Weekend; Hiking and chilling out with my fiance!

    I love Old Navy, Forever 21, and New York & Co!

  12. Giant jawbreakers.. lol that's awesome. Sounds like fun!

  13. haha...normal people clothes, i call it the same thing. :) good luck in your race tomorrow if you do end up running it!

    favorite place to buy regular clothes are the outlets or i like Forever 21 a lot. urban outfitters if i have the extra money, i'm a big fan of screened tee's.:)

  14. My Memorial Day plans were a little post-poned due to a family death, but we are all happy she is in a better place. My family and I are going to run a 5 mile run tomorrow for our Aunt :)
    Favorite place to shop, Old Navy and Forever 21 because it is cheap, but if I splurge it would be at Express.

  15. Memorial Day plans? I'm going to my FIRST Red Sox game tomorrow!

    Shopping? If money isn't an issue, then J.Crew, Madewell, and Banana Republic. But on a budget? Forever 21!! Can't beat the prices!

  16. No Memorial Day here :( We had a long weekend last weekend though! Nonetheless, I had a great weekend full of sweat, delicious food, and good laughs.

    I will buy my clothes from anywhere but I don't get as excited as when I buy running clothes. I wish I could live in Nike. BUT J Crew is finally coming to Toronto so then maybe, just maybe, the excitement for real people clothes will creep up on me!

    Have a great holiday!

  17. sounds like a great day! Tomorrow morning plans...running a 5K downtown! Yay!!

    I love Gap and Old Navy too...especially the outlets! Hmm, I need clothes so badly...

  18. I love Banana Republic and JCrew, but those are expensive. So I usually do Old Navy and Gap. : )

  19. I love outlet shopping! Now I have the shopping itch...thanks! :) I love Anthropologie, Target, and most of all Bloomingdales....they have the best sales!!
    Today I will be going to our club's BBQ. Someone else will be cooking and cleaning up instead of me! Yeah! :) Have a great one!

  20. Oh real people clothes, how I miss them...

    I don't really like Old Navy. There stuff always fits me strangely and it's too plain for me. Gap is pretty darn expensive over here. I haven't bought new clothes in a while, so I don't really know about favorite places! Kohls usually has a decent selection. Hmm maybe Target, too, but quality is hit and miss there.

  21. OOH Jaw breakers! I miss those!!!!

    Outlets are awesome!! I love Banana republic outlet and express.

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  22. target and forever 21 are my go to spots for real clothes! and man, do i ever need some real clothes for the summer!

  23. I used to LOVE those jawbreakers...I'm a little jealous!


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