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I'm a Level 2 Assistant Apprentice House Building Helper!

Somehow I missed the memo on resting after Saturday's race and hubs and I have spent the last 2 days on our land getting the siding up all around our house. I graduate from Level 1 (only being allowed to pass things) to Level 2: being allowed to use the nail gun. I'm super excited. I don't understand why hubs didn't make me a certificate of achievement or anything. It's obviously a HUGE deal.

Level 3 is using the table saw. I'm DEFINITELY not there yet.

Whatever. I'll let bygones be bygones! Today was my first run after the race and I hopped on the treadmill at lunch time for an easy 4.5 miles. I was pretty tired from working on the house, but my legs felt fine which was a pleasant surprise. Easy pace of about 9:40 for the run.

I've been trying to stick with some gluten free meals, and made the best purchase ever today of Rice Chex!

This may become a new favorite! I'm not a fan of cereal with milk, but this stuff dry is addictive! Tonight all I wanted was something cold for dinner so I made Greek yogurt combo with strawberries, grapes, almonds, flax seeds, dried cranberries, and rice chex. Yeah, that's basically everything I could think of to toss into a yogurt!

So I'm curious: how long do you wait until you run after a long race--half? Marathon?
I took Sunday off from running, but today I was feeling alright and decided to try an easy run. I just wondered if I should have taken another day off or if it's ok to get the legs moving again. 

I know tons of you are yogurt/Greek yogurt fans. Do you eat it plain or with mix-ins?
I love Greek yogurt and somehow always end up eating it with fruit--it's perfect! If I need it to be a bit more filling then I'll add in some extras like almonds or cereal (or both!)


  1. Congrats on graduating to level two of housebuilding. Did I mention how cute it is that you two are building your house together. So cute!
    And huge congrats for finishing your half.

    Love greek yogurt. I always add in fruit and flax seed. I love the idea of adding rice chex, especially to add some sustenance.

  2. I took one day off after my half, I guess it depends on how your legs feel. I read in kara's book that you get one day off for each mile. Not totally off but just easy runs.
    I always eat my yogurt plain, I thinks it's because I'm too lazy to put it in a bowl.

  3. I lov this cereal and the honey chex probably my fav. The cinnamon ones taste like cinnamon toast crunch.

  4. Ha, sorry that had a lot of typos

  5. If I do a 1/2 on Sunday my first run back is usually that Wednesday. And a nail gun, huh? Not too shabby.

  6. I love Greek yogurt, but I think it tastes too much like sour cream to eat plain. I do use it like sour cream, though! Like on baked potatoes and stuff. But for a cereal bowl, I need to sweeten and add fruit.

    I love that you guys are personally doing so much for your house! That is really cool!

  7. I usually wait about 3 days after a half to get a run in. But if my legs felt less sore I'd probably start sooner. I always seem to be most sore 2 days after a race...dunno why!

    I love greek yogurt and always mix stuff in - granola, fruit, honey...m&m's when I'm feeling naughty ;)

  8. After my half I took 1 day completely off, then on day 2 I did just yoga and then the 3rd day I did a light run.

    On another note, I just purchased Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free cereal! Can't wait to try it out tomorrow!

  9. For a half I only wait a couple of days... But for my first marathon I waited a week before I started running again. I couldn't even walk up and down the stairs for the longest time. It was soo painful!

    Congrats on achieving Level 2 status :)

  10. Congrats on the level 2 achievement :) For a half I normally just make sure to take at least a day off and then take the first day back easy. I have not run a marathon yet so I have no idea how my body will react! eeek.

  11. So at the race Sunday we got these free mini packages of granola. Perfect to take to work with my GREEK yogurt. I took like 10. I like Fage the best because there is a little piece of plastic on top so when you open it it doesn't spit on you. Is that just because I live at altitude????It fills me up until lunch and it tastes soo clean I love it!

  12. Be careful with that nail gun!

    And have fun. Your cereal looks very good.

  13. I think nail guns are fun! Congrats on getting to Level 2! I would be giddy too!

    I just tried the greek yogurt from Starbucks and it was out of this world! I loved it. Honey, granola, and other bits! GOOOD! That is usually how I eat it... I add a banana in there too!

  14. Oh Greek yogurt, how I love thee!!! I eat it every day with Kashi Go Lean.....of course it is better with granola but, I try to cut down on my sugar soooo.....

    Congrats on your "promotion"!

  15. After a race or a long run I'll try and do the elliptical for a few days. It's still a good workout but it gives my joints a break (from all the impact). Congrats on the promotion :-)

  16. I love love LOVE the gf cinnamon chex. soo yummy! And I feel silly for complaining so much about painting one room when you're building a whole house!

  17. Haha, how funny - you definitely should've gotten a certificate!

    I *love* mixing things into my's the best!

  18. Congrats on moving up to level 2!! I've never run farther than 5 miles YET!!! Im actually not a huge yogurt lover, so I eat it as is, maybe that's my problem!

  19. MMMmm I love rice chex too!

    Depends on how sore I am, if I am not bad I will just take a couple of days and low milage when I am back at it. If I am way sore, I mean sore for a few days after I will take a week to 2 weeks off!

    Love greek yogurt. Will mix in bananas, apples granola, honey, syrup, vanilla, berries...So many things I could go on and on!

  20. After my last half I took 2 full days off from all activity. I think it just depends on the person and how you are feeling. Some races I am more sore after so i take more time off.

  21. Congrats on your promotion! Your trail race has me excited for mine in less than 2 weeks - yikes! I took a day off after my last half, but after a marathon I do a full week. I love plain greek yogurt with fruit mixed in, and maybe cereal, yum.

  22. When I was eating GY I always used a TON of mix-ins. And now to replace that I eat super thick smoothies with a ton of mix-ins ;)

    Congrats on the level 2!!!!!!!

  23. Had to laugh at level 1 "only being allowed to pass things" - been there!

    That Chex dinner looks DELISH!! Perfect for a summer evening.

    I took 3 days off after my recent marathon, and usually just take 1 day off after a half.

  24. I have not tried the greek yogurt but I hear it's pretty yummy but also a little on the expensive side. I don't eat regular yogurt very much, but I will make it a point to try out the greek yogurt at some point!

  25. Hey Vanessa, you won my giveaway of the Allied medal hanger. Send me an e-mail at so I can tell you what to do to get it.

  26. My boyfriend won't let me even use a hammer to hang a picture on the wall, so you go girl :)

    I listen to my body, but I do like a nice short, slow run at least 2 or 3 days after a long race (half marathon) After the relay, I was super sore in the quad, so I waited 4 days I believe to run. It feels good to get the legs moving, and it makes getting back into longer runs easier.

    I love to mix w/e dried or fresh fruit, bananas and dry cereal I can find into my yogurt, in fact I had another yogurt bowl today with peaches, dried fruit, banana, vanilla almond special K and flax seeds!

  27. I learned a lot when we built our house, too, and that was after years of home improvement on a 1950s home! That saw in the picture is a compound miter saw for making angled can totally use it now! It is a level 2 power tool. A table saw has a giant blade coming out of a table that is used to trim down longer pieces of lumber - level 3 for sure. :)
    Home improvement is so much fun and I hope you're enjoying yourself.

  28. I'm tackling some home improvement in the coming months and I am facing it with fear and excitement! Hopefully we have a great result!

    :D Good luck with everything!

  29. I definitely like my Greek yogurt with mix ins. Usually fruit, sometimes granola or cereal.

  30. I am a recent greek yogurt addict! Usually, I add in some splenda, raspberries or blueberries and chia seeds!! delish!

  31. i usually wait about 3 days before running after a half. i'll take one total rest day, and then i'll do some cross training, usually biking.

    i love greek yogurt! if i'm at work i usually just eat it from the container, but at home i like to mix in other things. mixing in frozen fruit is really good bc it gives it an added crunch! frozen mango and frozen cherries are my latest favorite.

  32. Greek yogurt: fage 0% with blueberries or strawberries and chopped up dates. Or honey if you don't have dates.


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