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Weekly Workout Recap #5

Another week, another recap for you all! I may or may not be on some sort of a sugar high since I just ate my magical bag of Giant Chewy Nerds after a week without sugar. They're jellybeans covered in a Nerds outer shell. Basically, little bites of heaven. I googled them (clearly this is a SUPER busy Sunday for me) and it turns out they're discontinued. Hence why I got the last bag from Walgreens on sale for 22 cents. I think a moment of silence would be appropriate:

And now that that's out of the way, the recap:

Monday: 1 hour upper body strength training: back, shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps
   --abs: various
   --Push-up Challenge
Tuesday: 7 Miles (1 hour) on Elliptical
   --Treadmill: 1 mile walk at 10% incline
Wednesday: 6 Mile Run
Thursday: 5 Mile Run (Hill repeats)
   --1 hour upper body strength training
   --abs: various
   --Push-up Challenge
Friday: 15 Mile Run
Saturday: 60 Minutes Yoga
Sunday: 4.5 Mile run, .5 mile walk
   --1 hour upper body strength: back, shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps
   --abs: various
   --Push-Up Challenge

Mileage (including Elliptical Miles) = 39 Miles
Total Running Miles = 30.5 Miles

Mileage isn't exactly what I wanted (goal was 35 miles of running) but overall I'm happy I managed to get some cross training in (yoga, elliptical, walking) and I FINALLY managed three strength training sessions. Woo-hoo!!

Lunch today after my run was the biggest hodge-podge ever. I started cooking a sweet potato, but I didn't know what I wanted to make with it. So I just started adding stuff in a bowl that looked tasty and I ended up with this:

Sweet potato slightly mashed with corn, melted cheese and salsa. It's the ugly ducking of foods but man did it taste delicious!

What are your fitness goals for the week ahead?
I'd like to continue with 3 upper-body strength sessions, at least one day with some yoga, and again shoot for 30+ miles of running. 

Any foods that you loved that are now discontinued?
Yes. Giant Chewy Nerds. I'm almost sad I got to try them because now I know what I'm missing! Also, has anyone seen Crispy M&M's in a while? Are they gone for good? Say it ain't so!

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  1. You just inspired me to go workout...I have been so lazy this week :-/

    That bowl of food looks DELICIOUS. That is exactly the kind of dinner I need tonight haha

  2. Great job on your workouts this week! I love a hodge podge of food. I am notorious for eating a mixture of crazy foods! My fitness goals this week include 5-6 days of cardio either on the bike or running and 3-4 days of weights. I always want to make it a goal to walk my dog everyday for at least 30 minutes.

  3. Sweet potato with salsa and cheese is the best, you need to try it with some black beans and avocado. People always act like they want to throw up when I tell them but it's delicious. I'm a sucker for seasonal stuff so it's always getting discontinued! I can't think of any examples now though. Nice job on the 3 strength training sessions, I can never seem to make it there!

  4. That's a good week! I got tired just reading about all of your workouts!

  5. I just want to make it through tomorrows long run! I'm doing new extended weights workouts and they're killing me! I'm doing low carb so anything with sugar is discontinued and tastes sooo good!

  6. Nice workouts this week! I think the sweet potatoes look VERY good. I guess I am happy with the food and presentation isn't a huge deal for me. :)

  7. I don't really have any fitness goals for the week, just to make sure to workout or run 5 days!

  8. Thanks for the comment! It was a pretty scary bridge. I was secretly glad my boyfriend chickened out of crossing it!

    That "ugly duckling" meal looks amazing! And my fitness goals are to bike more and hope that my shin splints go away so I can run again!

  9. Oh wow, you just made me feel insanely lazy! LOL
    No worries though, I'm going to start using the blogging world to make myself more accountable for my workouts.
    I swear, every time I start to fall in love with a food product, they stop making it! And I had forgotten all about the crispy M&Ms... Those were so good! :(

  10. ah this post really makes me realize how much i need to start working on my upper body strength! sometimes [most of the time] im so lazy and just run. ah i need some muscle action in my arms! and this week my fitness goal is to just relax and take it easy on my body, maybe some yoga and bike riding! oh and i was so sad when they discontinued 3D doritos!

  11. I can't think of any discontinued candies, but I really, really, REALLY want them to make white chocolate M&Ms!!!

  12. I was just talking the other day about the discontinued "Tangy Taffy" I used to get all the time in high school. Laffy Taffy comes in a similar package now, but it just isn't the same. Not as tangy!

    Good job on your workouts this week!

  13. Those nerds look good! Yum. I'm on a candy kick, so I'll eat pretty much anything this week.

    Excellent job on your workouts!!

  14. My fitness goals this week are to STRETCH before jumping into my workouts, hit yoga 2x and get 3 days of running & weights in. Not to mention soak up the sun (as a reward) after my workouts. ;)

  15. Your mileage is awesome. Seriously. Also, I really love throwing random delicious things in a bowl and eating them even though they look totally weird/gross.

  16. Awesome workout week! My goals are to keep running this week, add 3 upper body sessions, and start the 100 pushup challenge!

  17. Great job on the workouts! I'm tired just reading everything you did haha
    I reeeally need to start strength training so please keep posting your recaps so I can find the motivation!!

  18. Awesome job with the workouts! What a well-rounded week!

  19. hey girl... thanks for mentioning me!

  20. lol, the ugly duckling of food. I actually think it looks awesome!

    I've never had chewy nerds!

  21. nice job at the workouts and THANK YOU for your sweet comment. Made my (super tired) day:).

    My workout goals are to stretch and do yoga this week so that I feel fresh for the next!

    Hmmmm discontinued foods...this isn't exactly discontinued, but there was a food at a grocery store in Houston (where I used to live) that was couscous - feta- basil heaven and now I can't have it anymore :(.

  22. Giant Chewy Nerds?! They look so yummy, too bad they're discontinued :(

  23. Awesome workouts girl! You had a great week and I am jealous of your 3 upper body workouts a week. That is amazing.

    Don't you worry crispy m&m's have not been discontinued. I have a full bag in my pantry that starred me down the whole week that I wasn't eating sugar. :) I was devastated when they discontinued the white chocolate m&m's. Absolutely devastated!

    Have a wonderful week. P.S. I'd love for you to share your upper body workouts. :)

  24. First of all, your workouts are so legit! I love the balance you have incorporated Vanessa! WoW!!

    Umm, these jelly beans sound like little pieces of magic! I am a sucker for any jelly bean or gummy candy!

    Hope you are having a great Monday!!

  25. Hodge podge meals are sometimes so yummy and satisfying! The only food that I am dealing with the loss of is Trader Joe's peanut flour that I use in place of peanut butter. It was discontinued before I even tried it, so my hubs went and bought like 7 packages of it before it is gone forever! haha
    Great workouts! What pushup challenge are you doing?

  26. Thanks for the comment! That meal looks exactly like something I would make- completely random thrown all together in a bowl is just how I like it...great job on all your workouts last week! I don't know if I could keep up with that many miles while doing all that strength too- do your legs get way more tired than usual?

  27. That is an awesome week of workouts! Way to go girl! Also...great job on your sugarless week. Pretty amazing :)

    I hate when foods I love get discontinued. Such a bummer!

  28. Had fun catching up on your blog! I can't believe that you run that much on a treadmill. 15 miles?! Kill me now! I've never run more than 7 miles, and I think I've run a total of under 10 times on one EVER. Crazy, right? It felt that way today as I was running my 5 mile recovery run in 26 degrees. I'm looking forward to following your blog! Keep it up!

  29. WOW--great job on your workouts this week!

  30. oh those nerds look so yum..i hope they come to Aus, you really kicked ass in your workouts well done!

  31. Looks delish. I love to make this recipe ( and stuff it into a sweet potato. Sooo gooood.


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