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Why Marathon? And the Superfoods Dilemma...

The more I read blogs about fitness and running, the more I realize that everyone has their own reasons to run. A while ago I even made a list myself! (26 Reasons I Run) That's why I was so excited when I discovered a site that is full of inspiration and asks the question: Why Marathon?

Hands down the best part of this site is the videos--the question "Why Run? Why a Marathon?" is posed to various finishers after they've completed their race. Hearing their answers is such an incredible feeling, and makes me wish my full marathon was coming up sooner --it's in November!! Some of the reasons include awareness and donations for various charities, weight loss, fitness, and sanity. It's really an incredible way to spend some time and I think it may replace Chariots of Fire as the pre-race motivator of choice. (Don't worry, not abandoning it, just mixing it up a little!)

These guys look just a little too happy to be running.

And now, a shameless plug for me. Put your sunglasses on, because glaring self-promotion is coming your way. Some people actually decided my ramblings might be worth something (haha, jokes on them!) and humored me long enough to post an article I wrote on their site. It's an article on Superfoods, but with a twist. Even though I love eating healthy foods and really care about nutrition, I'm getting a little sick of the constant barrage of articles in magazines and online claiming that this month there are "8 Miracle Foods" or "6 Fruits That Will Keep The Weight Off For Good!". This article is my attempt to navigate these lists and find the best foods for you without spending a fortune. Check it out if you have the time!

Ok, plug finished. Back to your regularly scheduled blog post. 
If you've made it this far I'll reward you with two exciting things happening this week:

1) My first giveaway! I'm not ruining the surprise but let's just say you'll love it.
2) A blog post is in the works to show you my tried-and-true upper body workout you can do at home. Stay tuned!

If you could only pick one reason: Why do you run?
If there's only one reason...because it makes me happy. Everything else seems better once I've had a good run!

What is the one food you would consider your "Super Food"?
Picking one is tough but lately I would say it's been Greek Yogurt. It's my absolute favorite way to get my protein and it tastes amazing! I have to actually limit myself to one a day since it's a little pricey...


  1. I love your article!
    I think if I had to pick 1 reason for running it's because it makes me happy too!
    My goto "superfood" is broccoli, I don't even know why, it's probably my least favorite veggie. Maybe that's why, if I hate it, it must be really really good for me!

  2. Liked your article. I think my current Superfood is spinach. I eat it every day, at least once.

    Chariots of Fire is one of my favorite movies. The music, the visuals, the emotion. It gets me every time I watch it. Who wouldn't want to run after seeing this movie?

  3. Why I's my one can touch the moments when you are running.
    Superfood-broccoli, I eat it with everything!

  4. Why I run...

    It makes me feel alive.

  5. My most recent superfood i've been loving is avocado!! YUM I could eat guacamole alllll day.

  6. My superfood is Asian pears I love them so much these days. I rub because I love the sense of accomplishment I feel after I am done.

  7. Loved your article. I don't buy into the superfood fads either. I feel that if your diet consists of a wide variety of items that occur closest to their natural state, then you are doing a good job. Thank you for sharing that!

  8. One reason I run? IT KEEPS ME SANE!! For realzzz.

    I agree with you on your super food of Greek yogurt. Another one I love? Spinach! Oh, and quinoa!! And chocolate! Oooooops. How'd that slip in there? ;-)

  9. I run because it clears my head and gives me my greatest ideas! And my superfood would have to be spinach. I feel 092384028 times healthier when I eat it on a regular basis!

  10. I'm going to have to be vain and realistic- I run because it burns more calories an hour and helps me stay in my jeans! Umm, and on that note my superfood is frozen yogurt with brownies bites ;)

  11. So great that your article was featured! you are a rock star!! My superfood would be strawberries- do they even count? They are like candy to me- I ate over 1 carton today!

  12. Running makes me feel strong!! Nice job on the article!

  13. WOW! You are too modest--plug away that's impressive Vanessa!

    I think this is an excellent question to revisit especially in the throws of training! I run because it makes me feel fit and strong.

    Superfood: I try to use Spinach in everything!! :D

  14. Running makes me feel strong. I also love being so close with nature when bing outside. Hearing the birds chirp and my feet hitting the pavement is awesome.

    Superfood: chia seeds. I'm on week 2 of eating 1 tablespoon of them soaked in 1/3 cup water a day. And I think I feel better and more energized.

  15. omgosh, thanks soooo much for posting this site! i may waste hours on it!

  16. I run because it is MY time and no one else's! I get to think, reflect, and pound the pavement without and distractions and intrusions!

    I have a lot of superfoods! Main ones are probably oats, spinach (especially in smoothies) and any fresh fruit (bananas are my fave!).

    Awesome post! Can't wait to read about the giveaway!

  17. Awesome article!

    I run because, ever since I was little, I've always wanted to be athletic, but I am far too clumsy to play any team sports. But running, I can manage without tripping and hurting myself or others (usually, lol).

    Can't wait to hear about the giveaway!

  18. Whenever someone asks me with incredulity why I run marathons (or run at all), I always defer to this line from Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey) in 'American Beauty'- "It's a great thing when you realize you still have the ability to surprise yourself. Makes you wonder what else you can do."

  19. Great article. My superfood would be spinach or blueberries. Why I run? Because it strengthens my lungs and I will never conquer anything harder.

  20. so true, running does make everything better. Definitely the best mood enhancer ever! Favorite super tough! I have to say I am a huge fan of pomegranates and pom juice. I feel healthier after having it! But just like all super foods its pricey so I have to limit my addiction :)

  21. I run because it helps me to feel less stressed. I have my time to be alone, and I can focus on nature, creation and just let all my emotions out while running. I dont know what my fave superfood is.

  22. Can't wait for the giveaway!!!

    I run because it makes me feel good. And my super food is definitely broccoli!!

  23. Running makes me feel good. I feel happy, good about myself and I sleep so well :)

    I wish you were running the Savannah Marathon!! It's one weekend before your first marathon! All of the hard training will be so worth it! It's an awesome experience!!!

  24. I run because it makes me happy :)

    Sometimes I wish my marathon was earlier, but then I think, I'm not ready for that!! :)

  25. Super food: Frozen mango pieces from trader joes that I eat every morning (microwave 30 seconds...yummm)
    Why I run? Oh man...a million reasons. To be outside, because it makes me feel peaceful, the community and competition of races, the friends I make....RUNNING IS AMAZING!!! =)

  26. number one reason to run is definitely the freedom i just feels so good to be outside, breathing in the fresh air and knowing I am doing something healthy :)

    power food...hmmm that is a toughy. i really love oranges. I do not know if they are a power food...but they are delicious!

    so excited for your giveaway :)

  27. I run because it makes me happy. I feel at peace, healthy, and free when I run. I realize this sounds crazy but for me it works.

    Super foor for me is an apple! I eat an apple every single day. :)

  28. I run because I can! Is there really any better reason?!

  29. Easy I run because of the high you get afterwords, it makes you feel as if you can take over the world.
    Super food for me, string cheese melted on a low carb wrap with jelly.

  30. If I had to pick one reason it would be because it makes me feel STRONG! I love that feeling of accomplishment.

    Superfood for me is spinach...esp in Green Monsters!

  31. I run for the runners high and because I can escape life. I wouldn't say my food is a "Superfood" but its definetly SUPER to me. Clementines!!!

  32. Greek yogurt is my favorite food! I love it and eat it aaaall the time. Can't wait for the giveaway!

  33. I know oatmeal is just on my brain... but I still think I would count it as a superfood. And definitely spinach too.

    I run because it makes me feel healthy and alive! Coming home from a run as the sun is just coming up is invigorating!

  34. You totally earned the right to self promote, getting noticed as a writer is awesome! Your article was great, it was well written and the topic was dead on. I am so sick of seeing how switching my afternoon snack from strawberries to raspberries will all of the sudden flatten my stomach. Plus my husband is the type of person who will be completely fooled and go spend ridiculous amounts of money following the article to the letter.

    Hmmm one reason I run - I would have to say it makes me happy! So hard to choose one.

    My superfood right now - guess you are not looking for ice cream or leftover Easter candy so....nutritional yeast, I'm obsessed with it, such an easy way to add protein to anything.

    Congrats again you are awesome girl!

  35. love the superfoods article, and i totally agree there is no magic bullet just eat whole foods and grains and lean protein and you'll do alright

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