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A Jaguar, Fro-yo, and a Big Surprise!

Yes, my title is serious. Those were three pretty important aspects of my day today. Hubs and I went up to Chattanooga today and had a mammoth day. Starting with a trip to the site of my half next weekend! We weren't 100% sure how to get there but we found it and took a little walk around and I got EXCITED!
Even the parking lot was gorgeous

Next up? A trip to the zoo! So much fun, I haven't been to the zoo in ages and it was so much fun to walk around and see everything.

Just chilling. How I do. 
Had a corndog since I was hungry and the selection at the zoo was the basic hamburger, hot dog, corndog selection. Not so healthy, but still tasty!

 I literally drool over the many many pics of bloggers with their frozen yogurt. I have been CRAVING it like crazy and today I was finally in a town with some, yes!!! I have never had frozen yogurt by weight and it was insane. So overwhelmed with choice. 

If that cup looks ridiculously large, it's because it was. I think they only had one size available, and it was ginormous. Total cost of 2 frozen yogurts: $11. ELEVEN BUCKS?! I need to know if I'm just eating way too much or if you guys all have 8 jobs to afford this stuff. My final combo was sugar-free mint and plain tart, with nerds (obviously), jelly beans (bad choice), gummy worms, sprinkles, strawberries, and cherries. Ok, now I think I know why it cost so much. 

Worth every penny.
So we were hanging out enjoying our fro-yo and a realize there's a parade going by. Streets are blocked off. People were screaming and chanting and we had no ida what was going on. Oh, what? You guys thought I was going to tell you the big surprise in this post? (Insert evil laughter here) You'll have to check back tomorrow for that stuff because this post might just be bordering on unbelievably long and I have a life, you know?**

**Disclaimer--if having a "life" consists of chilling on my computer in bed watching hubs play video games and snacking on some jelly beans. Then yes, I have a life. 

Please be honest with me and tell me how much your frozen yogurt by weight normally costs. Mine was $5.50 and obviously I have some kind of problem. Is this normal?

You'e stuck in a zoo, didn't bring snacks, and your tummy is a rumbling. Do you eat: a corn dog, a hotdog, a hamburger, a cheeseburger, fries, or a combination of the above?
Corndog all the way. Maybe some fries next time if I'm extra hungry!!


  1. I love zoos! so fun :) I have no idea about the fro-yo dilemma. However, I'm pretty sure if I found a place around here that sold fro-yo by weight i'd be spending most of my paycheck there!

  2. mine costs above $5 every single time...its really no big deal. haha! except the one in utah is 33 cents per ounce which is a lot cheaper than some of the others so sometimes I can keep it under 5 but it is always AT LEAST 4 something.

    eeeek. that other food makes me anxious. i would have to go with a cheeseburger but I am weird and do not normally eat any of those things...haha. i would probably just get ice cream :)

    eeeek! those pics made me excited for your race!

  3. I love the pic of you and the jag.. So cool!

    If i get fro-yo I keep it around $3. I dont let the big cup fool me into filling it up. (although I feel like a fool with only a small squirt of yogurt in the gi-normous cup...) But, I like the heavy toppings like gummy bears and mochi...

    The race location looks beautiful!

  4. you know when you read those "eat this not that" thingies? they would say go for the hamburger. me? i don't love hamburgers but i LOVE hotdogs (confession). why eat a crap food that i don't like when i can have a crap food i do like?!

    p.s. thanks so much for supporting me in my fun-ish challenge. you're great!

  5. You have to be super careful with the by-weight fro-yo. It adds up FAST. Don't worry, mine usually isn't much less. Maybe I've sometimes gotten by with $4 worth? But that's when I'm being really restrained :)

    A zoo day sounds fun! Haven't done that in forever!

  6. I love fro-yo, but when its sold by the pound its so expensive!! I would pick the corn dog all the way too!! I love the zoo, its been along time since I've been to one!

  7. Omg I used to loooove corndogs before meat vanished from my diet! Looks like you had an amazing time! I would probably just get fries now if those were my options!

  8. I had no idea that everyone's fro-yo is by weight!! I live in a bubble, but if there was a place here, I don't think it'd be worth it if it didn't cost $5+ (if you're gonna go, go big!) If I had to choose between the junk foods, I'd go for fries (with malt vinegar, for sure!)

  9. Corn dog, for sure! And, we don't have those kind of fro yo shops, but I sure want to try one. Yum.

  10. What was the price per ounce?

    I got some today for the first time ever here, post coming soon, and it was 40-cents per oz.

    Hubz and I each got a modest cupful and it was $6.20 total.

  11. "if having a "life" consists of chilling on my computer in bed watching hubs play video games and snacking on some jelly beans. Then yes, I have a life."
    Hey! We have the same life! LOL

  12. DIY fro-yo rocks my world. $5 is high, but not unreasonable. Great... now I'm going to have to get fro-yo tomorrow.

    Corn dog. Hands down. Good call.

  13. Our local "fro-yo by weight" is 39 cents per ounce I think. We usually stay around $10 for all 4 of us. Ours has 2 size options and we always use the smaller bowls. My girls are only 6 and 2 so theirs usually doesn't weigh too much.

  14. Welcome to the addiction of fro yo. There is no turning back now. Haha. I think I spend half my paycheck on fro yo. No lie, mine is $4.50 - $6.00 all the time!

  15. That sounds kind of high, but it could be because your toppings are heavy. Frozen yogurt (over here anyway) is priced by ounce.

    Hooray for the zoo!

  16. My yogurtland is $.33 an oz so I usually end up around $2.50. Not a bargain, but not too awful!

    Of course, since this was your first time, I totally don't blame you for going big! :)

  17. I hate when you are stuck someplace, starving, and all they have is unhealthy food! I would have to go with fries...which I would totally follow up with a gigantic frozen yogurt like you. The places I have gone have all been super expensive too so it is just a special treat for me :-)

  18. Thanks for stopping by my blog! From the looks of it, your first half is next weekend, how exciting. Some day I'll be there. Hopefully this fall since I have three half's lined up.

    Yummy on the yogurt. It must be a blogger thing. When I first started blogging i saw people post about it all the time. I finally tried it out and I' hooked!

  19. corndog & froyo! sounds like a great day!

  20. That's a lot of toppings :P
    I have never been to a fro-yo place before, so I don't have the information. However, your post kinda prepped me up so I won't get shocked by the price when I do go and get one.

  21. Yes mine usually costs around 5 bucks! I don't even much that much candy on top and I get the smallest bowl. It's a rip off considering I could get a tub of ice cream for the price but the fro yo is just so good. I get it with my man maybe once a week. When it gets warmer we go more often but it is spendy.

    And yes I totally will eat a hot dog or whatever they have. If I am hungry and don't have food I get way crabby :)

  22. that was a mean trick!

    That froyo looks amazing! looks like a fun day.

  23. Yep that's how much my fro-yo is. I guess the high price is automatic portion control. I can't afford to eat it every day!
    I love the zoo, zoo Atlanta is awesome, we try to goto a zoo where ever we travel. Its cool how places with different climates have different animals. I'm a pizza girl all the way.

  24. Yeah, those fro-yo places are definitely cashing in on runners! Looks yummy. And your day sounded fun. Haven't had a corn dog in ages!

  25. wow we have sooo much in common! I loooove corndogs and when I was marathon training I actually bought a box for my freezer and ate one after my long runs. Also, I am going to the zoo next weekend for the first time in forever cuz my cousins will be in town.

    oh and I know whatcha mean about the yogurt being expensive! I get tart flavor with strawberries, blueberries and honey and its like $4 or so. I'm working on a post about all the fro yo places in Portland right now!

  26. My froyo usually comes out to between $4 and $5 dollars... sometimes I can make it $3 but that was only one time. But it's so good it's hard to resist haha I have it probably every other week. And as far as the food choice goes I would starve because I don't eat beef or pork haha And fries aren't really my favorite. (for taste reasons, not health reasons)

  27. Sounds like a fun trip, I haven't been to the zoo since I was little, but I would love to make a trip as an adult. The site for your Half looks amazing! Good luck!

  28. I've never bought fro-yo by weight before but I like to think that I'd be an expensive date :-)

  29. Corndog all the way!

    I have never had fro-yo but my sisters are obsessed with it - and yes, it always seems really expensive.
    All those toppings add up.

  30. A great trip! I haven't been to the zoo in ages either!! My froyo is usually about $4. It can get expensive though!

  31. LOVE THE ZOO! And I can eat more corndogs that I would like to admit. I'm usually a $4 Fro-yo girl, but I've noticed that if you cut back on the yogurt a bit, you've got more room in the budget for toppings!

  32. Fro-yo is pricey. But, so is ice cream these days. Yeah, sometimes when you're trapped with zero healthy choices you just gotta go with it. I too would have mowed down a corndog. Yesterday I did a movie double feature with pals and didn't grab lunch beforehand... dumb... so I ate movie theater nachos and popcorn and it is a miracle I lived.

  33. love the zoo pics. i love going to the zoo. makes me feel like a kid again. i would have also chosen a corndog. mmm...sounds yummy. haven't had one in years!!! can't wait to hear the surprise!!

  34. a parade?!?! I want to know whats its for. and yes, you do have a life. thats a good one too!

  35. The area is so pretty, you're definitely going to enjoy your half!!!!

  36. OMG zoo, corndog and froyo?! Why didn't you invite me!! (;

    What fun!

  37. San Diego Zoo we had 2 pieces of lasagna and 2 extra large beers and it was like $37 !!!

  38. I'll have to check the price per ounce next time I get some. There are 2 frozen yogurt places near me, both smaller businesses - not the bigger chains I read about online. I have gotten a small cup before though (or what I thought was small) and it was easily between $3 and $4.


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