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Fruit Salad--Body Types

Bananas, apples, pears....
No, I'm not giving you the recipe for a fruit salad (but if I was, you NEED grapes). These are 3 of the 4 common body shapes for women. I thought it would be an interesting topic to blog about because
a) I had to post-pone my long run and therefore couldn't talk about it; and
b) It's good for me to remember my body just happens to be a certain way and I need to love it!

Basically, all women are genetically pre-disposed to be a certain shape. Fat or thin, muscle-bound or otherwise, our basic body type remains the same. Lately the idea of discerning your shape has become trendy, so there are more and more categories. Trinny and Susannah (two presenters/fashion advisors from England) went so far as to categorize women into 12 different divisions based on body type. For a way to see what you are based on their technique, go here.

Me? I'm not so fussed about needing so many categories. The basic four work for me, and encompass most women.

Banana: this best describes someone who is straight up and down, with chest and hips being similar measurements and a waist that is not terribly defined. (Think Gwyneth Paltrow)

Apple: Chest/top half larger than the bottom half, slimmer legs and bum. Extra weight very often gets carried in the stomach. (Think Jessica Simpson)

Pear: Small waists and busts, larger on the bottom: thighs and bum. (Think Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce)

Hourglass: Chest and hips are similar measurements, waist is well defined. (Think Salma Hayek)

The reasons for wanting to identify your shape are varied--you can get advice on which workouts are best, or how to dress for your shape. Most importantly for me, it's a reminder for my self-image.
I'm a pear. A big ol' pear. So when I see a leggy model, straight up and down, I can say to myself, "whatever, she's a banana." Seriously, try it next time. Don't compare yourself to someone who genetically has a completely different make-up than you. No matter how I tone up or run more, my boobs are never getting any bigger. My legs are never getting any longer. That's not how it works for me. What does happen easily is attaining a flat stomach and a teensy waist. So I focus on those positives.

Don't love your shape?

Tough luck! Embrace it!
What body shape are you?
Most definitely a pear. Small chest and waist, lovely big legs and bum!

How do you embrace your shape?
I love wearing things that show off my waist, and often dresses that skim over the lower bits. 


  1. I think I'm a banana, well it's one of my favorite foods so I guess it's suiting. I love how you said running doesn't make your boobs bigger! Me either, I think it does the opposite and gives me a negative boob size.

  2. I'm pretty sure I'm a pear and I love it! lol

  3. I'm pretty sure I am an hour glass. As much as I wish and compare myself to a banana it just isn't so. Oh well! Awesome post!

  4. wow...surprisingly I have actually never heard of this before...but I am glad you shared! I think I am a pear as well. but I am totally down with that :) definitely been working on embracing my shape this year!

  5. I'm a pear :)
    Holy rockin' bikini body!

  6. According to my measurements when I got married last year I am an hour glass shape (never really thought too much about it before haha).....inherited my shape from my mom :)
    I like it though despite the fact that jean shopping is really difficult because I am high waisted!

  7. I'm pretty sure I'm a pear-banana hybrid. I always say I have a little boy's body. I actually don't mind it though. Small chest means no pain running, right??

  8. I am a banana for sure
    I used to be hourglass tough...about 70 lbs ago

  9. I think I used to be an hourglass, but I have morphed into a pear. Hmmmm...not sure I'm happy about this. Also, I asked my husband what shape he thought I was. He refused to answer unless I got naked so he could study for the test. I didn't fall for his plan, and just made my own decision! :)

  10. I am definitely a banana... I always think of myself as a stick, so banana might be a little nicer! But I have better posture than a banana.


  11. Well I think I am a celery stalk.. yeah.. probably that. Hard to say, but in marathon training I most likely resemble a carrot. :) Very cool blog.. I will be sure to check it out more often. :)
    Gotta Run,

  12. I'm a pear too. Lots of halter tops and flowy skirts!

  13. I love this post! I don't really know what shape I am... Maybe something in between a banana and an hourglass! I just asked my boyfriend and he said none. Pfft. He said I'm not a fruit, I'm athletic. What does he know!

  14. You have a cute shape! I used to say I was a barrel, but I guess I'll have to go with apples. I love apples so maybe you are what you eat after all. I really am a no hips, no butt gal. So most dresses and what not look good on me! Yay!

  15. what a GREAT post! made me giggle! who would ever want to be a banana anyway ;) !!! we are all different and its so good to just embrace it! as long as your eating healthy exercising and loving life, than you'll feel good, and if you feel good, you look good!

  16. unfortunately i'm a banana! however, i have awkwardly wide shoulders from swimming so maybe a banana that is thicker on top?!

  17. I'm an hourglass, which always sounds weird to me. I think it is because I'm 5'2", but according to articles I've read that actually give the measuring techniques for finding out what shape you are (something along the lines of if your waist is at least 6 inches smaller than your bust and waist then you are an hourglass..?) say that is what I am, short or not. lol.
    I usually wear whatever I find that I like. Though I do avoid skinny jeans. I don't mind the fashion, but I think they shorten my legs, widen my hips, and they make my feet look huge (okay, so I am a size 8.5-9, but still. lol)

  18. Great post! I'm trying to figure out if I'm a pear or hour glass. Depends on the bra, maybe. hehe:)

  19. You have the best stomach ever!!
    I'm an hourglass, for sure. I do like to wear things that define my waist!

  20. well you are the prettiest looking pear I've ever seen. I love outlook on this. All fruit shapes are welcomed. Not sure what I am ....a pear and a banana?? therefore I am a BEAR! haha.

  21. Hey! I just started reading your blog and checking out some past posts and I love it! Definitely a new follower :)

    I used to say I was an hourglass but that was comparing my shoulders to my hips. I have man shoulders/swimmer's shoulders, women's hips, and a little waist. I might be a pear if we count other body parts though!

  22. Definitely a pear here! Hahah "Whatever, she's a banana" is awesome

  23. I am a pear and proud of it :) Love it. I like to wear skinny jeans. They show off my figure the best!

  24. I am most definitely a pear! My friends used to relate me to beyonce for the big booty and hips! Thank goodness I have lost some of that booty, but it took a lot of work and now I am happy where I am at!

  25. I'm either an hour glass or a pear. I don't have big boobs, but I have a pretty broad upper rib cage, which helps to make my waist look smaller. But then I've got a big ol' badonkadonk to go with it. lol

  26. I am an hourglass. Big boobs, big hips. I generally like my shape. I had an ex boyfriend who called me a "shrinky-dink." Those are those crafts from the 70's that got bigger all the way around. What he meant was I don't gain or lose in a particular area, but I sort of gain or shrink all over and always keep my shape. He was right about the way I look, but that's about all I will give him!

  27. You know I actually have never heard the banana body type, but I am totally a banana. Which may be fine when you are in decent physical shape. But when I had my two children I gained a lot of weight. And lets just say there ain't nothing pretty about a fat banana!

  28. i'm a pear too, i just embrace it! there is pros and cons to everything, so we need to all just love our shapes!

  29. I think Trinny and Susannah have a really interesting take on body shapes. I hated not fitting into any of the old categories. Now I actually have one that suits me! Plus their website has tips for dressing my new body category.

  30. Hello, thanks for the tips!!

  31. Somewhere between an hourglass and a pear... Over the past year or two I've moved in the direction of pear as I think I've lost 1.5" off my bust and maybe .5" off my hips. Not cool! I'm happy to have toned up in general, but sad to have lost a cup size.

  32. My Grandma always said to me when I was growing up beware of pear shaped women. I never understood it but if you look at the personality types associated with that shape you will understand.

  33. BTW you are not a pear. Pear shape has smaller breasts than waist and hips. with the hips being bigger than the bum. You are an hourglass with out a doubt.


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