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You Come From Georgia Where The Peaches Grow...

"they drink lemonade and speak real slow..."
If you decide to stop following my blog because I open with lyrics from old LFO songs, I'll understand. If you're one of those people who LOVED Summer Girls and listened to it on repeat in the summer of 1999, then you can stay.

That was just a really long and awkward way to get onto the subject of peaches. I know Georgia is associated big time with peaches, but in the 4 months that I've lived here I haven't had one--until this weekend. See the above picture? That would be 5 pounds of peaches (well, 4 and a half maybe....I had to try a couple before the camera even came out). I have been eating these guys non stop and I couldn't be happier. Local produce just can't be beat, and in this 90+ degree heat they're so refreshing. 

I'm mostly eating them on their own because they're so sweet, but it turns out that there is an even better way to enjoy them--with plain Greek yogurt. Holy deliciousness, this is such an awesome combo! 

Today I wanted some redemption for my somewhat disappointing 5k race yesterday, so I hopped on the treadmill at midday for a run. I've really been trying to run outside more, but it was 95 degrees and the sun was out. NOT A CHANCE I was heading outside to run. So the old 'mill it was. I ran 6 miles in 55:10 (9:11 pace). There's a little chance I may be getting just a little faster, woo-hoo!

I'm at a bit of a standstill with running right now---I am planning on my first marathon in November, but I wont start training yet for that. So what's a girl to do? I may just try to focus on speed for a month or so until I have a new goal to work towards!

What is your favorite fruit to eat in the summer?
It may be peaches, so delicious! Although fresh strawberries really come in closely behind, I get so excited when they appear in the store each year.

Do you always have a fitness goal you're working towards (a race, weight loss, etc.), or do you sometime just exercise because you like it?
I usually have something I'm working towards, an upcoming race to train for. I think I will sign up for a 5k in a couple months since I think it will help keep me motivated. 


  1. i love any fruit in the summer!!

  2. oh my gosh, Summer Girls! haha...good times. as for peaches, they are one of my favorite fruits, so delicious! but my top fruit picks are kiwis and raspberries. :)

    great job on your tready redemption run, there's some speed in them legs and you'll only find more! :) having goal, or a race to shoot for, is always great motivation. i haven't raced in years but every so often i'll get a bee up my bum and see if i can't improve my speed with some workouts. regardless i love to run and will always do it to hold onto what sanity i still have. :)

    now's a great time to work on your speed, do some tempo runs like you did on the tread, and then also do some intervals. 800's or milers for one workout and then even do sets of 200's for another workout. you'll see improvement and then be blazing past that hubby on the next 5k....hehe.

  3. hahaha. awesome.

    Always good to include LFO in blog entries ;).

  4. Peaches. Wow! That doesn't happen here till late August. I am so envious but glad you are enjoying them.

    I have just started making fitness goals... I have never done that before - always have just gone with what I think I need or want to do.

    This month I made a small goal of running a certain number of accumulated mileage. For June I am adding a bit more. Baby steps!

  5. Love peaches! In fact, I chose to move from Florida to Ruston, Louisiana because it is a peach city. :)

    Love the peach opening too.

    And YUM! That Greek yogurt and peach combo is definitely a must-try!

  6. yummmmm peaches!! My favorite summer fruit is watermelon!! I work out because I love it but sometimes have goals that I am trying to meet too.

  7. I love using peaches in smoothies... PS did you know the blonde guy from LFO died a few months ago? Cancer... so sad.

  8. Awesome job on the run girl! I love good runs.

    The peaches look delicious and espcially with the greek yogurt. What a great idea.

    Enjoy some off time before you start marathon training because it is pretty time consuming. I think working on shorter distances and speed is a great idea. Especially as hot as it gets where you are in the summer.

  9. I like cherries in the summer! Can't wait for them to be awesome. Should be soon, right? Better be!

    Good for you for doing 6 on the treadmill. I couldn't take the heat today and stayed inside, but I could only manage 4 in the boredom.

  10. hahah! LFO rocks! It makes me happy that you brought me back to those good ol' days. Your peaches and yogurt snack looks divine! I can see myself eating that for breakfast everyday this summer! YUM!

    Good job on your run today!! That's a fast pace!

  11. Mmm that looks so good, I might have to try that with that yogurt! And great pace, I'm impressed! :)

  12. love peaches...sounds good with greek yogurt, I'll have to try! I love ALL fruit in the summer and it's always so sweet and juicy!

    Yes, I like to have a goal to work toward, but I also enjoy exercising just for FUN too :)

  13. ah what a great song!! never gets old!!! ^ can't believe he passed away! oh no :( and in regards to your 5k yesterday! dont let it get you down! there will always be tomorrow :) and personally i like to run for fun, but it always helps to to sign up for a race every now and then to keep me extra motivated!

  14. I am training for a marathon in November too and the training team starts this weekend...but the mileage is lower than what I currently do. I'm going to go to some of the speed workouts and hill repeats, that'll be my new thing.

  15. Oh LFO...thanks for the throwback!

    Also, I love how you have questions at the ends of your posts. I exercise mainly because it helps me sleep. That's the long and short of it. The other stuff is just bonus. Right now I have race and weight loss goals because sometimes I don't just fall off the wagon, I jump off with reckless abandon and run the opposite direction of the wagon.

    Fruit truly is natures candy. My husband lived in Georgia for two years and definitely has a thing for peaches. I myself love raspberries (and watermelon and cherries and strawberries, gah, the list goes on and on).

  16. My favorite fruit combo.....watermelon with shredded mint. It is even better when you let it sit for a while!

  17. Those peaches look wonderful! Mu favorite is probably grapes at any time of year, but I love love strawberries, blueberries and you name it!

    Ha, my goal at the moment is just "run longer and get faster!"

  18. I'm in the same boat as you "planning" to do my first half marathon this winter, so right now I'm just kind of messing around with workouts and trying to building up to running 20 miles a week fairly easily and consistently. Too bad we don't live near each other, we could be first time marathoner training buddies!

  19. During the summer I really like to whip up smoothies with fresh strawberries and watermelon. I don't really like running for competition anymore...I like to run for me and for fun!

  20. My favorite fruit is mango. I love mango.
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  21. Plums! Oh man you should try Apriums (apricot/plum) they are amazing.

  22. Aw, I just got homesick. :(

    But I will be in good ole Georgia THIS MONTH! Yeah baby! :D

  23. I'm really loving red seedless grapes for some reason lately. Always a fan of mangoes. The other day I bought peaches for the first time in forever and was disappointed. They were small, and not very sweet. Oh well. Vermont certainly isn't known for their peaches hahahah

  24. my favorite summer fruit is cherries! I could eat a whole bag in one sitting!

    Sometimes I have goals and sometimes I don't. It sort of just depends on my mood. I feel like I don't do any better if i have goals, so what's the point?

  25. I just finished a race, so I have no current fitness goals in sight. I have to agree with you though about summer fruit. Peaches are my #1 fav, but I'm really picky about them. I got so excited when I got my grocery store flyer this week and saw they would be on sale. Yay!

  26. Oh how I miss a perfect georgia peach! Or Carolina fresh picked strawberries! And i'm playing blog catch up and although I see you are giving yourself a hard time...Congrats on placing in the 5k. If you aren't going to be proud of yourself then I can at least be stoked for you! :)

  27. LOVE peaches! and loved LFO back in the day :) LOL

  28. 1) love that song
    2) LOVE peaches in season... seriously there is nothing better that melts in your mouth like that!!
    3) I always have to have something to motivate me..usually a race. :)

  29. i LOVE fresh fruit in the summer. oranges and cantaloups are SO delish right now!!

  30. Mmmm. Can't wait for organic peaches to hit the stores

  31. omg the 90s were so good to us with music.

    LOVE local produce. I'm coming to GA this summer...can't wait to eat some of those delicious peaches!

  32. Those peaches look so good! I love peaches and nectarines, but I'll take anything, I'm a fruit monster :)

    I just love to run so if I'm not training for anything I'll make my own goals. Either to keep a certain mileage each week or to do speed work. I don't like paying for too many races, so I have to set my own goals to push myself

  33. So funny you are talking about peaches, I just bought some at the grocery store yesterday so I can put them in my oatmeal! So random, I love peaches, they are so yummy!

  34. My goal for a race is to try to beat my PR. I wish I wouldn't go into a race thinking that because I end up getting way to stressed out!

  35. Um I also loved that song and finished singing the rest of it after I read the post.

    Right now I'm working toward building up my mileage to begin marathon training later this month!!!

  36. I'm so excited for Peach Season. I had my first one of the summer on Tuesday, so good

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