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Sleeping While Running

You probably don't know this, but I have a TON of hidden talents. I can twist my tongue in both directions, crack my own back, and run while sleeping. Don't believe me? Proof:

Can you imagine how speedy I could have been in this half if I was awake? Seriously. The lovely lady behind First in Philly also ran this half, and killed it! Her hubs took some photos and happened to snap one of me. For your viewing pleasure:

I'm at the back in blue!

They had a helicopter taking photos, which I thought was kinda crazy high budget for a trail race with 500 people, but whatever. Cool shots for me! Here's an overhead shot at the start of the race. Again, I'm way at the back. Sensing a trend?

I have a new awesome plan to run in a Where's Waldo get-up at the next race. How much more fun would it be to spot yourself in race photos? I've never run in costume but if there's ever an occasion for it, I call dressing up as Waldo!

What??!! Someone beat me to it! So bummed. There's no way I could top this lady. Never. 

Have you ever dressed up in costume for a race? Or any funny clothing/wigs/whatever?
No, but I would love to do it for a fun run. I love costumes in general so this would be right up my alley. Bonus awesome blog points for anyone who emails me pics of them in costume, I'd love to do a post with them all! Plus, we will become cyber BFF's. Send to: !

I've never raced a BIG race, but never seen helicopters at a race! Fill me in-- normal or not?
This was the first I'd seen. I guess they would be at huge marathons like Boston and Chicago? 


  1. Wow! Those pics are so cool. I've done a few big races, but never seen a helicopter.

  2. Ha those pictures are great. And the Where's Waldo costume is epic. I've never dressed up for a race, but I am searching my pictures to see if I have any other embarrassing costumes.

    I've never seen helicopters at a race, but the pictures came out great

  3. Great job running while sleeping! lol I have never been at a race with a helicopter, but what a neat way to get some race pictures!

  4. Congrats again on finishing that! The terrain looks pretty intense!

    I ran my first "costumed" funner race this spring at the South Boston St. Patty's Day 5k race. Oh, the pic is in the (e)mail.

  5. The wheres waldo is cracking me up. The best costume I've ever seen is at the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle 8k. There are these two guys that paint their bodies from head to toe in green paint, wear green wigs and spandex and run the race.

    No helicopter at Boston or Chicago that I've noticed.

  6. Lovely running photos :) You have talent. lol.

  7. The trail looks beautiful! I only have expieriance from 1 half, and they definitely did not have helicopters! You should run the Atlanta marathon! The publix Georgia half is in march it's really big, run that one too, I'm already signed up!

  8. I ALWAYS look like I'm sleeping in race pictures lol.

    I feel like dressing up for a race can't be comfortable, plus I'm not very whimsical, so I don't think I'd ever dress up.

  9. Running pictures of me are ALWAYS the worst! If it's not from a funky facial expression it's because the camera caught my leg at the worst possible moment and my quad looks like it belongs on the Hulk...haha! That's so cool that you have all those amazing pictures snapped! And you look great no matter what you say. :)

    Too bad the Waldette beat you to the punch, but you didn't really want to look like a big candycane anyways. :) jk!

  10. OMG, I too sleep run! I look like a sleeping t-rex!! I was so mad at my last race because I was really consentrating on my finisher photo. I was like "DO NOT CLOSE YOUR EYES, DO NOT CLOSE YOUR EYES"!

  11. My friend and I dressed up as snowflake girls for a xmas 5k! It was fun! We also kinda dress up for a St pattys day 5k.

    I will send you some pics so we can be bff's!! Running costume pics or just any costume pics? Cause Halloween is one of my fav holidays :)

  12. I dressed up as a hula dancer complete with a coconut bra (over my
    Sports bra of course) and grass skirt for the muddy buddy san Jose.

    I dressed as a runner for bay to breakers a few years ago too... ;)

    I love the aerial photos of the race. And the trail looks pretty too.

  13. Love the Waldo costume! I've never dressed up for a race since I've only run 3 but I love dressing up in costumes so I totally would if I could. I think I make up for it on all the pub crawls I've been going on lately! :)

  14. I have never dressed up but I am thinking of doing the Disney half in January and dressing as something fun :)

    I have NEVER seen a helicopter at any of my races. That is super cool!

  15. haha! i have so many photos of me running with my eyes closed. love that i'm not the only one sleeprunning. lol. waldo costume is great. i haven't ever dressed up for a race. the largest race i've ran was probably 3,000 people. i've never even seen a "corral" and some races around these parts don't have a chip timed start. finish only. i'm not hard core enough to care.

  16. A helicopter is a little extreme! Were they a sponsor? The view is pretty sweet though!

  17. Whoa, a helicopter?? That's super cool, though!

  18. The only time i've dressed up was for Boston (with the ears!) and honestly it was AWESOME! So many cheers and support :).

    When I hear helicopters I think someone got injured which is no good! :(

  19. I have never dressed up either, I think I would just get to paranoid about chaffing or something being super uncomfortable. But it would be fun.

    I have ran big races and I have never seen a helicopter. That is way cool. The obviously have some connections. I love the overhead shots, those are great!

  20. I just raced a half-ironman in California with pro and don't recall any helicopters at all so that is pretty cool.

    I can't imagine racing in a costume. I try to barely wear anything other than shirt, shorts and shoes (no socks) so putting on a get-up for me would be nearly impossible.

  21. i've never dressed up but man were there some crazy costumes when i ran the London marathon 2 years ago. there was a girl in front of me dressed up as Barbie and it got kind of annoying to hear the crowds shouting "go barbie" for the best part of 26 miles!

  22. Hahahaha that where's Waldo picture cracked me up!

  23. Um, that costume! Something else. Great pics, especially the overhead shot of the trail.

  24. Ha! Love the sleeping photo! Great pics from the chopper too!

    I have dressed up as an M&M for a 10-miler!

  25. Judging from most of my race photos, I'm really good at sleeping while running too. Why is it soooo hard to get a good race photo? And why do I care so much? Oh well, one day... Good job on your trail race!

  26. Running while sleeping...I WISH! ha. I love all of the pictures.

    And yes I have dressed up for a race. There is an awesome halloween half marathon here in Utah and it was so much for to dress up and to see peoples crazy costumes. I have no idea how some people ran 13.1 miles in what they were wearing. crazy, but crazy awesome!

  27. Love that picture of you on the trails! And Waldo! What a great costume idea!
    I've dressed up during a Santa run and during the Ragnar Relay races. It really does make a race more fun!

  28. You are super cute running sleeping or not! LOVE the Where's Waldo picture.

  29. Ha! You are super efficient running AND sleeping! :) I think the Waldo idea is so clutch for a race! You will have to top that lady with an even better costume!

    I haven't run a trail race, but it looks beautiful!

  30. ahahaha! How funny is the waldo outfit!

    I've yet to see a helicopter!


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