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Monday Madness!

Well, ok...not madness exactly. Just Monday. But it was such a good "M" word!

I'm on a mission to find replacements for my bar addiction (of the protein variety, not the going-out-for-drinks variety). Since I don't have an oven, this is harder than it sounds. I've made some protein "bites" which are nice, but they can take a while to make when I need something in 2 minutes. Today I made a half serving of oatmeal and then added a scoop of protein powder and half a tablespoon of PB. So good! Here are the ingredients:

So simple-and it ends up being 200 calories with 17 grams of protein--pretty similar stats to most protein bars and so much cheaper! I refuse to put up a picture because a) it's just oatmeal and b) I may have cooked the oats too long and had them completely bubble up over the bowl. My bad. 

Lunchtime was a rye bread open faced ham sandwich with melted mozzarella. Sliced cucumbers and a few grapes to round it all out:

Today's workout was a 1.5 mile warm up at 9:50 pace, and then 3 miles at 8:34 pace. So hard for me! I guess I would consider this my "tempo run" as I really couldn't sustain a faster pace than this for the entire 3 miles. Ended with a 1/2 mile cool-down at 9:50, so 5 miles total. 

Post-workout snack was my new favorite: all my random snacks in one ziploc bag! Today's mix included shredded wheats, pretzels, almonds, dried cranberries, and a few of the oh-so-good giant chewy nerds. 

Do you include tempo runs in your workout? What's the difference between your easy pace and your tempo pace?
I've had a few workouts at what I suppose is a tempo pace--for me an easy run would be around 9:40 pace, so 8:34 is definitely tough for longer distances!

What is your go-to post-workout food?
Sometimes a Clif or Lara bar, lately it's been some dry snacks in a bag since it's so much cheaper over time!


  1. I think most of my weekday runs qualify as a tempo-ish run. I'm about the same as you 8:30-8:40 pace. I want to work on getting faster but it's so hard to run outside of my comfort zone.
    My goto snacks are dried fruit, nuts, peanut butter and pita.

  2. When I was running alot more I did tempo runs pretty often since I could recover from them easier than intervals. With bike riding I do all my rides at tempo or intervals because they are either ridden with my super husband or on the trainer. They do pay off! My go to post workout meal is cottage cheese. I love that stuff. Or a smoothie.

  3. After I run I like to have an orange, and sometimes chocolate milk.

  4. I try and include a tempo or fartlek run in once a week. I've seen an overall increase in my speed and "pain" threshhold". The difference in my easy pace and tempo pace varies (although it probably shouldn't), but my easy pace is between 8:30-8:45 and my tempo pace is between 6:30-7:00.

    As for post-workout food, string cheese rolled in sliced ham, raisins, or anything else I can my hands on...come to think of it, I can't figure out why I can't lose these last 5 lbs.

  5. I love random mixes of snacks. I figured out my stomach can't handle normal workout nutrition like blocks or gels. I'm a fan of plain animal crackers, pretzels and nuts.

  6. Post run i am pretty big on having a protein shake blended w fruitl. I am never hungry after I run and a shake helps me to get in enough calories!

  7. I do do tempos. Usually about a minute faster than my comfortable pace. After a run I usually stuff whatever I can into my mouth if it is a long run. Otherwise, I try to keep it healthy...and taking my Glutamine to help iwth recovery. :)

  8. post workout I love pb&J on a bagel thin. I really have no is just my new favorite. and I ALWAYS have to have the dark chocolate pb. it is important.

    So pre-feet issues my tempo pace was 8-8:30 with 9:30-9:45 easy run/LR pace. But now I just do whatever feels comfortable for my body.

    Sounds like you had a pretty good day! and your food always looks so healthy, well-rounded and delicious!

  9. post workout is most likely something salty or greasy. Pretzels or wheat thins. On race days I almost always crave pizza and so happy when I see it at the finish line!

    I think most my runs I do alone are tempo runs because I get caught up in making the second half faster.

  10. Yes I try to include at least one tempo run a week, just to have that challenge.
    My post run food is usually banana with peanut butter or cereal lol

  11. Post-run I like something with peanut butter, like maybe fruit or carrots or a sandwich :D (or... protein shake with pb)

  12. My favorite post-workout snacks are so not what they should be! I know I should have protein but I always crave salty foods, like tortilla chips or nuts.

  13. Those protein bites sound yummy I want to try and make my own.

    I would say that probably anything over 9 min is an easy pace for me (depending on the day) and anything under a 9 min pace is a tempo run and I increase the pace from there. 8:34 i definetly a tougher pace for longer distances for me but I would like to comfortably run at the pace on day

    My post workout snack is anything with peanut butter :)

  14. Great run, I'm impressed with your pace for the 3 miles! I was just going to start including tempo runs before we were off from running, but I'm super excited to start including them!

  15. I just got fully introduced to tempo runs a few weeks ago when I started this training plan. The plan has me doing a tempo run roughly once every other week.

  16. I do a tempo run once a week. Our group does lactate threshold hold testing so I have a specific pace I have to hold for the run - 5min @ the top end, 5 min at the low end and keep going.
    I hate it. That is all. :)

  17. Since I just started running, my tempo run is just about 30 seconds, maybe a minute faster then my easy runs.

    I always have a Cliff Bar in my bag/car/desk for post runs. And a protein shake!

  18. I am trying to build my stamina and run and a slower pace, but I would love to try tempo runs. Sounds challenging. I am actually getting tired of my pre and post workout snacks. I can only eat so many bars and drink so many green monsters. I like your ziplock bag party mix though! I'll have to try it!


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