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Good Person > Good Racer: My 5k Recap

Today I ran in a Memorial Day 5k. I didn't pre-register, and decided to just show up and hope that they still had some room. I haven't run a 5k in years (since I started running more seriously) so I really wanted to see how far I could push myself in a shorter race. Hubs decided at the last minute (aka--at 8:20 for a 9am race) to run as well. I was so excited--he has had calf pain lately and really hasn't been able to run in a while. We didn't have a racing plan, but I told him to pass me if he was feeling especially speedy, or slow down if he needed to.

Fast forward to the start--one mile in, and the 80 degrees and bright sunshine were not agreeing with me. I managed the first mile in 8 minutes but that was way too fast for the hills and the heat. I slowed to a walk for about 30 seconds, and let's just say my attitude? It rhymed with "witchy" people. Let's stick with that. My poor hubs slowed with me, and then we started running together. Another mile down in a little less than 9 minutes. At about 2.5 miles, I had to walk for a bit again. I got ANGRY and nearly yelled at hubs not to stop--to keep going. I really hated the thought of him slowing down for me. A wonderful woman ran alongside me and pushed me along (thanks, whoever you are--you were awesome!)

I managed to pick up speed and booked it the rest of the way--the last .1 mile was around a 5 minute mile pace. I ran past hubs, not even thinking about it. Yes, about 10 yards to the finish line. Of the 5k that I asked him to run with me. All I could think about was the finish line and my time, and I completely forgot about everyone else. Seriously? This really got me thinking. At what point does the PR, the medal, become more important than the experience or the run with those you love?

I ended up 3rd overall woman, and 1st in my age category. But instead of being HAPPY like normal, it was a little bittersweet. Those few seconds I shaved off my time at the finish kick weren't worth it, in my mind. There is so much more joy in crossing the finish line together. Winning together (and celebrating together) or not--as long as you complete it with your friends or family!

Hubs kicked butt and got a medal too--3rd place in his age group. Woop woop!

Of course, in typical awesome hubby fashion, he had forgiven and forgotten within 15 minutes of finishing the race and was ready to enjoy the day. The race was part of a cute small town festival with an antique car show. This really felt like a typically "American" town and like we had stepped back in time!

I'm curious to see how you race with others. If you start together, do you finish together? What's worse: to slow someone down or to be slowed down by someone else?
I guess it's best to have a plan in place, whatever you decide to do. I hate slowing others down SO much,  but in retrospect it doesn't feel great to have passed someone either.

I know there were lots of Memorial Day race today--who else ran?


  1. awww that is so sweet! glad you two got to share the run together. amazing job you two did! and how nice of the lady to push you along. lol. cute. unfortunetly i didn't run...because there aren't any races here. hehe. but i am going to run by myself today so that counts right? lol. have a great rest of the day!

  2. The one time I ran a race with someone we ran the whole race side by side. It was actually really nice to have someone to chat with during the hard parts.

  3. I think a race, is a race. As long as you both know and understand that then its fine to pass and be passed. I am also ultra competitive and hate when people don't try their maybe I am a bad person to ask. Great job on your race!!!!

  4. Oh Vanessa, I'm not fast and I still can't race with other people. I hate it. I hate trying to be conscious of them. Doesn't that sound awful?! So, I guess that's why I don't invite people a long because when it starts... all bets are off. You and hubs were fabbbb by the way.

  5. Sorry the race didn't turn out like you planned, but at least ya'll can spend the rest of the day together, looks like a fun town!

    In my mind it's worse to slow someone down. If I'm racing with someone I try to make a plan before we start about if we will split ways. If we decide that we can split I'll still hang around a little bit to see if their run is going to change before really parting ways.

    Have a great rest of the day and good job to the two of you for placing today

  6. so cute you got to run with the hubs!! but as much as I love running buddies, I am all about doing your best time during races... so great job! dont feel bad. first in your division and 3rd overall is AMAZING!!! great work!

  7. Men are so forgiving. I love how most don't hold a grudge for any reason. Congrats on your big win!
    Ironically, every time I've tried to run a race "with" my husband, something has gone wrong. Now, if we are doing the same event, I don't even consider running "with" him!
    Way to get right on your race report. I should have mine up in the morning.

  8. My hubby and I run together sometimes, and in the past when we did, I would get competitive and at first, I'd keep up with him no problem, but as soon as I needed to slow down, rather than admit that I was slower than him... I'd fake an injury.

    Yeah, I know. =/ We laugh about it now, of course. LOL

  9. first of all, men are awesome simply because they forgive and forget so easily. as far as racing "with" people, i don't. i believe good training partners train together but, they don't necessarily have to run together. my girls and i always tell one another, "you leave me. i leave you. etc." but, when we're training, we stick together. if one needs to slow down or speed up, we stick together. if someone gets injured, we stick together.

    you were awesome, 3rd place?! i've never ran a 5k. i started backwards with this whole racing thing. the first race i registered for was a marathon.

  10. Great job on medaling! Even though it wasn't what you planned. :) For me it would definitely be slowing someone else down. I don't want to interfere with someone elses plan.

  11. Looks like you had a great running weekend as well!!! Congrats on your win!

  12. Awesome job on both you guys placing! I know what you mean about having a bad attitude when you run sometimes. I've been known to yell at Mike before. Something about the heat makes me an angrier runner. So odd.

    Usually if I run a race with someone we pretty much split up at the starting line.

  13. That's awesome that you guys ran together! Hubs is so sweet for coming along!

    I have never run a race with someone, but when my BF comes along on training runs I feel bad that I am slowing him down. He is super speedy. I know he doesn't care, but I know that if her were without me, he would be going so much faster.

  14. I've only run one other race with someone (1/2 marathon), and I ended up going ahead of her at mile 1.5. We both agreed before the race that we would go our own speeds, but be there for each other at the end. I think it depends on your pre-race goals, whether you run with the people you sign up with.

  15. What was your time?

  16. That's so cool that you guys ran together!! AND decided to race on such short notice =)

    Hubs and I aren't runners but sometimes we lift 'together'... ie work out the same body part in the same gym doing the same exercise simultaneously, but rarely interact. We get lost in our own worlds!

  17. Congratulations to both you and your husband! What a fun thing to do together and to both receive awards!

  18. Great job on battling back at the end and pushing it in to the finish! Ya, we've ALL learned the hard way that going out too fast at the beginning is not fun. :/

    So don't be so hard on yourself, you and the hubs should be proud that you still kicked butt and medalled! :)

  19. I've never run with anyone before in a race. But can I imagine that the plan would be to run separately, unless we were at the same pace, to the second. I would hate to be in someone's way of getting a PR.

  20. I've only done one race and in that race we had preagreed that I would go ahead when I needed to, because she was still at the stage where she needed to take walk breaks. I think you shouldn't beat yourself up over it, hubby doesn't seem to mind and you did great!

  21. Nice that he was able to join you and that you both got awards...

    I have only run three 5 km races.. all were for fun... and my husband stayed beside me the whole way.

    I have never run with anyone else. Ever. I am afraid to join a group or run with friends cause I don't want to slow anyone down.

  22. It is so hard for me to race with people. Training with people is one thing but in races I always seem to lose people or end up so focused on staying with them or not...then my emotions are so crazy throughout the just seems overwhelming sometimes to be running with someone else. However, today my friend finished the 5k and then ran back 1.5 miles to finish the 10k with me. I would never have ran that race as well without her! She was a life saver.

    So that being said...I would rather be slowed down by others than slow others down. I feel so guilty when I hold others back. I know they usually do not care but it really kills me inside to know they could be doing a lot better without me.

    Congrats to you and your hubby on your places and medals!! That is amazing! You really did awesome...I cannot believe you were able to walk and still place overall! that is inspiring...usually when I walk it ends up being the longest mile ever. haha!

  23. GIRL!!! YOU DID ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I don't know how you run in that HEAT!!! 3rd overall...can I have your autograph?!?! You look gorgeous as usual!!

  24. Congrats, you and your hubby were amazing!!! Though sorry it was a little bittersweet for you. :)

  25. Congrats on your race!! That is such a great finish and especially in that heat!! I love town 5ks and the awesome people that run them with you!

    I didn't run this memorial day, but I ran my first race with my boyfriend and two friends on St. Patty's Day this year, a 5k as well - I started out in front of them because I got pushed in the crowd, and after trying to slow down and spot them, I decided to run my race and knew they would understand.

    At the turn around point (it was an out and back), I looped around and saw my boyfriend approaching, so I jump the line of the race and double backed to run with him and round the turning point a second time. We ran together the last 1.4 miles, up two big hills and then hit a downhill, about 2 blocks from the finish - he started his sprint and left me in the dust...does that mean good guys finish last?

  26. Great job girl!!

    Yesterday I ran a 5k and stayed with my sister the entire race. It was my first time running with someone the whole time and I LOVED it!

    I think it just depends on the race. Yesterdays race was just for fun so I had no problem staying with my sister and helping her get a new PR, but for the most part I am incredibly competitive and have a hard time staying with someone.

  27. To be honest, I am super selfish when it comes to races. I have a lot of training buddies that I run with but we are all in agreement that during a race, we are all running our own race and nobody else's. I ran my first marathon with my friend and it was amazing having her with me - but she recently confessed she didn't want to do it again unless we could run together again, and I had to admit that I wouldn't slow down if need be. I think I just put way too much time and training into races to run at someone else's pace. All that being said, I am terrified of getting left behind at my first trail race this weekend!

  28. It depends on the race. In a triathlon, you cant really race together, too much going on with everyone having different strengths at each discipline, but stand alone races, if it determined before hand what everyone wants to do. If no one is looking for a PR or qualifying for something or helping to pace someone to a specific time, or do you all just want to have fun and run together. I think pre race planning will determine how to race with friends.

  29. Congratulations! That's so cool! I seriously want to run a 5k soon. I should just search and sign up for one. I swear I have gotten my angriest when working out and being annoyed with something

  30. Congrats to you and your husband on the race!


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