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Hot, Hot, Hot!

It's hot. Like, I'm actually looking forward to a ice bath hot. The idea of running outside is making me cry but I actually cancelled my gym membership yesterday. Why? Once the house is completed, I'll be running on my very own treadmill. Woo-hoo! No idea what kind it will be, haven't gotten that far along but I'm so excited to be able to run for longer than an hour without the treadmill stopping. Yay!

This morning I finally got around to using up some of my empty PB jars. Oatmeal this morning was mixed with chocolate protein powder and a little extra PB with some sliced strawberries-all served up in a PB jar. It really is so much more fun eating breakfast out of a jar like this!

Salads never taste better than when it's hot out, so lunch was a spinach salad topped with corn, mozzarella, and turkey. On the side = my favorite blue bowl filled with grapes and strawberries. 

Has anyone seen the ads for the frozen strawberry lemonade from McDonalds? I may or may not be thinking about this guy CONSTANTLY. I haven't eaten there in I don't know how long (ok, fine, but their twist cones don't count) but I may have to break the boycott for one of these guys. 

I looked up the nutritional stats and found a surprise. Can you spot it?

Yeah, apparently the ice in this has both sodium and calcium. I'm genuinely curious about this--can anyone explain? The sodium I can understand, but the calcium is beyond me. Anyone? 

Do you own a treadmill? If so, what kind? Any advice for me about the purchase?
Thanks! Don't have a big budget for this and I want to make sure I know what to look for!

Have you tried this Frozen Strawberry Lemonade before? Do you want to now?
I give it 48 hours TOPS before my craving for this wins. I'll fill you in when I try it!


  1. I have never bought a TM before so I will be excited to see what you that will be so awesome to have one in your own home!

    I have never even heard of that lemonade but it looks delicious...especially on a hot day!

    your salad also looks SO good. I am at work right now and am not feeling the lunch I brought...wish I had something delicious looking like that salad :)

  2. I've tried the strawberry lemonade... I honestly wasn't too impressed, but I think mine had too much strawberry syrup in it. I think if it had less, it would have been delicious!

  3. ah! now it will let me comment! well, I sent you an email anyway.

  4. Apparently it is pretty warm (for Boston lately) out there, but since I am stuck in this refrigerator of an office, I am actually chilly.

    I would love to quite my gym membership and so jealous you can fit a treadmill soon! little Boston apartments = not good for big fitness fun

    the lemonade looks enticing, not gonna lie - but I always get a couple sips of those types of drinks and it gets (dare I say it...) too sweet!

  5. I actually never eat at Mcd's.. I try extremely hard not to eat fast food ever. I have a treadmill but I never use it!

  6. I used to have a very very old treadmill that I used maybe twice a week? I just HATE treadmills. I feel like a hamster lol!

  7. I have a precor treadmill and I love it. I got the fold up kind, which is totally stupid because it doesn't take up any less space when folded, so don't bother with that bit and it will save you a little. Don't skimp on your treadmill. It will likely be something you use a lot for a lot of years even if you end up not be able to run. Plan on spending 15-2000. It's worth it. You could go a little cheaper, but it wouldn't be worth it in the end. Mine has 25 year warranties on most of the parts and was a floor model so it was a couple hundred off. We financed it and ended up paying like $20 a month for 2 years. Totally totally worth it.

  8. Calcium is a common component of many food preservatives, and a few flavoring agents.

  9. Hahaha. Love it. Check out their nutritional info totals. Apparently they can't add, either.

  10. I bought a treadmill in January and I LOVE IT! I got this one:

    It was on sale and I got it for $600 (and free shipping). It is exactly what I wanted for a treadmill in my house. Big and sturdy but not huge like some of the ones at the gym. I use it a little less now since it's nicer outside but I still do all my speedwork on it.

    I haven't tried the Strawberry Lemonade but I do like the Strawberry Banana smoothies at McD's when I'm in a rush in the morning.

  11. I've been eyeing them, but I don't want to get addicted haha.

  12. It is definitely ice bath & salad season!

  13. Wish I owned a treadmill!

    And read this before trying that...

    The calcium and sodium comes from preservatives that they freeze into the ice to keep it slushy. The link talks about the one specifically that actually gives it a bitter taste! YUCK.

  14. I would love to own my own treadmill but I haven't gotten around to purchasing one yet. Good luck shopping for one!

  15. How awesome that you'll have your own treadmill! Oooooo, now my mouth is watering, and I'm wanting one of those strawberry lemonades!

  16. I don't have my own treadmill but I would LOVE to have one! I would put it right beside my bed and go to sleep with my run clothes on at night. That way I could just wake up and jump on! Ha

    I have not tried that drink and I probably won't! McDonalds scares me...

  17. Am I the only that wants to send McDonald's back to algebra? Calories 210+70 = 270? Sodium 15+5+5=30?

  18. I used the Treadmill Doctor site when we were looking for a new treadmill:

    Ultimately we ended up with the Sole F80 and I love it.

    There is a crapton of sugar in that lemonade. Yuck.

  19. My hubby tried it, and he didn't care for it. I would LOVE a treadmill at home!

  20. oooh i am so so jealous if you get a TM!!! my parents have one they never use but its so old and run down that it doesnt really work anyways... so i would recommend getting something that is going to last through alll the miles and pounding youre going to put on it!

    and i am not a huge fan of mcdonalds drinks, probably because the last smoothie of theirs I tried was grosss and had so so much sugar in it... but I could go for a $1 hot fudge sundae any day of the week :) cave in the the ba da ba ba ba...

  21. All I can say - is

    Looks like heaven in a jar.

  22. I second going to I have a NordicTrack Elite 9500 Pro and I love it. It has a 3.8 CHP motor, adjustable cushioning, a nice long deck, and a touch screen that you can use the internet with. Very cool!

  23. I have a free coupon for that lemonade at McDonald's but I'm still debating on redeeming it or not. I'm afraid that it's going to be too sweet as well!

    I love your choice of peanut butter brand though. I usually get Smart Balance because it's cheaper though but if I had a choice, Peanut Butter Co.'s peanut butter would be my #1!

    - Vanessa
    <a href="

  24. I have not tried one of those from Mcd's, but I have heard they are pretty good!

  25. i love how you said you "got around" to using those pb jars. for real girl! i would make that a priority! so cool you are working on the house project!

  26. Come move is still freezing. Salads do taste AMAZING in the heat. I LOVE MY TREADMILL...I lived on the dang thing during the winter and I miss it so much!!! The lemonade icee is calling my name!

  27. I do so love a good salad in the heat. Am I bad I don't even know what kind of mill I have? We got it 10 years ago and it's the total bomb....gosh I hope I'm not jinxing it.

  28. I'm a huge fan of the soft serve fake ice cream from McDonalds...good stuff! It's so refreshing and yummy.

  29. I've tried the Strawberry Lemonade and hated it! I was so bummed! Maybe it was just my McDonalds but a huge let down from the pic! :(

    That salad is looking pretty stellar!

    I do have a treadmill, it's a Sole! Love it!

  30. Aww so exciting that you are getting your very own treadmill. I am so incredibly jealous!

    I think those strawberry lemonade things from mcdonalds look good too. But usually fast food things look good on TV and then I'm incredibly dissapointed when I go out and try them.

  31. My boyfriend's parents have a treadmill that I use whenever I'm visiting... it has built in fans and I've gotta say those are a MUST!

  32. We have a Livestrong treadmill, the 7.9 model. I think we got it for $799 at Dicks. I like it, it has a lot of good features. We weren't looking to spend a lot. I definitely recommend reading reviews online, helped us avoid some bad ones.

  33. I've been wanting one of those ice things from McDonalds too!! Something keeps stopping me but I believe this weekend I will finally get my fix!!
    Can't wait to finally try one :)


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