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Introducing....Cara! Plus a Giveaway Winner!

As you know, Cara from Eat. Pray. Run! and I are both doing this Gluten-Free trial together. She has been creating some amazing meals and you should definitely head on over there for a look! I asked her a few questions to find out how she was doing so far this week.

Cara reading up on more Gluten-Free goodies!

1) Why did you decide to try a Gluten-free diet?

I have such a passion for health and fitness, especially seeing the diversity of what works and what doesn't for individuals.  We are all SO different and figuring out what works best for ME is what feels like a lifelong journey.  I have mentioned on my blog that I have food sensitivity that I have had a hard time figuring out. I think I've narrowed down the culprits to fiber-overdose (since I eat tons of plant based foods), dairy or gluten sensitivity.  I generally don't eat any processed gluten but I wanted to kick it to the curb for a week just to see how my body would react.  I was totally up for the challenge and to see what it feels like to walk in someones shoes with Celiacs Disease.  And of course having an awesome blogging friend for support makes it that much better ;)

2) Are there any foods you would like to eat, but can't for this week?
I am lucky to have access to some really great health food markets in Southern California so I have actually been able to replace everything I would normally eat with a gluten-free version.  The chocolate chip granola in my pantry has starred me down a few times this week though!

3) Which GF products do you recommend so far? Favorites?
I eat some type of wrap almost everyday for lunch so I was hesistant to replace my usual Ezekial sprouted grain tortilla's with GF ones.  I bought Ezekial's GF brown rice wraps and really enjoy them!  I've also been loving buckwheat - it makes great 'groatmeal' in the mornings and keeps me full longer than oats, which is a feat!  Oh and baked lentil chips are!

Lucky Number 81!
 Congratulations to Sandy from  Sassy Runner Girl!  You won my giveaway for the book 7 Weeks to 100 Push-Ups! Congrats! Email me your mailing address and it will be sent to you! If you haven't read Sandy's blog yet, you're really missing out. 

Sandy at the Nike Women's Marathon!

Would anyone be interested in doing a week similar to this one with me in the future? Let me know if you have a suggestion for a style of eating and if you would be happy to answer questions like this! I'm excited to learn more and doing these week long challenges is really fantastic. 

Have you held a giveaway on your blog before? How do you pick a winner?
This is my first, so thanks for everyone who entered! I used to pick Sandy.

Do you follow Cara or Sandy?
But of course! And you should too, go now!!


  1. I'm really looking forward to seeing how your GF week goes. My mom is trying very hard to be GF and it's been difficult for her to make the switch. I'm hoping I can pick up some tips from your journey :)

  2. wow 7 weeks to 100 push ups!!!! idk if that could ever be possible for me one day!!!! so excited to see what your next weekly challenge is :)

  3. hey, congrats to Sandy!

    I have done a week of gluten free and a week of just wheat free... which is so much easier.

    I also did a week with no commercially prepared processed foods... breads, flours, milks, yogurts, etc. Only produce, fresh meats and fish. It was REALLY hard! But I did make my own peanut butter so that was good.

    Experimenting with different styles is good I think. It will be so much easier for you once you get into your new home with a full kitchen. I think you are doing so well with no stove.

  4. I can't wait to hear the recap on the GF week - I have wanted to try one myself for a little while now, but afraid I don't have the discipline.

    Great Q& A portion with Cara!

  5. Wow, gluten free now too. I'm interested to see how this goes. I've never done a give away because I'm afraid no one will enter. LAME. I hang out with insecure high school kids too much (I'm a teacher... not a creep).

  6. I've used for giveaway winners too. I also have divided comments into groups and rolled dice with my kids. Way more fun, and way more work!

  7. Thanks for sharing - she is amazing and I love hearing about new diets. I never have had a giveaway cause my follower pool is so day...LOL one day! I just suck at commenting on other people's blogs even though I stalk hundreds! LOl

  8. I am loving reading your all's journey on this GF week! thanks for sharing everything! Congrats to Sandy!

  9. I love getting other people's perspectives on trying different diets or ways of eating... thanks for posting this!

  10. It's interesting to try out new ways of eating/living. I'm too plain and boring to ever stray away from my typical chicken and rice type meals and WAYYY too cheap to buy anything extra. I'm excited to hear how it goes for you though!

  11. Great thoughts! I'm always up for a good food challenge! I use to be full vegetarian (before getting pregnant), but would love to do a week of vegan as a challenge after I have the baby. I use to pick my winners too. Have a great Friday

  12. Thanks Vanessa!!! I am so very excited to receive the book and start the 100 push-up challenge myself!

  13. I'd be up for doing a week challenge with you! I don't have any ideas though, lol. Maybe the all cookie diet?

  14. I'd definitely be up for trying something new for week, just let me know!!

  15. First giveaway, complete! You are an official blogger now! I need to get on that wagon myself! GF day 5...and I REALLY want some toast right now!

  16. I plan to do a giveaway when I get 50 followers, I do follow Cara, she's pretty awesome!

  17. Great job on your first giveaway. I would like to do one for my 100th post. We'll see. I really enjoy reading about these different styles of eating. I think it makes me more aware of the things I'm putting in my body and may even change my habits as well.

    I LOVE Cara! She's so sweet and I definitely read her sweet blog. You two are so great!

    p.s Hanuta can be found at WorldMart. They have them everywhere I think. You should google it. If you dont...maybe I can do a giveaway with those! lol

  18. I'm scared of doing too much eliminating. I think I would go NUTS on whatever food I was avoiding once I decide it's "ok" again. I guess that's irrational...I usually have more self-control than that. So I am interested to hear how you feel at the end of this, and whether it's something I should try. Good for you!

  19. I just did a giveaway last week, & thought it was really fun. I used also to pick numbers.

  20. Congrats to Sandy! Thank for all of the GF information I think it is incredibly interesting.

    Do you think you could do a post about the benefits of GF? I know a lot of people are forced to go GF because of dietary restrictions but am wondering why it has gained so much popularity.

    Good luck at your half tomorrow!!! I'll be thinking about you while running my full. :)

  21. Can't wait to read all about your GF thoughts. I'm impressed with your self-discipline and ability to stay away from those foods. I'd love to participate in a week long challenge sometime. I'll start thinking about some options.

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