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Weekly Workout Recap #6

Well, I didn't quite meet all of my goals for this week but I'm pretty happy with the exercise I fit in so I won't worry too much! Once again, the 3 upper-body strength training sessions were somehow forgotten about, but I managed two (!!) and quite a bit more yoga than I'm used to as well. Here's the recap:

Monday: 5 Mile Run
   --40 minutes of Yoga
Tuesday: 1 hour upper body strength training: back, shoulders, chest, triceps, biceps
   --abs: various
   --100 Push-Up Challenge: Week 5, Day 2, Level 2 (Total: 160)
   --25 Minutes of Yoga
Wednesday: 6 Mile Run
Thursday: 6 Mile Run
    --1 hour upper body strength training: back, shoulders, chest, triceps, biceps
   --abs: various
   --100 Push-Up Challenge: Week 5, Day 3, Level 2 (Total: 175)
Friday: Walked 5 Miles
  --40 Minutes of Yoga
Saturday: Ran 3 Miles
   --20 Minutes of Yoga
Sunday: Ran 11 Miles
   --20 Minutes of Yoga 

Actual running mileage for the week is 31 miles, so that's about where I want it! 

Goals for next week: I would like to keep my mileage around 30 miles again, and have one day of hills and at least one of speed work. I know I can run the 13 miles in 2 weeks---now I need to make sure I can run faster! I have really been enjoying yoga lately. Well, as much as you can enjoy it in a hotel room with 2 cats. It's tough to be centered and focused with 2 lovely little ones purring all over you.

Yoga disrupters but oh so cute!

Tracking my workouts is about a bazillion times easier using Daily Mile! I track all my walks, runs, or occasional elliptical workouts. I'm thinking about tracking other things as well--like strength training or yoga. Does anyone else do this?

How do you track your workouts? Daily Mile or something else? What do you track, just miles or something else too?
I track cardio, but I need to start tracking things like upper body work or yoga. Be my friend on Daily Mile!! (Desperate much?)

Do you have any 4-legged children? I'm interested in the 2-legged ones too, don't worry!
2 beautiful adopted cats. My hubs got them before I met him but now they are absolutely my babies. Silka is the girl and Smoky is the boy. 


  1. I use Daily Mile for my runs, but I think I'm going to start using it for everything else too, just to physically see all my workouts... I think it will help me to stay motivated.

    I have a four-legged baby (a min-pin), but we are planning having a two-legged baby as well, just a while down the road. :)

  2. I have just started using daily mile in the blog bc it is easier to view. But I have always used I can track every workout I do on there. It just isn't as easy to post in the blog. Or atleast I haven't figured it out yet.

    I have a four legged friend (Kubbi) who loves yoga/Jillian Michaels time. She buries herself under the yoga mat and tries to catch my feet.

  3. Gorgeous kitties! I've got a dynamic duo of dogs who are brothers. With two daughters we needed to even the score a little...although the dogs were actually here first.
    I use daily mile but very haphazardly and I only log cardio. Lame.
    Nice workout week! Wish I could say I did that much (any) yoga.

  4. your kitties are so cute! mine is also quite the yoga disrupter. that and foam rolling - she's all over me with the purrs and headbutts! ;)

  5. What an awesome week!! Great job!! I keep track of my running/workouts on the log and in a notebook that I keep with me.

    I don't have any pets but might get a dog in the near future!

  6. Love your kitties! I only got in two strength sessions last week too when my goal was three, darn it. It seems like that is the first thing to go when I'm pressed for time. Nice mileage last week! You do such an amazing amount of cross training!

  7. Pretty kitties! I have a crazy blue eyed bordercollie who is always game for a run and gets pissed if I don't take him. (he knows my running clothes now)

    What an awesome week you had! I don't track my runs online- but I keep a notebook now to record everything. I use to keep all of my race results.

  8. I don't have pets of my own, but I love going to my Mum & Dad's to play with the two cats I grew up with. Both are orange tabbies and full of personality ;-)

  9. I've never used the daily tracker thing. I usually write down what I do in my planner. I dont have a pet, but I grew up with a black and white cat. I had her until I was almost 16. She was 20 when we had to put her down

  10. Your kitties are so cute! I have two kitties as well, Leo and Sox, and they are also exercise disrupters. Whenever I am on the floor doing stretching they are right there rolling around with me. When I do puch ups they walk under my arms and give me kisses on the way down. :)

    I use Daily Mile and it is so much better than writing things down on a piece of paper. I love it!

  11. vanessa I love your kitten babies!!

    I use daily mile but mostly for cardio... im still figuring everything else out :)

    um we found our first cat,lucy as a stray and she kept coming back... so we let her stay and 3 months later she gave birth to a litter of kittens, one of which we kept and then gave lucy and the rest of the kittens to good homes :) I LOVE my KEvs but he is ALWAYS underfoot when I do yoga at home.. and it is quite a challenge to keep him out of the baby jogging stroller :)

    CUTE CUTE kitties!!! :)

  12. Awesome workouts girl! I am again interested in you sharing your upper body workouts with me. Pretty please! :) I am desperate to get all the upper body help I can.

    I have a little 4-legged dog that I treat like a child. I would be lost without her.

  13. LOL. I love your "Yoga distrupters". Too cute. Gotta love when your pets hover over you while your on the floor working out.

  14. I really like Daily mile too, but I also use a running log to keep up with all my workouts.
    I have a four-legged child, Carly, a pekepoo, she is my baby until I have kids!

  15. Dang! Nice workouts :) Your kitties are cute. I use my blog to track my workouts. I go back through my week, count everything and put it in a notepad file then save to my computer. :) I have never used Daily Mile before but it sounds pretty nice.

  16. I use daily mile, garmin connect and I have a little spreadsheet on my computer...yeah...OCD no big deal. haha. I just started daily mile recently though and I love how it is a little encouraging community!

    I LOVE all the yoga you are doing... I was thinking about trying some out at home...didn't you say that you found some online? I may need to search for it later!

    AWESOME workouts this week!

  17. ohhhhh! and of course I spent mother's day with my sweet 4-legged child :)

  18. Oh the 4-legged disrupters! I have two felines that I adopted from shelters, Cally and Tucker. Tucker loves to wait until I'm in downdog and then sprawl across the mat. Congrats on a great mileage week, I'm jealous! MCM training starts in 3 weeks, so I have a feeling I'll be getting closer to those numbers soon.

  19. Cute kitties!

    I track all of my workouts in Excel.

  20. Looks good to me =) I track my workouts all kinds of ways..... mileage, quality of workouts, types of workouts, etc. I am a data freak so really I analyze everything! I do have a 4 legged friend Grisz (my goldendoodle who accompanies me on runs on occasion) he is kind of annoying and always jetting for rabbits. -Jen

  21. Awesome job on your weekly workouts!! I usually use the Daily Mile as well to track my workouts.
    I have the cutest little four legged friend, Cooper...he is 5 months now and a Golden.

  22. adopting is the way to go when getting pets! yours are so healthy looking!

  23. What a great week! I just track my mileage on my blog. Pretty lame, I know. I did week 5 last week of the push up challenge too. It was tough for me and I think I'll repeat it again this week. I have 4 kids, a dog, and 6 chickens. It's kind of crazy around here sometimes.

  24. You can get your upper body work done at work, easy peasy!

    My puppy is ok with yoga...until she hears "down dog" and sees me do it, then she can't stop licking my face! Go figure!

  25. Nice week of workouts! We have a 4-legged child, a Maltipoo named Roxy. And we treat her like our child, it's bad.

  26. Great mileage! Yes, I'm totally addicted to daily mile now too!

  27. I love DM for tracking workouts, but I feel bad when people comment on my runs because I never comment on anyone elses. It's too much social networking for me!

    I have a pup who is a giant yoga disrupter too, but she's the best (and all the children I need right now!).

  28. Awesome workout week! Yes, I have my Jack Russell, Panya. I hear you - she always "attacks" me when I'm trying to do a yoga pose!

  29. i track miles and times for other cardio and weight training. sometimes i just say, i am going to life for 45 mins and then i keep finding things to do until i am out of time. it works!

  30. I am so impressed with how much cross training you manage to fit in along with your mileage! You're going to do great!

  31. Ahh your kitties are soo cute!! Your workouts look great! I'm also trying to incorporate more yoga but it's so hard sometimes to sacrifice another work out for yoga.

  32. Your four legged friends are too cute. I have two dogs (Great Dane & Jack Russell) and a bunny.
    I like to track just walking and running for now. I just use a pedometer and then write it all down. I need to find one of those websites to track it.
    Great job on your weekly exercise! Very impressive!


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