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Gluten-Free Day 3 and 2 Speedy Miles

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I wasn't quite sure how my taper week for the half was going to go--I haven't been following a schedule for the training, just a mix of things I put together for myself, so I didn't have anything to go by. I'm sort of winging it keeping the distances shorter and going by how I feel. Yesterday the plan was to rest, but after dinner I started feeling antsy and knew I needed a quick run to shake out my legs. I asked hubs to join me, and he said yes! We haven't run outside together in ages and I was so excited! We did a quick 2 mile loop and I led the way, trying to keep a good pace since he's always faster than me. I ran the 2 miles in 16:34. That's a 8:17 pace, what?!! I know it was only 2 miles, but man that make me feel like a rockstar. I know to some of you that's a little jog in the park, but for me---I might as well have been flying!

We're on Day 3 here of Gluten-Free! So far, so good. There's been a couple of times I've reached for a graham cracker and then pulled my hand back, but otherwise I haven't missed anything. I'm realizing that I should be eating more that's naturally GF, rather than buying replacement items. By that, I mean I don't have to check the back of broccoli to see if it's ok to eat--but I have to check the chips, the cookies, the candy, etc. Lunch was corn tortillas with egg whites, spinach, and salsa. Dinner was a giant sweet potato topped with Peanut Butter (don't knock it until you've tried it!) and flax, with a side of edamame. 

I have a question that hopefully some of you can answer. I have been eating oats each morning for breakfast. I looked online and they are gluten-free naturally, however some cross contamination can occur it appears. If you eat GF, do you eat oats? Or do you buy a special Gluten-Free type?

Do you ever exercise with a significant other? Do you prefer it?
I think it's great for a change, but really I prefer to run on my own. It was great yesterday though because I think running with hubs pushes me to be a bit faster. 

Strangest thing you put PB on?
I just need some support, because I'm eating it like crack right now. Last night I cooked the sweet potato and edamame, out it on a plate, and thought..."what's missing?" Right, Peanut Butter. So good on pasta too, gives it an Asian taste!


  1. I don't eat oats at all any more. Oats are almost always going to have been cross contaminated unless you buy gluten free oats. I haven't bought any yet. Some people that are gluten free still can't eat gluten free oats due to similar proteins to wheat.

    I put peanut butter on pretty much anything. Seriously. Protein! I don't know what strange thing I've put it on.

  2. I've got to try the SP and PB! I put PB on apples, toast, bananas, nothing too weird.
    I do not like running with my hubby...he always goes ahead of me and I'm downwind of the flying sweat...ugh!
    Nice 2 miles!

  3. I prefer to run by myself, but sometimes when I my husband wants to I go for a short run with him and enjoy it. He really pushes the pace also. I like PB in my smoothies though I don't know that I put it on anything weird!

  4. From what I have read, oftentimes flour is used in oats to keep them from clumping together, so they are pretty much always going to have some contamination.

    However, even when I have bought gluten-free oats, I still have stomach troubles, which can happen for those with an allergy.

  5. I don't think I put PB on anything strange... but I may have to try it! lol

  6. uhh who would think you put PB on Sweet Potato? You would! That actually sounds really good...I can see the appeal.

    I can't eat PB cause my body hates me (allergic) but I love soy butter as a substitute. I like to melt some in the microwave with choc chips and make a melty bowl of gooey love. Not strange, but delicious!

  7. My husband joined me on my 4 mile run yesterday too! He hasn't run (let alone run with me) for ages, so I was happy he agreed to do it. He was sure sore this morning though!

  8. If you want your oats to be totally gluten free, buy the steel cut variety. :)

    My husband runs too (but barefoot), so we run together a lot. He used to be faster and in better shape than me, but now I usually start and finish my runs without him and run the middle portion together.

    Weirdest thing I've put pb on? I can't think of anything. I need to remedy the situation.

  9. vanessa that looks so good! I love steel cut oats and I dont think that has the same problem as regular oats as far as being GF. I looove pb. we literally put it on eVERYTHING. how fun to run with the hubs!! mine has only run with me once but it was SO wonderful!

  10. Great job on the workout! I love short little work outs that totally pick up your mood. I really enjoy running with others but also enjoy running alone. I think it is good to have a mix.

    I don't eat a ton of pb myself but I've seen my sister eat it on literally anything..celery, mixed with plain oats, graham crackers, pretzels, carrots, ect! I think it's just a little crazy. :)

  11. My hubby and I take walks together sometimes but we haven't worked out together yet. Our work schedules are a little off :( That sound fun though! He wants to get into running with me!

    I guess the weirdest thing I put PB on is a filipino oxtail stew that is my fav childhood meal. My mom makes it the best of course. It has meat, beans, cabbage, pb, and eggplant. It's really really good!!

  12. My dad has had trouble finding oat that is truely gluten free. Due to the fact that it is processed on a conveyer with flour or how it is broken down in the factories/farms.

  13. My husband and I mtn bike together and occasionally we'll run together (when one of us isn't injured) but, generally, I prefer to run alone.

    PB, jam, & CHEESE sandwich!! Yum.

  14. I wish I could eat the same thing every morning but alas my contrary nature will not allow it:-)

    I know friends that tried to find gluten free oats - but they never managed to find a brand that didn't upset their stomach.

    I've had peanut butter on steak...

  15. I've seen those nut butter/sweet potato combos, and I've been meaning to try it. It sure looks good!

    My husband won't exercise for anything, but I think I prefer it that way. Running is my own zone-out time.

  16. So cute you ran with the hubs. My hubby and I tried that a few weeks ago but I got frustrated because he could run faster (he NEVER runs). Just one more reason for me to increase my pace!

    Your 8:17 pace is awesome! Be proud of that for sure. Some day I'll get there.

  17. When I did the gluten-free thang I bought 100% pure oats. I read that in many cases, people who need to eat gluten-free are okay with those, but since I don't have any gluten troubles, I can't speak from experience!

  18. My favorite thing to put peanut butter on is my finger. I love it just straight. Which is why I don't keep too much in my house. I would be 50 lbs heavier. Almond butter though, not nearly as addictive for me, but I still love it dearly.

  19. I don't mind working out with my boyfriend, but he doesn't like working out with me... he says I'm too distracting. His workouts are also completely different from what I do, I mix it up and he is pretty strictly elliptical and weights.

  20. My husband really doesn't like running so we workout separately.

    I guess the oddest thing would be protein shakes. I put a scoop in all the time!

  21. That IS quick!!!! Good for you!! =)

    I don't work out with Max even though we're on the same split and do almost the exact same routine haha. We just get in each other's way and distract each other -- if I'm checking out his butt I'm not pushing myself hard enough, know what I mean?

  22. Craig hates to run, he did all throughout Highschool and really bummed his knees out. We do enjoy going on walks/hikes/ and bike rides together. He has always wanted me to do p90x with him, but I can't get myself into it.
    Last night I put pb on my salmon and ate it with soy sauce. Yums!

  23. I think oats are considered okay, but there is probably some cross contamination. if you are sensitive to gluten, you should be fine!

    I am going to be following an anti-inflammatory diet starting Friday! It's GF too.

    Great running Vanessa--fast is such a relative term!!

  24. Nice job! That's fast!

    I try to get my man out there running with me but it rarely happens. He says he is too tall but when he does come I love it!

    I dont really put my pb on anything strange just mostly my grahams, bananas and in my oatmeal. Oh and I usually do almond butter. Love it more than the peanut.

  25. Great run! I love when that happens! I've run with my bf a few times but he is much slower than I am so we don't stick together for long. It is usually best that I go on my own so I get the workout I want and he doesn't feel like he's holding me back.

  26. I've done almond butter on a sweet potato before and it was awesome, so I'm sure pb is good too. I used to train w/ the hubs quite a bit in our pre-kid days. Now, pretty much never! But I miss it. Glad you get the chance.

  27. It's so bad for you but I melt pbut and mix brown sugar into it to put over sweetpots! SOOO DELISH!!

    I can only run with the other half once in awhile. He's way to fast for me!!

  28. oh, and I forgot to add that when I was younger (before I was gluten-free), I used to dip my oreos in pb all the time. It's SO good!

  29. I put peanut butter on everything! haha I think the weirdest thing I put it on was raw broccoli and raw carrots. It sounds weird but it is so good!
    I most of the time go to the gym with my husband and I enjoy it. Although when I am doing my cardio I like to be alone, keeps me more focused.

  30. Wow that is super speedy.
    Running is my me time 100% I like to do it alone, so I can let my mind wander and enjoy being alone.
    Microwave some pb and chocolate chips(just a few) and than coat cheerios with it or rice chex (they're gluten free) and let it harden back up

  31. Nice 2 miler!

    The pb on sweet potatoes sounds delish!
    Great idea.

    When I go to the gym my wonderful, wonderful goes with me. When I run outside I'm usually alone or with my border collie. My WW travels a lot for work and can't keep up with me anymore. ;)

  32. We're 1/2 way there! This isn't so bad at all. I am missing my Ezekial toast and i'm too cheap to go buy the GF stuff ;) 8:17...heck yeah! I have a feeling you're about to show this 1/2 marathon what's up!

  33. I eat peanut butter on everything! I'm obsessed with it and can't get enough!

    I like working out with my boyfriend a lot. We usually do strength training together and I always feel like I got a much better workout when I go with him. I wish he would run with me, but he claims that he hates it (even though he ran track in high school!).

  34. awww so fun that you all ran together! and believe me...that pace would have been fast for me as well!
    I am not sure the craziest thing I put PB all seems normal to me:) One time I told my class that my favorite snack is PB with graham crackers. One of the guys looked at me like I was crazy...That is a normal thing though right?? haha And that is totally benign to what you COULD be putting PB on.

  35. My daughter has Celiac Disease and I only let her have certified gluten free oats. I just went gluten free due to stomach issues. I have done some Cliff Bars and other items that are not noted as gluten free oats. I have not had a problem.

    Glad to hear the GF is going good!

  36. Nice work on the fast miles! (They are super fast to me. :-))

    I prefer to run alone, so I can set my own pace, stop for bathroom breaks, etc. I love to run with the husband, but it's a rare treat when it happens.

  37. Hi, new follower.
    wow, you did fly through those 2 Miles. And way to go on the gluten free

  38. Yum, PB and sweet potato looks yummy! I don't thing I put it on anything weird... One girl I work with thought it was strange when I was eating a PB and banana sandwich once. I though it was quite bizarre. Isn't that a staple in everyone's diet???

    I love working out on my own most of the time but a little company is nice when I know I don't need a serious/focused workout and I just want to get fresh air or something like that!

  39. so, how are you feeling w/o gluten? do you notice any difference in your digestion/gut? i have gut issues so, i always wonder, is it the gluten?

    i love peanut butter too .. especially on my bagels, apples and in shakes. i've never tried it on sweet potatoes but i have made asian flare dishes using it. so yummy!

    i love to workout with my husband. i run faster and can run farther at the moment but i know for sure if he ever decided to take running seriously, he would whip my butt.

  40. Oh I'm going to have to try peanut butter with sweet potato, two of my loves!!

    I enjoy running with my boyfriend, he's super speedy and helps encourage me.

    Nice work on some quick miles :)

  41. I don't know..everything tastes good with PB! hehe

    I can't exercise with my hub, he takes off super quick then he's tired within 15 minutes. I need to teach him to take it a little slower ;)

  42. I try to get my boyfriend to run with me all the time, but he never wants to, so it is a huge event when he says yes :) I definitely push myself a lot more when I am running next to him (could be because he is 6'1" and his strides are double mine, but no biggy)

    PB...hmmm...I don't know what is the weirdest because I thought putting it in yogurt was weird, but then I see that a lot of these blogs have pb in their yogurt mixins...but yours on sweet potato looks great and I need to try it soon!

  43. I much prefer to run alone but I do like to run with boyfriend every once in awhile.
    I put PB in my oatmeal. So good.

  44. good for you for going GF! I wouldn't worry about the oats unless you have celiac. It should be a problem for you if youre just wanted to eat gluten free. I buy gluten free oats but I have the allergy. Hope you continue down this road. YEA!

  45. Great run!

    My boyfriend and i end up at the gym at the same time. I do yoga he lifts weights, but we haven't worked out together yet, he's not much of a runner.

  46. oh yeah, with you on the pb, it is great on pretty much everything! you don't have to explain yourself to me!


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