Friday, May 13, 2011

Super-Productive and Friday Favorites

Has anyone else been super-productive this past 24 hours? Seriously, taking blogger down for a day left me with more than a few minutes of spare time to fill. I was able to spend it being really productive. Three guesses how I spend my normal blogger time:

a) Creating World Peace
b) Inventing a spinach that tastes like fro-yo
c) Reading self-hosted blogs instead

Ok, fine, you got me--C! I'm an addict and I love it. I'll try to catch up with a Friday Favorites post. Here are the things I've been in love with this week:

Peanut Butter: Holy cow, I can't remember a day where this hasn't been a part of at least 2 meals/snacks. Some of my favorite ways to use it this week:

Graham Crackers with PB and strawberries
Popcorn with Melted PB, cranberries, and flax
Straight out of the jar!
My Little Blue Bowl: I bought this for 39 cents at Wal-Greens and it was the best few pennies I ever spent. Somehow everything is so much more exciting eaten out of such a pretty colored bowl! 

Or Nerds! Having my trail half-marathon 8 days away means it is officially in the 10-Day forecast. Which means I need to obsessively check it every 30 minutes just to see the exact temperature it will be next Saturday. Is this normal?

Were you extra-produtive without blogger working? 
In all honesty, I was more productive when it was down! I guess maybe it's a sign I could spend just 95% of my free time on here instead of all of it. 

Do you check the weather constantly before a race?
Yes! Even though I know it's not that reliable and will change CONSTANTLY, I still want to obsess over it!


  1. I was extra annoyed without blogger working. But I suppose I was more productive too... sigh... blogs take up a huge part of my day.

    I love strawberries, PB and graham crackers. My mom thought it was so weird the first time I paired them together but I think it's DELICIOUS.

  2. ha, blogger being down freed up my time as well!

    um, love your blue bowl! what a find!

    okay, don't knock it BUT i totally love PB on a toasted whole wheat english muffin (halved)...with natural maple syrup drizzle on top. seriously, so yummy.

  3. I spent most of the time obsessively checking the blogger page and being pissed that the post I did Wednesday is now gone. And then I packed to leave for NY for my race on Sunday. PS when did Smuckers stop making the Natural PB with honey in it? It was the best one and I can't find it anywhere anymore.

  4. I spent my time anxiously visiting to find out when it back was up! LOL

  5. Oh my gosh, it's so sad because I kept checking to see if Blogger was up because I was so afraid that I missing out on something! lol
    I love too, I'm constantly checking ahead for my runs!

  6. I don't think I was productive because I kept checking and reloading the site!! haha

  7. I got to work extra early today hoping to get my blogs done but then couldn't. So I was able to get more school work done here than at home. The rest of the day I didn't see my laptop at all!!! Darn end of the year assessments at school!!

  8. Of course we were all more productive and my bf even got some extra attention! Heck I obsess about weather every weekend for my regular workouts so you can just imagine before a race..

  9. I wasn't productive. I kept checking every 15 minutes on blogger just to see if the problem has been resolved so I can go and blog and read people's blog.

  10. that popcorn looks soooooooooooooooooo good!

    I wasn't really anymore productive with blogger down. I was traveling all day so I could have used something entertaining to read lol

  11. I am right there with you, I think I get more done when blogger is down ;)

    Checking the weather constantly when I have a race coming up!

  12. I would consider myself pretty productive today-having field day with 32 third graders which consisted of being outside all day doing relay races, soccer games, and tug of war in 40 degree weather! I am beat!!
    I will cross my fingers for ya that the weather is AWESOME for your trial half :)

  13. I was definitely more productive with blogger down. I went to yogurtland, costco and got a litte jog in (are these activities considered productive?) ha ha

    I obsessively check the weather for races. It is a problem and I'm working on it about as hard as I'm working on my blogging problem. :) Have a great weekend!

  14. Productive as in I actually did some work today :) But other than that I was kind of lazy - did get in a 55 minute run, which was what i will call productive for a Friday.

    PB and strawberry on graham sounds like a great snack and potential sweet tooth solver in one.

    and i obsess over whether I have a race or not - totally normal

    happy friday/weekend!

  15. I've never thought to put melted PB on popcorn -- it looks SO good!

  16. I definitely ate a pb and strawberry sandwich with that same white chocolate pb today! SO good!!

  17. I hated Blogger not working :( but I actually read a book! I almost solved world peace and came close to ending the war against terrorism. However, Blogger is back up so all those things go to the wayside! I always check the weather anyways.....funny that your celcius temps are close to my farenheit temps....although it has been alot warmer!

  18. so i've checeked the weather about a million times today for my tournament tomorrow and sunday. Why i think it'll change every five minutes is beyond me

  19. Extra productive, sure! But I missed all the blogs I usually read with my morning coffee!!

  20. That popcorn look, basically, heavenly.

  21. i definitely got some extra sleep with blogger being down :)

    and no worries...i check the weather obsessively as well!

  22. guess we were all bummed about blogger :(

    all those PB snacks look yummy, especially the melted pb on popcorn...Mmmmmm!!!

  23. Peanut butter is just... amazing. That popcorn looks sooo good!