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4-Leaf Clovers and Dream Prizes

I'm thinking there must have been some hidden 4-leaf clovers in my last spinach salad. I have been ridiculously lucky in the blogger world lately! I've won 3 giveaways in the last few weeks and I am way behind in thanking the lovely ladies responsible for this.

First, I won an iTunes giftcard from Liz at Pojo Fitness. Her blog is so fantastic, she's really knowledgable about fitness and gives some amazing tips. Check her out!

Somehow, the giveaway gods were still smiling at me and I won a giveaway over at the awesome blog I Run Like A Girl. The prize was a box of Honey Stinger Waffles. I haven't received them yet (or tried them before) but if they're good enough for Lance Armstrong, they're good enough for me. Actually, they're probably too good for me. 

Last, but CERTAINLY not least, I got lucky over on Kayla's blog, Running Through Life! I won a metal display for my medals from Allied Medal Display. I'm so excited! Right now, my race medals are in a ziploc bag. Ridiculous? Why yes. But since there are only 2 (so far!) it's not a big deal. But now I can hang them up on this baby and hopefully the collection will keep growing!

I've been pretty relaxed about running this week. I had one easy 4.5 mile run on Monday, and another easy 4 miles yesterday. I'm not in a big rush to get back up to 30 mile weeks, so I'm happy taking it easy for a while! Plus, hubs and I have been putting in crazy hours at our house site. I think if my arms are too tired to raise above my head I'm exempt from the push-up challenge, right? Please? 

Dream giveaway prize: what would you want to win? (Somewhat fitness/food related!)
If I didn't already have a Garmin, that would be it. I was wondering if you could give away a gift certificate of sorts from you could pay for your next race with it for free! Hmm...I may need to look into that for my next giveaway. Thoughts?

Do you keep or display your medals/bibs/race photos anywhere?
As of now, just the ziploc bag! I want to think of a creative way to save my bibs as well, I'd like to remember the races that I didn't get a medal for too.


  1. Wow it sounds like you did have a few four leaf clovers!! ;)

    An giveaway would be awesome!! :)

  2. giveaway would be FANTASTIC.

    I have a plastic container that I keep my race bibs/medals/important things from the race (little toys and such) that I'm not ready to part with. I love having a little memento box (but would love a place to hang my medals as well!!). Sounds like you're ROCKIN' it right now!

  3. Wow, I swear bloggy wins come in threes. Congrats on being a big winner!

    I love Allied Medal Hangers and have mine on one. Your medals need to hang!

  4. That is amazing! You have really good luck!

    I would want to win $100 Visa Gift Card :) hehe
    No I would totally love to win some Nike Frees. They are way cool but I just cant justify buying another pair of shoes!

    As for my medels I keep them in a container that slides under my bed. I don't know where else to put them.


  5. You scored some awesome wins! Right now my dream giveaway would be a Nathan waterbottle belt...only because I'm about to buy it and winning one would save me $30 :) Right now my medals (only 3) are on a bulletin board but once I score a few more I'll spend some money on a hanger. Hope you enjoy your wins!

  6. you ARE lucky! congratulations, that's awesome!!

  7. Lucky you! Enjoy the loot!
    I need to try those HS waffles.

  8. I wish I had some where to display my medals. Right now they all are sitting in a photo box along with the bibs to every race I have ever ran in my life, including high school.

  9. I am super unlucky, but an would be a fabulous giveaway!

    Take a break and enjoy running without training, you deserve it!

    I keep my medals draped on my mirror (which I have never hung on the wall) in my bedroom.

  10. Very nice. You ARE a lucky gal.

  11. Man - 3 WINS?!! That is awesome, go buy a lottery ticket! The week of my birthday I won 2, that was pretty sweet. A dream prize would be a cruise!! Totally :)

  12. I LOVE that metal display! Right not my medals are hanging on a bulletin board in my room... They need something nice. Maybe when I get up to a few more I will buy myself a beautiful display like the one you have won!

    I would like to win any giveaway really! Shoes would be awesome...maybe Vibrams! I have wanted a pair for a while now! Haha that would be pretty sweet!

  13. You've got some good mojo going on there! Congratulations! I never win anything, but I'm used to it :)

  14. I would want to win ANYTHING! It's such a great feeling haha!

  15. CONGRATS!!! Current dream prize would be a Garmin.. I'm a wannabe distance runner :)

  16. Yay for winning! I get so excited when I win! I have won a couple of things lately :)

  17. I've been planning to order one of those medal holders foreverrrr... and the one you won is probably the one I would buy! Very cute!!

  18. That medal rack is pretty cool! Way to go winning the giveaways!

  19. Hooray on the medal rack!

    Garmin watch giveaway. Seriously. Want oneee.

    I put my trophies and a few medals on my desk. The rest are stowed away in boxes :)

  20. Dang girl, way to go on that lucky streak!! I get so excited whenever I win anything because I'm notoriously 'unlucky' at raffles. :)

  21. Wow! Good for you! You should buy a lottery ticket asap! I only have one medal so far and it's on a bulletin board in my closet where I hang my necklaces.

  22. I don't really have enough medals to display, but I have basketball trophies displayed in my old room at my parents' house. My bf and I one day want to have a "room of champions" or something like that since we were both college athletes and have some memorabilia from our glory days.

    As for a giveaway I'd like to win the active gift certificates would be awesome if they existed; a Polar heart rate monitor workout watch (I had a Garmin and wasn't overly impressed with mine, maybe I just needed a different version); and finally I would love to win chia seeds because I have never tried them, they're too expensive for me and they're hard to come by here (or at least I don't see them much).

    Have a good night!

  23. Wow congrats!!! I love winning giveaways. It's just the best :-)

    Loving your medal display, too cute.

  24. Congrats, that's awesome that you won!!! Hmm, I'd probably have to pick a garmin.

  25. Dream prize would be a Vitamix. Or a puppy.

    My medals are hanging on my bedroom doorknob.

    You need to buy a lottery ticket stat!

  26. I would love to get a vitamix too! Those are the BEST blenders. My mom has one and i might have to steal it from her, hehe.

  27. I want to eat the spinach salad you're eating! I do save all my bibs (in a manila file folder in our little corner of an "office") and I have all my medals hanging on a belt/tie hanger mixed in with all my belts in my closet. It's kinda fun to hear them all clanking when I reach for a belt...

  28. You are a lucky duck!!

    I would be grateful to win anything free, but first I'd have to enter more giveaways...don't really come across them that often, I'll have to keep my eyes more open (haha no pun intended, reference to your post about running while asleep.) Wow, I'm a nerd.

  29. Whohew giveaways!! I can't wait to order a medal display once I get my first medal from my first half marathon this november!

  30. I can finally comment on your blog again, thank goodness my blogger has been healed!

    Way to go, lucky duck! Maybe hosting a couple of giveaways is bringing you luck in return...I need to get on that, but likely won't have time until after my trip to Uganda!

  31. wow!! congrats on all the giveaway wins! jealous girl right here :)

    I started hanging my medals on my know...right when you walk in the door so NO ONE can miss them. I have saved all my bibs as well but not sure what to do with them. After I run my marathon though I want to use my bib to get coasters made...I think there is a shop on etsy that will do it for you!

  32. You bring up such a good point. I'm by no means a vegeterian, but I do try to stay away from red meat (for cholesterol reasons). I just had blood work done earlier this week and am waiting for my results. Hope they come back ok in the iron department...and all other departments :)

  33. Lucky you!!

    I'd want a Garmin giveaway for sure!

  34. Maybe some of your luck is getting passed off to me, because I just won my first giveaway ever! I won a bondi band!! :D :D

  35. Luckyyyy I need to find some giveaways haha


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