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At-Home Upper Body Workout may have noticed I have some extra widgets on the right hand side of my blog. I'm now affiliated with Foodbuzz, woo-hoo! Really excited to have another network for my blog. Because clearly I need to spend more time on my computer in the blog world, right?

I got a few requests to show my upper body workouts and I thought I would share the easiest, simplest workout that you can do at home with only one piece of equipment - a resistance band. I use one with handles on each side to make these even simpler.  But before I even get to this stuff, I start each upper-body workout with the 100 Push-Up Challenge.
**Disclaimer: Hubs and I live in a teeny hotel room while our house is being built. It's messy. There are cats in basically every picture. They get pretty excited when workouts happen!

In between each set of push-ups, I need to rest about a minute. This is the PERFECT time to add in an ab exercise. Here were tonight's sets:

-28 Push-ups
-30 Crunches
-35 Push-ups
-20 Leg Lifts
-25 Push-ups
-30 Russian Twists
-22 Push-ups
-30 Bicycle Crunches
-35 Push-ups
-20 Roll-ups

Once these are out of the way, we can get onto the good stuff! I have about 5 exercises that I do with the resistance bands, and I consider them a "circuit". Once they are finished, I do another set of ab exercises, and then repeat 2-3 times.

BICEP CURL: Put the band under your right foot and hold one handle with your right hand. Keeping your right arm along the side of your body, bend at the elbow until your hand reaches your shoulder. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat. (Switch to left side when you've finished the right side!)

OVERHEAD TRICEPS EXTENSION: Again, stand on the band and hold the handle in your right hand. Point your elbow toward the ceiling and your hand is facing behind you. Use your left hand to support your right elbow. Straighten your arm toward the ceiling, then slowly return to starting position and repeat. (Switch to left side when you've finished the right side!)

SHOULDER PRESS: (For Deltoids and Triceps) With both feet on the middle of the band, grip both handles, one in each hand. Bend your elbows so your hands are at shoulder height. Straighten your arms and push your hands upwards above your head. Bring back to starting position and then repeat. 

STANDING BACK ROW:  For this, you need to loop your band around something at around shoulder height--I use a metal bar. Standing upright, hold each handle with one hand. Start with your arms straight out in front of you and then pull back to your body, tightening your shoulder blades and feeling the work in your back. Return to starting position and repeat!

I go through these exercises (and sometimes a few extras--the bands are so versatile!) and then squeeze in a few ab exercises, and then run through the circuit once or twice more depending on how I'm feeling or time constraints. 

The only proper way to refuel after a workout like this is with nostalgic treat from your childhood. (Don't worry, I had a Greek Yogurt first!) Yes, I mean PopRocks. Most fun ever. Does anyone remember the rumor that if you ate PopRocks and then drank Coke your stomach would explode? Seriously hope that's not true. 

Where do you do your upper body workouts? Home, gym? Do you use free weights, machines, bands, or body weight moves?
I've used all of these methods in the past, but right now the resistance bands work best for me. So simple and I can do it at home. Plus, I get to watch Glee in the background while I do this. Bonus!

Ever had PopRocks? What is the treat you loved best as a child?
I loved PopRocks! I think I remember Fruit By The Foot as the best snack though. I didn't get them often but they were amazing!


  1. Nice workout!

    Oh man, PopRocks! I had almost forgotten about those! They're awesome!

  2. I usually do my upper body workouts at the gym but before I go to bed at night I always do between 30-50 pushups.

    I loved poprocks watermelon flavor was my favorite.

  3. Awesome workout. I will have to incorporate some of the pushups with my workout! I loathe pushups! I love poprocks and I do remember that rumor about the coke. I loved fruit by the foot though. That was probably my all time favorite treat as a child!

  4. You are super jacked! I don't usually do upper body workouts (for shame!), but I have started to do pushups every other day. We'll see how long it lasts.

  5. Thank you so much for those awesome arm workouts! I have a resistance band at home somewhere. Those look totally doable! I am planning to start the 100 pushup challenge any day now. Maybe I'll do it today. I love your idea of throwing things in between each set of pushups. Great idea!!

    I loved poprocks! My favorite though was fundip. mmmmm

  6. Great at home workout! I usually do all of my upper body work at the gym. I do have a resistance band of my own so I'll have to try this sometime!!

  7. Ahhhh I used to love pop rocks! And nerds and gobstoppers and runts and all those little willy wonka candies...

  8. I usually do my upper body workouts at the gym or at bootcamp. Most of the time it's with my own body weight or light weights, but I'm trying to get into lifting "heavy". I have a really small upper body and really want to get stronger and more defined!

    Your home workout looks really simple and effective. I may give it a try the next time I'm crunched for time and can't make it to the gym!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  9. I love these workouts. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Great upper body workout! I've been doing all my workouts at home with a pair of 8 lb weights! I love to reward myself with doing weights at home by watching Ellen at the same time.

  11. I usually do weight but my hubs has those band thingys so maybe I will try that!!

    PS how much longer till your house is done???

  12. Love the cats in the pictures! Those are great workouts - some that I have never tried with the resistance band.

    I usually will do my upper body at the gym but if I can't get there I will workout at home.

    Favorite childhood candies - Fun Dip and candy cigarettes. I was the cool kid.

  13. Never liked poprocks :x I used to like Crunch bars, though! I liked Wonka bars, too, but probably mostly for the movie tie-in.

    Free weights are prob. my favorite. I like some machines, but not others. It really depends on my positioning and whether or not I feel like I'm in a good posture while doing the exercise. Some machines just feel (to me) like they're built strangely. An example would be the hamstring flex machine at the gym - it totally makes me slouch ( no matter the setting! ) so I don't use it.

    Sorry to hear about living in a hotel :/ Hopefully your house is finished soon!

  14. Nice! Bands seem so convenient, but I can never figure out how to base an entire routine around them. I'll ahve to try this out!

  15. Great workouts that the next thing i need to add to my routine,i use to love the popping candy,mind you i loved all thing sweet.... and still do :)

  16. I actually do all of these workouts with my 5 lb weights, but the resistance bands would be a change of pace, maybe I will look into getting some of those. Great post! Thanks!

  17. Thanks for sharing! woo hoo. I think I really need to buy me a resistance band because there really is a lot you can do with them. I usually just use free weights at the gym but I also love doing weights at home while watching tv.

    I LOVE pop rocks! When I was a child I loved penny candy. Oh wait I still love it. :)

  18. Great post! Thanks for stopping by my blog and congratulating me! I just started incorporating more full body workouts into my training, so I might steal some of this :)

    Oh, and pop rocks are totally the bomb!

  19. That looks to be about the same amount of room I have on the boat!

    I do my upper body with dumbbells but that resistance band is tempting. Can you tell what kind it is? Brand? Your arms look awesome.

  20. i just wrote a comment and it got deleted. sad :(

    but basically I was just so grateful you posted all of the resistance band work. I am just starting to learn the values of that band and the variety of exercises you can do with it in my bodypump class. I think I may have to buy one for home as well :)

    thanks so much for sharing!

  21. I have not had pop rocks in so long... that would make for an interesting running fuel!

    I used to do the 100 pushups challenge, I always maxed out at about Week 5 and just couldn't move forward. But I love the idea of interspersing some other things in between sets... Maybe I'll have to give your circuit a try!

  22. LOVE THESE MOVES...thanks for sharing your secrets:) I usually do them at the gym but want to work out at home more often! You are so beautiful!! POP ROCKS ARE MY FAVORITE!!!!

  23. At least you aren't living in the place you are re-modeling!
    Love these workouts. Something new! I have a band too! Can't wait to try them out after work!

  24. Love the little kitties making themselves known. Hahaha. I do most of my workouts at home, it just works out better that way when you are a mommy! I love pop rocks!

  25. Love Pop rocks! I haven't had them in forever, my sister Jen loves them too!


  26. My favorite pop rocks are the strawberry pink ones.

    Thanks for sharing the workouts. I usually just work out at the gym with classes, it's easier than being creative and coming up with my own exercises.

  27. yay for this post! now i'm inspired to get my butt in gear with strength training.. i want rad arms and shoulders, but i've been slacking :)

  28. Love the in-house workouts. I'm definitely starring this post somehow in my favorites and returning to it on a rainy day. I keep hearing about this 100 pushup challenge and I'm definitely intrigued... sounds awesome!

  29. thank u very much i am very health concious but skipped fully the excercise,but now i will do request to all indians pl do excercise on regular basis tobe fit for ur own ,for family &for contry.

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