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Sunday Long Run and Jellybeans!

Today was long run day and since my half-marathon is in two weeks, I decided on an 11 mile run this morning. In the past 2 months I have had a grand total of ZERO long runs outside--they've all been on the treadmill to better entertain me! Obviously today I needed to get my butt into gear and run outside. I did what any candy loving girl would do and filled up the pouch of my hand-held water bottle with jellybeans to fuel me for the run:

I loved this! Because they're so small I ate one or two every half mile, and it was honestly like I was running for jellybeans. Whenever I got tired I would tell myself, "half a mile longer and you get a jellybean." Genius. 

I managed to head out early enough (8am) that it was a nice temperature and not sunny, but after an hour  or so the sun was out and I could really feel myself working harder to maintain the pace. Here's the breakdown of the 11 miles: 

If you ignore the last half mile (I finished the run and started walking home but forgot to turn off the Garmin) the pace was 9:32. Pretty similar to what they had been on the treadmill, so I was pleased. Not negative splits throughout but relatively consistent and the last mile was the fastest--I love when that happens!

Another ice bath was on the agenda and I was (for maybe the first time?) thankful we are living in a place with an ice machine so I don't have to go far!
Ghetto-Fabulous. Any idea what the sign is supposed to say?

I bundled up in a sweater, got myself a nice snack, and settled in to watch Mean Girls. On my computer, propped up on the toilet. Seriously guys, it's all about class. P.S. if you've never dipped giant pretzel rods in PB you are missing out BIG TIME. 

Twenty minutes of that felt so much faster watching trashy movies made for 13 year olds. Loved it. Shower, foam rolling, and a bit of blog-stalking later, I was ready for lunch. I stuck with the childlike theme of the day (jellybeans at 8am, Mean Girls...) and heated up some corn dogs. I haven't had these in about a year but they really hit the spot.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there, I hope you're getting the royal treatment! And of course Happy Mother's Day to my mom too, hope my siblings are taking good care of you!

What are your Sunday plans?
Off to Starbucks to sit outside and read in the sun with a yummy drink. Perfect way to spend a nice Sunday afternoon!

Have you ever eaten something on a run other than the normal gus, chews, etc?
I have run a few times with candy! Only fruity sugary ones, but they seem to work just fine for me. Nothing too strange though, don't think my stomach could handle it. 


  1. LOVE this. I need to try the whole jelly bean every half mile. Wow...I would probably be so much MORE motivated...haha! I have never really tried anything but GUs but I am feeling adventurous after reading your post. Sunday plans are school work and taking the pup for a good long hike :) GETTING EXCITED for your half!!! woo hoo!

  2. Ive been taking jelly beans on my run for the last month, I love them! I never eat gu or anything like that, it's always jelly beans, fruit snacks (sharkies) or jelly packets!

  3. Amazing job! That's such a great idea to run for jellybeans. :)
    Yikes, the ice bath still sounds painful. You'll rock your half, so excited for you!

  4. Vanessa I just LOVE reading your posts--I hear YOU through the writing, and your topics are always great:)

    I absolutely LOVE the jellybeans & mental negotiation you had goin' on. I usually do that with songs, but I might have to try jellybeans!! Great time, too, by the way!

    I am freezing just thinking about the ice bath.. I don't think I could do it!! Kudos to you--now soak up that sunshine at starbucks with your yummy drink girl! =D

    Happy Saturday!

  5. I play little mind games with myself too and I love your jellybean idea.

    Nice going on the long run today - enjoy your Starbuck's interlude.

  6. That is such a great idea! I love jelly beans! Great job on the long run!

  7. I had lunch today with my mom, aunt and grandmother! All the lovely ladies who have been moms to me in my life :)

    I'm pretty boring when it comes to long runs. I mostly just have gels or cliff shots. I love jellybeans though! Especially the Jelly Belly crazy flavoured ones - chocolate and espresso are my fave flavours!

  8. I love to run with jellybeans!! Good to hear there's another beaner out there! Great job on your run.
    Ice machine sign suppose to say "Please Close Door"?

  9. Nice long run, and I love that your fuel was jellybeans! Thats cute and fun!

  10. genius idea with the sweater, snack and the movie to pass the time in the ice bath! I might have to steal those for my future baths! Great long run! I slacked today :(

  11. omg running for jelly beans sounds like a fantastic idea. I'm gonna try that!

    Also, thank you for your sweet comment on my post :)

  12. Haha this sounds like an AWESOME day!!! I need to go for a long run sometime very soon...and then an ice bath and PB pretzels are definitely in order :-)

  13. HAHAHAH thank you for thinking i was better than the typical rickroll. but no can do. : )

  14. That picture of pretzel rods in pb is so FUNNY lol. Great job on your 11 miler run!! My Sunday consisted of church, lunch out with the family and a nice long walk with Cooper. On my long runs I always brough fruit snacks with me, they were easy to eat and did the trick!

  15. Nice work on the long run! You've got the half in the bag-you're gonna do great! And I want that dinner in my belly NOW!

  16. AWESOME JOB! That was a great long run! I will have to try out the jelly bean idea on my run this weekend!

    I agree I think the ice door says "please close door" atleast that is what i have seen them say at the gym LOL!!


  18. love your jelly belly fueling!! and i think you are wacko that treadmills entertain you more! :P

  19. Smart with using candy to fuel you on a run! That's basically what Gu and chews are anyway! And good job on that long run!

    My Sunday was relaxing. A nice, easy 5 miler, yoga with my husband, a walk to get frozen custard (YUM!) and an afternoon nap. Delicious day!

  20. Okay, secret confession... I think corndogs from the gas station are heaven on earth. Luckily, I am too embarassed to buy them! I love Mean Girls and teeny bopper crap too. Have you seen Easy A? That is a little more adult, but it reminded of Mean Girls. Awesome pace on the long run... you are so ready for that half and I think I need to test out the jelly bean game.

  21. I love eating gummy worms on my long runs. They hit the spot more for me than any gu or chew.

  22. Bringing candy on a run is definitely something I would do :)

    I've been wanting to try that peanut butter forever! At stores near me they only have the dark chocolate dreams and regular creamy. Can't waot to get some white chocolate!!

  23. Love the jelly bean every mile for motivation idea! Little rewards are key. That white chocolate wonderful peanut butter is like crack to me. I am your total opposite, I get bored out of my mind on the treadmill and LOVE running outside! I am trying out the movie on the laptop trick for my next icebath. Good job on the run!

  24. I love the picture of your plate... As I scrolled down I saw strawberries, green beans, and... Corn dogs! LOL

    I've used jelly beans as well on my runs, but just recently fell in love with powerbar's energy chews.

  25. love this post :) I'd SO run for jellybeans! Ha!! Yum, that pb and pretzel snack looks so yummy!!

  26. Running for jelly beans is genius! I've never eaten anything on a run before... I'm a bit intimidated by all those shots and gels and stuff, but jelly beans I could totally handle.

  27. i really do think the jellybeans is the best idea. totally trying that soon.

  28. haha how cute! Running for jelly beans! What a great way to make a long run fun! I personally have never run anything longer than 4 miles but maybe that'll change in the near future...

  29. I love love love that waterbottle! Neat idea. And the jellybeans made me smile. How cute! Ps. those corndogs look delicious!!

  30. Congrats on the great long run!

  31. haha, love the jelly bean bribery!!! (;


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