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Weekly Workout Recap #7

Well, Tuesday might be a little late for a recap, but at least it's done! Here's my week in numbers:

Monday: 5 Mile Run
   --20 Minutes Yoga
Tuesday: One hour strength training: back, shoulders, chest, triceps, biceps
   --Push-up Challenge
   --Abs: various
   --40 Minutes of Yoga
Wednesday: 5 Mile Run (speed work)
Thursday: 4.25 Mile Run
Friday: 6 Mile Run
Saturday: 4 Mile Walk
Sunday: 8.61 Run

Total Mileage: 33 Miles (Running = 29 Miles)

The running part I'm happy with...the rest? I kind of dropped the ball this week. I smacked my elbow into the handles of the treadmill on Friday and couldn't extend it all the way without pain, so I decided to skip everything involving my upper body. Apparently I can't do ab work either when my elbow hurts. Let's go with that, ok?

Goals for this week will include less mileage as I taper for my race, and at least 2 upper body sessions. I'll try for 2 this week and see if I can work back up to 3! I'm a little worried I'll lose some of the progress I made on the 100 Push-Up Challenge. Can't be having any of that!

On the food front, I'm enjoying gluten-free so far! Tried the rice bread at lunch Monday for a sandwich and it was ok--not great, it sort of crumbled in my mouth which was unusual. Dinner was brown rice with tuna and spinach. No pictures because I was absolutely starving and was ugly. Snacks have been a Bumblebar-Cashew (WOW! so tasty!) brown rice crackers, and gluten-free pretzels. Carbs have been a plenty, which was my biggest fear with this program. Some more products I've been eating:

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What is one fitness goal you have this week?
Making sure I fit in upper body work this week, and also....rocking my half, woot woot!

What carbs play the biggest part in your diet?
Normally, I would say oats and rye bread. This week, rice and corn are taking over!


  1. oats, whole wheat bread, and wheat pasta are my major carbs, and delicious ones at that!

    I've actually started doing push-ups lately since my upper body strength is pathetic since I stopped going to pump. We'll see how long it lasts!

  2. One fitness goal I have this week is to get into a routine and stick to it...I was doing better last week and then going out of town kind of gave me a load of excuses all over again. NOT GOOD. So I want to get back into training and eating better this week :)

    Sounds like you got in some good miles last week even if you did not have the upper body workouts you would have liked! I am sure your arms needed the break from the pushup challenge :) you will definitely get right back on track this week...I am SURE OF IT!!

    Carbs...bagel thins, wholegrain bread and oats! oh and cereal. i do love cereal.

    I need to enter your giveaway! planning on it tonight when I am finally home and can relax for a bit after traveling all weekend :)

  3. Woo hoo! Your gonna rock your half!!! My fitness goals are strength traing 3x... We'll see...
    The carbs I eat most vary from week to week sometimes I eat a lot of rice sometimes it's wheat, ummm it's probably even sugar sometimes:0
    I go bulgur binges too.

  4. Great workouts this week! I cant wait to see how you do at your half!! So exciting. One of my fitness goals this week is to keep up my weight training, I really let it slip the last 2 weeks.

  5. Two easy post-half runs. I have a bad habit of taking too much time off after a race. Marathon training officially starts on June 4 and I want to feel confident going into it. Great job on your workouts! I wish I had a workout buddy like you, then I'd be all badass and fast! Carbs? Oh, carbs. Probably mini-bagels for my breakfast and wraps/rolls for my lunch. Sometimes sprouted wheat, sometimes plain white.

  6. What a great week! Awesome mileage!! I am def doing pushups and working on my strength training. My carbs are fruits, veges and yes pasta..(aka mamarunsbarefoot)

  7. Good mileage this week! My goals are to run 4 days this week, at least 2-3 miles per day (at least)! My carbs are from everything bagels (I'm kind of addicted) and fruits--I just prepared a bunch of melon, strawberries, and kiwi!!

  8. Sorry about the elbow bump!
    I am this close to going gluten-free...I swear I am less tired the less wheat I eat. Bummer the rice bread is not so great.

  9. My workout goal is making sure I don't slack off and miss bodypump on Thursday. If I go, it'll be three times this week!!! I'm upping from 2 times per week in order to hopefully see some tone.

    Carbs: Organic granola, FRUIT, veggies, bread and sometimes pasta

  10. My favorite carbs are freggies, but I do eat some grains. Not a lot really.

    Have a good week as you get ready for your race.

  11. I am horrible at push ups...I keep trying to incorporate them into my workouts but I have weak upper body strength. My fav carbs are oatmeal, wraps and kashi cereal.
    Workout Goals for this week: 3 mile run on Thursday, Lifting on Thursday and Saturday, Friday x-train and 5 mile run on Saturday. I have a 5 mile race on Memorial weekend that I am pretty pumped up for :)

  12. Oh my word, you are the cutest little thing.

    Scenic trail, here we come.

  13. My biggest carbs are fruits, veggies, and cornbread! haha =) I am trying to get more quinoa in for my starch/protein fix! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  14. Awesome workouts girl! I am so excited for your half this weekend you are totally going to knock it out of the park.

    I love carbs especially bread and pasta. Thanks for the updated on the GF diet. It sounds like you are really making it work for you.

    You are amazing!

  15. I love brown rice for when I'm cutting! Keeps me so full :)

  16. wow good job on your weekly workout! puts mine to shame. lol. my goal this week is to actually get out and run. i haven't done it all lastweek and im going crazy.

  17. I would say graham crackers and whole wheat bread :)

    My goal is lame but it is to go to hot yoga once this week! I am doing vinyasa tom and really like hot yoga too but the smell really gets to me. Icky!
    So I am shooting for just 1 time this week!

  18. My carbs are usually oatmeal every morning, brown rice, rice cakes, and sweet potatoes.

    I'm so envious of your runs. I try so hard to get into running...I just have to keep on keeping on.

  19. Great job with the runs! You will rock your race!
    As for carbs, pasta and sandwich bread are major for me.
    My fitness goal this week is to rock my 9 miles this Saturday!

  20. My fitness goal is to make time to stretch! I'm really bad at making time to stretch after my runs, or after any workout for that matter.

    Carbs - I eat oats every day! I also love fruit (especially bananas) and Ezekiel bread...and quinoa :)

  21. ohmygosh those brown rice snaps are the best things ever! I would always have to buy at least two packs at a time because I'd eat so many! LOL

  22. Hey girl! I JUST saw that you had commented on a post of mine back in April...SORRY I didn't respond sooner! :) :)
    My carbs these days are FRUIT and oats!
    My fitness goal for this week is to attend at least one spin class and one yoga class! My gym has TONS of classes that are included in my monthly I feel like I'm missing out on great fitness experiences AND wasting money if I don't go to a few classes a week!

  23. I had the same crumble problem with the bread that you posted you bought. I don't like it because it doesn't really hold for a sandwich. I have had luck with Glutino's corn-based bread, though. So yummy.

    Recovery week for me, so no real goals. Just rest. I get most of my carbs from fruit. Followed by fruit I'd say corn and rice. :)

    Amazing amount of miles!

  24. My goal for this week (which I met today!) was to add hill repeats into the mix. I plan to start rotating 400s and hill repeats on Tuesdays from here on out to help myself not get my butt kicked by the hills in races so badly.

    Whole-grain breads and pastas are definitely my main carbs.

  25. Fitness gaol = finish fargo
    carbs = frozen waffles :)

  26. great mileage this past week!!!

    and i love basmati rice so good

  27. wow that's awesome that you're a runner. i can barely get myself up to walk down the street to get something. :) fitness goals are admirable to me just because it's something i've struggled with.

    also i've never tried food that are gluten free is the difference big?

  28. Dorkiest treadmill injury: I was walking slow to cool down and I thought I'd do some high knees. Hello knee smacked into treadmill and it almost killed me... okay it didn't, but I whined a lot.

  29. My goal this week is to not be a complete lazy slob after my 1/2 on Sunday. I hope to get some recovery runs in and start prepping for a 5k next week.

    Carbs- I probably eat way too many of those. Bread, bagels etc...

    Great mileage this week. Hope the elbow feels better soon!!

  30. Ouch! Sorry about your injury! hope it heals fast!

    My goal this week is to get moving again. I took a break from running and now I'm trying to get back into it.
    I'm so into Carbs. I love bread!

  31. I'll keep an eye out for you this weekend! This will be my first Trail Half EVER! I'm so excited. I have this feeling that trail halfs are gonna become extremely addictive!

  32. I have upperbody on my agenda too and 2 more spin classes. I cant wait to get back to running! Good luck at your half! Cant wait to hear about your success.

  33. You have officially inspired me to start the 100 push up challenge! I'd say the carbs that play a biggest part in my diet are whole wheat bagel thins and rye bread.

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