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I Didn't Split Up With Oatmeal, It Was Only a Break!

Something crazy happened this morning. After I woke up (ok, and peed and stretched) I got a bowl out to make oatmeal. But...I didn't feel like eating it. Me. Oatmeal afficianado and eater of nothing else for breakfast for the last 3 months. Maybe because today is the hottest day of the year so far (90 degrees!) or maybe because my body just decided enough was enough, but oatmeal wasn't happening. Instead I made an amazing concoction of Greek yogurt, shredded wheat, strawberries, grapes, and flax. I made it look all pretty, set it out in front of the window, and then realized I didn't have a camera. This was the conversation with hubs:
"I left my camera in the car. Can I use yours? I'm not eating oatmeal for breakfast so I need to document it."
"Mine is in the car too. Just eat your breakfast."
I stood there in limbo deciding whether to run down to the car in my PJ's or just eat my cereal. My stomach won. Sorry, guys. Just close your eyes and imagine it.

Anyway, breakfast turned out to be just what I needed before another morning of yard work on our property. Obviously I posed with a rake before I started. That's just how I roll.

Raking isn't the toughest job in the world, but man alive it was hot and sweaty today in the sun! Luckily I won't share any pictures of the "after" me drenched in sweat head to toe. You're welcome. 

Does anyone grudgingly eat leftovers so they don't go to waste? Sometimes I just don't want to eat something left over and I dread finding a tupperware container in the fridge that I know I should eat. Today was one of those meals but I spiced it up a bit and it turned out to be fine! A mix of rice and orzo, with corn, tomatoes, carrots, and beans. Topped with some fresh spinach and salsa. Salsa made all the difference for this dish. 

Ended with some chocolate chip animal cookies. I love these so much, they're called Snackimals and they're dairy free and SUPER crunchy, just the way I like my cookies!

Last night I had a run on the treadmill since I hadn't seen the inside of the gym in a while. I ran 5 miles, at a 9:22 pace overall which I was happy with. So glad that I didn't have any soreness the day after my long run, yay!

Do you eat the same thing for breakfast every day or mix it up all the time?
I'm such a creature of habit. If I like something, I stick with it forever! It's been oatmeal for months now, and I think today was an exception--I'll go back to oatmeal tomorrow!

Are you a leftovers fan or do you get picky like me?
No matter how good the food was, I'm just not a fan of leftovers. I know it's a habit I need to break, so I eat them anyway even if I don't enjoy it quite as much!


  1. Breakfast for me is always the same and in a hurry...since I have to be at work at 5:45am I have no choice but to eat a quick bowl of cereal. I just don't have time to whip something up. But if I have a day off I like to cook some eggs. But mostly, I eat the same stuff every day. lol. And as for leftovers. I eat them only because I get a break from cooking that night. :)

  2. I am anti-leftovers most of the time. I used to put them in the fridge with no intention of ever eating them. Don't ask me why. Luckily I have a hubby now who will gladly eat them all!

    As for breakfast,I tend to rotate between Green Monsters, Instant Oatmeal, or yogurt, fruit, and granola... I need a change for sure!

  3. Ah! We are the same! I eat the same thing everyday. The only thing I really change up is dinner and even that is on a rotation! Also, oatmeal is my go-to breakfast.

    As for leftovers, that's what my husband is for. I hate them. I don't even take them home from restaurants. But if we have them, they get packed in Mike's lunch. :)

  4. I generally eat the same thing for breakfast every day. I eat when I get to work so I can sleep later in the morning. I just stock the work kitchen with mini-bagels and peanut butter or some toaster waffles with honey.

    I don't usually mind leftovers. Since I'm only cooking for myself I generally make things I want and would eat again, so nothing goes to waste.

  5. ahhhhhhh! I HATE leftovers. like dread them. i seriously make people take stuff home with them or eat 2-3 helpings to make sure there is none left because I know it will get thrown away. that little lunch concoction does look delicious though. maybe I can learn to "spice" up my leftovers a bit :)

    I eat the same thing every day for breakfast. except today I was not "hungry enough" for a full bowl of cereal and really needed to get on it if I was going to head to the gym. so i only ate a banana. that is maybe my smallest breakfast in 4 months. sad. sad. sad.

    have a fabulous afternoon :)

  6. hello from your newest follower! i stumbled on your blog and it caught my attention. cant wait to read more! good luck with your goal for running the marathon but your birthday!

  7. I ate the same exact breakfast and lunch for 2 years. Oatmeal for bfast and salad and pb on ww pita for lunch. I still eat those things but it's like a couple times a week only!
    I used to hate leftovers, now I look forward to them bc it means I don't have to cook!

  8. I totally do that with leftovers! I always complain to the bf that why am I the only one that has to finish the leftovers! Unless it's pizza then he's all over it...

  9. Glad your body didn't rebel at the change in breakfast! I'm like that too--eat the same types of things at breakfast over and over. Especially oatmeal!

    And yes, i eat leftovers out of guilt. Someone's going without food somewhere, right, so we can't waste it!

  10. I think I'm a creature of habit too... but I try to change everything up at least once a week to keep my metabolism guessing... Eating leftovers is win for me, but not so much the second or third day. WELL.. I guess that depends what it is.. hahaha!!

  11. I love certain leftovers and others I hate and just won't eat
    I switch up breakfast some days but my go to is a smoothie.

  12. I am big on leftovers! That meal looks yummmy. I have just started using salsa on my salads this week and I am really enjoying it.

  13. i'm an oatmeal freak too! i've eaten it every day for probably over a year and not even close to getting sick of it. today i was in a rush and had toast with almond butter, cinnamon, and banana slices and it was really delish. but i'm sure i'll be back to the oats tomorrow!

    i get wicked guilt if i let good food go i always try to use things up before going grocery shopping, although sometimes i can't make myself. looks like you revitalized leftovers to make a great meal!

  14. Breakfast and lunch are almost always the same for me. Oatmeal or toast for breakfast, of course neither are plain. And then a giant salad for lunch, using whatever is around the house. Dinners are always a variety of things. I go crazy making dinner.

  15. Generally for breakfast, I'll have Kashi cereal, yogurt, and a banana. Some days I'll mix it up and have some toast with PB on top or eggs.

    I HATE leftovers! I mean, when I don't feel like cooking, they're great to have, but in general, I don't like them because I feel forced to eat them when I don't want to. Bleh.

  16. I eat oatmeal every single day. I'm obsessed with it and don't know if I can ever let it go. Plain oats with a drizzle of maple syrup is heaven to me!

    I NEED those animal crackers. They are the cutest things I have ever seen and I haven't been able to find any vegan ones!

    In terms of leftovers, it really depends what it is. I won't eat most just seems gross to me. Pizza made by my mom though, now that's a different story! I just pop it in the oven and it tastes just as good as freshly made!

  17. Yea I tend the eat the same things, I have a very fickle stomach and when I find something that I like and works, then I tend to eat it forever! lol During the week, it's oatmeal and bananas and on the weekends, I will get a everything bagel with cream cheese from the bagel shop!

  18. I go through phases with certain foods and then I burn out. I was on an oatmeal kick a few months ago but now it's smoothies for breakfast.

    It feels so wasteful and I don't know what my beef is but I despise leftovers, even if it was really good the first time. Weird, I know.

  19. I am like you and will eat THE SAME thing for breakfast and then, all of a sudden, I just switch it up. Lately... it's been oatmeal with a scoop of peanut butter. So good!

    I love leftovers... but only the day after. I start to get nervous if they've been in the fridge longer than that!! Hello? Food poisoning!

  20. I have no problem with family is another story!

  21. I eat pretty much the same thing everyday, mainly because english muffins come in sets of 6, and I hate wasting food...when the english muffins run out, I do make a little cereal, yogurt, fruit, flax concoction myself - it is a nice treat!

    I love leftovers, because of the afore mentioned fact - I hate to waste food! I feel really bad for the food if I let it go bad and have to throw it away, and cooking for one most nights of the week, I have lots of leftovers!

    Salsa is amazing as a dressing or extra to any meal!

  22. I pretty much eat the same thing for breakfast everyday or at least a something similar. Cottage Cheese or Greek Yogurt, chia seeds, fruit, almond butter and a bit of oats all mixed up. Sometimes I mix it up and eat something else for breakfast, but then I'll have that for lunch so a day never goes by where I dont eat it. I like a cold breakfast since I always wake up really hot even if it is cold outside. I dont really prefer leftovers, but I will eat them so I dont waste food, but usually I pack them for my hubby's lunch.

  23. I don't like leftovers very much and I always try to change them up like you did, it looks like it was a success!!!

    Those cookies are super cute haha

  24. I loved your oatmeal idea to put sweet potatoes in it! I am going to have to try that soon! You BETTER love oatmeal tomorrow... or else I am not going to know who you are anymore. ;)

  25. I eat breakfast every morning and try to switch it up everyday. I feel that if I eat the same thing over and over I'll just play it out. But hey if you gotta have your oatmeal than eat it! Could I eat candy everyday? Heck ya! lol

    As for left overs...It just depends what it is. I can't stand left over spaghetti. But left over BBQ. MMMM

  26. We are two peas in a pod! I've been 'cheating' on oatmeal too -- which I NEVER do! I think all of this blogging puts new ideas in my head that I just have to try! Oatmeal will always be my #1 jam though! Since I'm cooking for 1 I try my best just to make single servings unless its something I would be excited to have leftovers of. I do make bunches of basics like couscous and brown rice and use it throughout the week, but that hardly counts ;)

  27. My husband absolutely REFUSES to eat leftovers (except chili), so it's always up to me because I HATE throwing food away. It doesn't bother me at all though. I actually enjoy coming up with different things by throwing everything all together. :)

  28. I am totally a creature of habit and eat oatmeal M-F since I was 6 yrs old. weekends I do cereal or hubby fixes a big spread. Regarding leftovers, my family refuses to eat them unless its spaghetti (always better 2cnd day). So I dont waste, they typically go to work with me for a couple of days.

  29. I hate leftovers, but like you, I hate throwing food away, so I make do.

    I generally eat eggs in some form every day, but occasionally mix things up.

    Cute picture! :-)

  30. I have a few breakfast things I switch between, mostly cereal with almond milk or overnight oats. I'm a creature of habit and eat the same exact snack every day, so I loooove leftovers. Sundays I usually prep lunch and dinner to at least last me until Wed or Thu. It's a lot of pressure though to choose a recipe delicious enough that I will want to eat it four times in a row!

  31. Breakfast is a bowl of cereal at 8:45 am at work every day.

    That is the best lookin' leftover meal ever!

    Good luck on that yard work...I bet it is quite a work-out!

  32. bahaha the CAMERA. i seriously do the same crap. why do i need to take a picture of every meal? : )

    and i HATE leftovers! FOR REAL.

  33. Sometimes I eat the same thing for breakfast all the time, but I try to gauge it on how hungry I am and what I'll be doing afterward (will I be working out or sitting in a classroom?). If I like it though, I may just eat it all the time! ha

    Umm, I like leftovers if they're good. Some times, things taste better the second day, too. Soup, for instance, tends to taste better the second day since the flavors all sink in more. Mmm

  34. There are only a few food items that I will eat as leftovers, but usually I am not a leftovers fan at all.

  35. I used to eat the same thing every day but haven't for a few years now... I need to get back into the habit of regular (healthy) breakfasts! Annnnd eating leftovers because I generally feel the same way you do...

  36. I LOVE leftovers because you get all the joy of delicious food without any of the effort that goes into procuring it haha :)

  37. Sun? What's that? It left Saturday and hasn't been back.


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