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96.8 Degrees and Early Morning Runs

On Thursday afternoon, I hit up the gym and tried a progressive run starting at a 9:40 pace and ending at a 8:00 pace. I felt like a rockstar, and managed the whole 5.5 miles in 49:20 (8:58 pace). So on Friday night, I decided to try and see if I could make that happen again.
*Cue the laughter*

I checked the weather before I headed out for my run. At 7:30 at night, this is what it was:

Yeah, that says 96.8 degrees. With zero wind. I almost peed my pants and refused to leave the house but I knew I would regret skipping a planned run. I re-ajusted my expectations and headed out. Those same 5.5 miles took me an hour instead of 49 minutes. Oh well! I took lots of walk breaks and drank lots of water to avoid getting overheated. Evidence of my sweat-fest:

Try not to be jealous of the fact that my shirt actually changed colors because of the sweat. It takes a lot of being cheap and running in cotton to be that awesome. 

After that heat wave disaster, I knew I had to bite the bullet and get up for an early morning run. Today I managed to leave the house by 6:15 for a sunrise run and it was a million times cooler than last night. Or maybe the run just felt better since I knew I was coming home to this after my run:

Oats in PB Jar with protein powder, flax, and strawberries
It was really strange for me to run on a completely empty stomach. Alright, there were a few jellybeans rattling around in there. What?! I needed something. I woke up, changed, and went straight out the door. About 15 minutes in, my stomach was already rumbling for food. I guess I have it well trained to eat as soon I wake up, huh? 

If you run outside, what time of day do you run?
Since hubs and I are working on our house, we like to be there early in the morning--6:45 or so. I dread squeezing in a run before that, so I either hit up the gym for the treadmill or brave the heat around sunset instead. Early morning runs are much better though!

Can anyone wake up and exercise on an empty stomach? What do you eat before an early workout?
Obviously, I can't! I work best if I can wake up, have my oats, take care of business, and then head out. Lesson learned!


  1. ahhh! that is SOOOOO HOT. you are amazing for running in that! wow. I try to stick with early morning if I am going longer but can usually be okay with late evening if I am just doing a couple miles. I ALWAYS have to eat though. I am crazy and can eat a bowl of cereal before I a big bowl. haha. Without it though...I am feeling weak! sounds like you had some awesome runs this week!!!

  2. Holy Moly! That is way hot, I would not do good in that kind of heat. Way to go! I have to workout in the morning. I have tried later in the day and sometimes I can do it but most of the time I get major heartburn. Plus I feel the most fresh and rejuvenated in the morning.

    I deftly have to eat! If I don't I feel like I will pass out. Maybe I am just a wimp but I really do need to at least eat a couple grahams before I am out the door.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. The earliest I eat in the morning is around 10am. So morning workouts aren't really an issue. I get up at 5 and get home by 6ish get ready for work and leave. I cannot run when there is food in my stomach. I guess I am just used to having it empty? You are a rockstar for going out in that heat! anything over 80 and I don't want to leave the house!!!

  4. I know!! I need to get adjusted to early morning running for the summer. It's just getting too hot!

    I usually am fine without eating anything for a morning run, anything less than about an hour. One time I ran 12.5 miles without eating anything and I was about ready to chew my arm off by the end of it!

  5. Your sweat stains are INTENSE!!!

    I do cardio fasted when I'm cutting ( Le sigh). It's sort of something you adapt to -- when I first started doing it during my last cut I'd do 25 minutes, then 30, then 35, and now I'm all the way up to 45 minutes of steady state cardio on an empty stomach. I actually tend to perform better with no food in me!

  6. I usually can't run on an empty stomach, I typically just eat a banana to get me through a 3-4 mile run and then I would eat more if I am running further. I like early morning runs, but I only have time for about 3 miles or so.

  7. WHOA. I'm super impressed!! We've always ran in the evenings, but we're trying to switch over to mornings. If I go in the morning, I try to eat half a banana or a small spoonful of pb just so my stomach isn't completely empty.

  8. I would love to run in the morning but it is so hard to get out of bed. The humidity is horrible at that time so I rather wait to run at like 8pm instead. It is much cooler and much less humdidity. I can usually run on an empty stomach in the morning but in the evening I can't make it. I am trying to figure out if I can try to eat at 6:30p and not feel bad to run at 8pm. That is my current plan. I will try to get up to run for 6am tomorrow if possible if I can handle the humidity.

  9. I have to be hydrated to run, but I don't need food. I'm usually a little faster if I do eat first, though. My favorite time to run is right before lunch. It's cool here in Seattle, so the heat is rarely an issue.

  10. Man, I feel over heated just thinking about how hot it was for you! You might as well wet your shirt with ice water before heading out since it will be wet either way!

  11. I am looking forward to early morning runs for the summer now that school is out! I was dying the other day when it was 93 degress. I can run short 3mile runs with nothing in my belly but if I want to do tempo or race I have atleast some toast.

  12. Thanks for your comment/follow!

    I'm in Birmingham-we are right there with you. It is insanely hot rn. I'm scared for July and August. I have been going to boot camp at 6:30 and it is already in the mid 80's. We went to an outdoors Brewfest last night and it was in the 90's all night. I was that sweaty without running!

  13. Wow! Crazy hot!!

    I like to work out in the afternoon- after work.

    If I do a morning shorter run, I'll just eat some chia seeds and go. If it's a long run I'll do a power bar - energy smoothie berry flavor.

  14. I'm having to switch to mornings, and I'm not that happy about the earliness. But it is much more pleasant. When I run first thing in the morning, I do run on an empty stomach. When I run later in the day, I always feel like I have to eat something, though. Dunno why.

    Good for you for getting out there in the heat! Glad you made it :)

  15. I used to jump out of bed and go for a run of up to 4 or 5 miles on an empty stomach. Anything longer required a piece of a Power Bar... now I eat a banana or an orange if I run before breakfast.

    Way to go sticking with your plan.

  16. I love running in the morning (if I can avoid the snooze button....) but I absolutely can't run on an empty stomach- my stomach rumbles like crazy and I start to feel dizzy! I usually eat 1/2 a banana and some bread...definitely no dairy!

  17. I workout in the morning all the time (although I actually prefer evening runs!). Almost always for less than an hour though. I buy frozen mango chunks from trader joes and microwave them 30 seconds. I usually have like 8 or 10 of them and I'm good to go :).

  18. Since I like to sleep in as late as possible, I've learned to workout on an empty stomach. Otherwise, I eat, take care of business, run, and mid run, take care of business. It sucks. I'm just struggling with the long runs. I'm trying to find something to eat that won't give me issues.

  19. I nearly never run outside if it is above 80 (I know what a wuss right ) so kudos to you for getting out there and getting it done. I run in the am in the summer, but I am not so picky the rest of the year when the weather is more ideal. I definitely cannot run on an empty stomach. I hate being hungry and trying to run.

  20. I cannot believe you ran in that heat! You are seriously my hero. I would not have lasted 5 minutes. I always prefer working out in the morning and almost always exercise (except race when I have at least an hour before) on an empty stomach.

    Enjoy your weekend, and find a pool!!

  21. GAHHH that is insanely hot. I usually switch to mornings about 75% of the time in the summer. it is so much more comfortable!

  22. Just discovered your blog, so forgive me when I say Holy Balls that is hot!! How did you do that? I live in FL and there's just no way I can run when it's that warm. I am SO impressed!

  23. YIKES! I would definitely start waking up early if it meant avoiding that heat.

    This morning I was up two hours before my run so I could eat (oatmeal). Depending on my distance, I'll eat some GU chomps before a shorter run, but I try to get a meal in if I'm doing something longer.

  24. haha my shirt always changes colors!! even when it's a wicking shirt, I just sweat sooo much! good job braving the heat though!

    I run right after I get up. That way I can either hit up the treadmill or run outside. I used to HAVE to eat right when I got up, but I've slowly trained myself to eat after my run. Now I can go on a empty stomach, but if I know my workout will be long I'll grab a handful of cereal or something.

  25. Wow, that's hot.

    I tend to run somewhere around 9 or 10 in the evening. I'm just not an early morning runner. Usually I've had dinner around 6-ish so I'm not running on an empty stomach. When I have run before eating in the past I didn't like it much.

  26. omg...yeah, I was running is some hot weather on thursday and wanted to die! I had to stop because I didn't hydrate well enough :(
    Keep up the great work! thanks for checking out my blog.

  27. I usually run early in the morning; out the door before 8:30 that is. Isn't that crazy how hot it can still be at night... it is about that here in La Crosse too and it's 8!

  28. The heat, the cotton, omg I'm in pain just thinking about it. Congrats on getting out just getting out there to run.

    I usually have half a granola bar and a little fruit before a run like a handful of grapes.

  29. I like to run in the morning, on an empty stomach. I am still working on dealing with eating before running, I'm not very good at it because it gives me a side stitch.

  30. obviously I should go to bed. I can't even type. wompp :(

  31. Oh my geez. That makes me almost feel better about our Texas heat! Although I wonder if it's gonna get like that soon.. ugh!

  32. ugh, super hot weather is like my running kryptonite! i always like to do my run first thing and on an empty stomach. i know it's really good to get something in your stomach esp. before hard workouts/long runs/races but my stomach is so finicky! it took me a LONG time to be able to handle some

  33. oh my goodness! i guess i can't complain about my 70 degree run today. it was HOT! probably because i'm so used to running in snow storms and freezing temps. we're finally getting some semi-decent temps. you're nutty! and sweaty :)

    i like to run early. like, early-early. we usually head out around 5:45. just in time to watch the sunrise as we're making our way around the little city.

    for shortish runs, i run on empty. anything longer than 10, i usually just have a banana before and then a gel every 5 miles.

    cute running costume pics btw. i haven't got anything fun like that to share. i'm boring.

  34. wow that's crazy hot, i can't believe you got out and ran. That's awesome!

  35. Oh my gosh, girl! I can't believe you ran in that heat! I live in NC and it's currently 96 and you couldn't PAY ME ENOUGH to run outside right now!
    But I do love the boob's so classy. :)
    White chocolate wonderful pb is the BEST! I haven't had it in a few months!

  36. I've been braving the high 80s, low 90s weather here for my runs. Yesterday it was 98, feels like 100. No way! I had to resort to the treadmill. Good for you braving the heat!

    I'm looking forward to early morning runs once school is done myself!


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