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Mixing It Up!

My fitness goals for this week were to re-discover strength training and cross-training, and let running take a backseat for a few days. So far, it's been great! I'm not feeling the heavy legs I had all last week, but I still feel like I'm keeping fit.

Monday- 45 minutes of yoga video, 30 minutes of abwork and push-ups
Tuesday - P90X Plyometrics

It was my first time in about a year doing this P90X video. How did I do?

I kid, I kid. It wasn't that bad.

The 60 minutes video didn't kill me, but it was definitely enough to get me sweaty! This is going to be my new rainy day workout, when I just don't want to head outside for a run. Love mixing it up!

Speaking of mixing it are the mix-ins for my post-workout greek yogurt:

Mixed with a sliced peach and flax seeds. And someone snuck a few chocolate chips in there. Weird. Absolutely no idea how that happened. 

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What do you add in when your workout routine becomes a rut?
I get in the habit of just focusing on running, so I like to start adding in yoga/core/strength training to mix up my routine and refresh my body. 

Favorite mix-ins for your greek (or regular) yogurt?
Normally I'm a strawberry and grape gal, but today the fresh peaches were calling to me!

Ever try P90X? Does the sound of Tony's voice get any less annoying?
Seriously, his talking bugs me big time. Next time = muted. 

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  1. Hi Vanessa!

    EEKS! 60 minute video? I would die! I almost died the first time I tried The 30 Day Shred. I really like the DVDs though because that's what keeps me from getting into a rut. I try different ones!

    I've been eating greek yogurt religiously for b-fast. I mix in my favorite Nature's Path Granola and some fruit. If I'm feeling like something sweet, I'll add Honey.

  2. heyyy! yay! I tried the yoga videos you suggested tonight! okay...really I just tried one and it was tough (i am not so coordinated!) but I loved it and am considering the same thing...I think this week needs to be a break/recovery week. I do not want to do nothing but I want to give my legs a rest! so yoga and maybe some light circuit training it is :) thanks for the yoga inspiration!

  3. I have such a love/hate relationship with p90x plyo, lol. And no, Tony does not get any less annoying! I always do my p90x workouts muted.
    Lately I've been adding 1/2 scoop of vanilla jay robb whey protein, chia seeds and blueberries. Yummy :)
    When my workout gets in a rut I usually whip out the old p90x dvds, lol. A couple days of that and I'm ready to do other stuff again :)

  4. I have never done p90x, I have heard a lot about it, I do for crosstraining. It is I have heard similar to P90x but is free and has new workouts all the time.

    I like granola in my greek yogurt, or nuts.

  5. I keep trying to get back into strength training. I am up to remembering once a week! Baby steps... baby steps...

  6. I did P90X for a while but I liked Insanity a lot better! The workouts are short and super effective. Shaun T isn't as annoying...bonus!

    When I used to eat yogurt, my top add-ins were chocolate protein powder and berries! Yum! I miss the convenience of such an easy snack so I need to find a yogurt that is dairy-free but also soy-free...does that even exist? Maybe coconut based? I'm on a new mission!

  7. Look at you all gorgeous after a sweaty workout. I know you did sweat cause you are glowing I always look like a beetroot - no joke!

    Your yoghurt bowl looks delicious as well, especially those sneaky chocolate chips :)

  8. I have never tried P90X but of course have heard tons of stuff about them all over the place :) I am thinking after my Marathon in October I will take a running break and focus on cross training/weights. Sometimes you just need a little time to regroup and refocus :)

  9. I have not been mixing it up recently or more like the past few months! I was at one time doing a Jillian Michaels dvd on off days. Her dvds really do work.
    I put some granola and berries in my fiber one strawberry yogurt.
    I never tried P90X but I heard it is brutal!

  10. I want the top you're wearing in those pictures! I've only ever done the yoga for p90x and it's tough! I can't imagine the other videos.

  11. When I get into a rut, I usually do my Jillian Michaels yoga meltdown dvd or I'll hop on the exercise bike to switch it up.

    I like to mix in corn flakes, chia seeds, and any fresh fruit :) yum!

  12. I love adding frozen berries into my greek yogurt. I keep it in the fridge for an hour or two - just long enough for the berries to unfreeze in a little bit, but then then yogurt freezes a smidge. It's almost like ice cream :)

  13. P90X is one of those things I hear about alllll the time but still terrifies me, ha. My brother has it though, so maybe I'll have to borrow it.

  14. i've never actually seen a full P90X workout video but have always been super curious. i hear from lots of people that it's really great stuff...and it looks like u sure got an excellent workout in! i'm not so sure i could even bust out half the push-ups or pull-ups they do though! power to u girl! :)

  15. I have done P90X a lot prior to all the running. I like it, but it does get boring. having a friend come over to get you through it works best for me =)

    Yogurt looks delish!


  16. Thanks for the shout out! I'm 1 away now :) When my runs hit a rut I start with something simple, like running a familiar route in the opposite direction. I also love fresh fruit and preztels in my yogurt. Sounds weird, but its delicious!

  17. I totally get in a rut sometimes and that's when I usually try to add in something else. I also tend to focus too much on running.

  18. I tried P90X Yoga X a few times - man that guy is annoying!

    I bought a new bike to help avoid running ruts!

  19. I have tried P90X and tony's voice just annoyed me to much. I am going to try insanity and see what I think of that! It is a little bit more toning your body than building muscle!

  20. The peaches in the greek yogurt look excellent! I am usually mixing in banannas and strawberries but I think it's time to branch out into some other fruits!

    I also should start mixing up my workouts more. I am stuck usually with running and doing some ab work and push ups on my own. If I got some workout dvd's that would be a nice change of pace. :) I have not tried P90X but have heard so much about it. Maybe it's time to give it a shot.

  21. Love your workout top. So cute! I want to try p90x so bad. I have heard so many great things about it.

    I love mixing my workout up with weight training.

  22. i never had a chance to do the P90X plyo, but I did the other DVD's and didn't think tony was an annoying as everyone else...but then again I didn't listen to it daily.

    i have done the insanity dvd's and holy cow those are INTENSE

  23. The only thing I ever did with P90X was the ab ripper X... that was hardcore! I'm doing the Insanity workout now though!

    PS - whats the craze with flax seeds?

  24. Favorite mix-ins for greek yogurt are: Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal & strawberries. YUM~

  25. I've always wanted to try P90x since I've heard good things about it!! I tend to get into running ruts and I have to make an effort to cross train. DVDs are a great resource...I need to add to my collection!

  26. mixing it up is a great idea! sometimes our legs need to wake up. i know mine do. after too much running, they seem to fall asleep or something. you look a lot better than i do after plyo! i love p90x but i rarely do the plyo workout. besides being tough as hell, my bladder can't handle all that jumping. darn childbirth! i love the yoga tape and i usually rotate the kenpo tape into my workouts during the winter. tony doesn't annoy me at all. i think he's funny but i admit, i turn it to "music and cue's only" so i don't have to hear him talk the entire time.


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